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    As far as Los Al is concerned, this place is falling apart. All the good Quarter Horses race elsewhere. They also have $2,000 thoroughbred claiming races, horses that should be retired. It's a scary place.
  • Rachel, you sit there and watch all these races without betting?
  • Sure do lol
  • Do you at least make pretend wagers?
  • Yup i do, i like to look the horses over and pick one that might win. Im sometimes wrong lol
  • What do you mean sometimes? I'm betting for reals, and I'm wrong all the time!
  • haha, i mean i sometimes lose my fake bet.
  • Sure do lol
    A girl after my own heart. That was me. Occasionally, I’d place a $2.00 bet to win. I can still remember the names of the horses! Bold Renown and Yen Yen Yen, both were long shots and paid big. I can hardly believe this now, but at one time I knew the stats (including who the sire and dam were) on almost every horse in each race without reading the racing form! I wasn’t a bettor; I was a “horse watcher”, fascinated with genetics. Every day I studied the results, looked at the next day’s entries and watched replays on TV (can’t remember what station, but there were replays). On one particular evening I realized that the evening newspaper hadn’t arrived and therefore I wasn’t going to be able to study the previous day’s results nor get the next day entries. Well there was only one thing to do; I got on my bike and rode to the nearest news stand. I was dedicated. One Saturday morning my brother asked if I’d go to the track with him; we get to SA he hands me the Program and says “pick me some winners” and off he goes. After about the fourth or fifth race he finds me standing by the walking ring and runs up shouting “I love you, I love you.” Needless to say, he had more money in his pocket then when he started. Well, all of that was before college and marriage. Today, I am lucky if I can remember who sired Shared Belief. lol
  • If you open an ADW account, you can bet at home on your computer. But be careful not to get carried away. I'm going to be asking you newbies some questions. Too bad the industry doesn't do some research to attract new customers. They assume somebody who's never been to the track can understand the basics.
  • Wow, what a great video that recaps the day:

  • I got the ticket Mark!
  • Great! Now hold on to it as you watch the replay of the last race. Pretend you're standing near the finish line as 25,000 people stand behind you under the lights. And watch good ol' Woodman's Luck lunge for the finish line making you a winner. Then you realize you are holding onto a ticket that will never be cashed.

    That's the realization I had. It suddenly came to me, why am I jumping? I'm not going to cash this ticket. But I'm more than happy to share it with you. I have all kinds of race track memorabilia that I might be sharing in the future.
  • Im working on making a picture collage of famous horses that have raced at Hollywood Park centered around the winning ticket. Itll all be framed
  • find out who the first winner was. It's out there somewhere and Woodman's Luck would be the last one.

    Here's my list of famous Hollypark horses: Citation, Seabiscuit, Native Diver, Cigar, John Henry, Royal Heroine, Ferdinand, Swaps, Lady's Secret, Susan's Girl, Zenyatta, Sunday Silence, Seattle Slew, etc.
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    I got Citation, Seattle Slew, Zenyatta, Seabiscuit, Native Diver and Forego so far. I couldnt find a good pic of Swaps. I however was able to find what the park development would look like when they take down Hollywood Park. However the website was funky and the pictures were minimized so couldnt see it to share here. The Swaps statue will stay to be a greeting monument to the park :/
  • Valley Lass was the first horse to win at Hollywood Park, she was a 2 yr old.
  • To the best of my knowledge, Forego didn't run at Hollypark. But if you know what race he did run in, let me know. He was one of my favorite horses because he came from behind while carrying a lot of weight.
  • gosh if you could find a win ticket on Valley Lass. I wonder if one exists?
  • Hmm well Forego can get taken out, he never raced at Hollywood, but he sure did race alot at Belmont.
  • Now that I think about it, there's a possibility that Lady's Secret didn't race at Hollypark. She sure did run at the Breeders' Cup at Oak Tree, but may have not run at HP, even though she did have a stakes race named after one year at HP>
  • Yup, which is now the Zenyatta stakes
  • Or was...
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    Oak Tree was going to rename the Lady's Secret Stakes the Zenyatta Stakes until Zenyatta ran in it again in 2010 when the Oak Tree meet was shifted to Hollywood Park. When Santa Anita confisgated the Oak Tree meet, they left in place Oak Tree's intentions for the Zenyatta Stakes. So the Zenyatta Stakes remainds at Santa Anita's fall meet.

    Confused? So am I.

    For those of you not from Southern California, this is race track politics.

    Here's a nice video of some of Hollywood's stakes races over the years. One thing that I noticed is that in the mid-80's, Hollywood had two turf courses on the Club House turn. One was the old one and the other was the new one after the track was enlarged. Something that I forgot about. Some big stars in this 90-minute video:

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