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There’s another horse in need of re-homing. His name is COST OF FREEDOM. Carl O Callahan, the trainer, is working to be able to buy him and send him into retirement.

He has raised quite a bit, but needs more help. If you have any spare change, you can donate through PayPal:

You will know you got the right address when you enter the address to make your donation as it will say donation to Carl O Callahan successful.

COF has earned over $1 Million, is a Grade 1 winner, is a 10-year-old gelding, and has now fallen into the lower claiming ranks. I think he was claimed for $8,000 in his race yesterday (Saturday). If Carl thinks he needs to retire, you can bet that this is an in-need Thoroughbred ready to hang it up. Hope you can help, and every little bit helps. Re-post this on your Facebook page, or you can find Carl O Callahan on Facebook.

Laura Pugh of Horse Racing Nation wrote about him:

Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Happy New Year to all?


  • Thank you Ann_Maree. I have been following this effort on twitter and he really needs to be retired. Surely hope people will help get this done.
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    I'm stupid about this, what can be done?
  • Ray Paulick ‏tweet on Christmas Eve Tues. Dec. 24 2013
    @clockersinsider Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.
    Thanks, John, Carl O'Callaghan & all who helped do right thing for Cost of Freedom

    John Malone ‏tweet
    @raypaulick A group of us have purchased COST OF FREEDOM.
    Officially RETIRED.
    He has his own page on Facebook for latest news.
  • Now that's really GREAT NEWS TO HEAR!
    now has his well deserved "FREEDOM" from fighting race battles!
  • Woohoo! I am thrilled for Cost of Freedom who can finally just be a horse! May he have a long, wonderful retirement!
  • Wonderful News!!!!
  • How do you find his facebook page? I can't seem to find it.
  • Thanks so much!
  • A Holiday Tale: Rallying to Help ‘Old Warrior’ Cost of Freedom
    by Ray Paulick | 12.26.2013 | 10:40am
    When has a horse done enough? That was the question many people were asking a week ago when Cost of Freedom, a 10-year-old California-bred gelding by Cee’s Tizzy with career earnings of $1,018,799, was entered in an $8,000 claiming race on the final weekend of racing at Betfair Hollywood Park.
    Special thanks to John Malone, the head clocker at Santa Anita and Del Mar and
    trainer Carl O’Callaghan, for asking and answering the question: Hasn’t this horse done enough?
    And, to John Sadler and to Robertino Diodoro for their contributions and support to this rescue/retirement
    And, the over 300 contributors who responded to help fund the retirement!
  • Bless his heart. Hope he enjoys his retirement.
  • Such a great Christmas present to all of us! So happy for Cost of Freedom. It has been reported that over 300 people made donations to help this cause. It is an example of how powerful the new social media has become. It can be harnessed for good. I'm proud to have been part of helping to get this done. Happy Trails, CoF!
  • So glad to hear he finally got retired! Really touching that everyone worked together to earn the money!
  • I thought his name...COST OF FREEDOM was sooo appropriate in this situation. :o)
  • @Paniolo_Gal - I was thinking the same thing :)
  • Yes, makes me all teary-eyed when coincidences like this occur.
    As a follow-up, a recent post by Carl O'Callaghan says that they actually raised about half of what was needed to secure ownership and get COF to his new home. They are asking for donations to continue to reimburse at least partially those who stepped up and underwrote this project so that Freedom's future was made secure sooner rather than later. So, let this serve as a request to continue donation efforts and spread the word to your circle of friends. This time of year, many make out their list of charities and even if it is a small donation, please add Cost of Freedom to your gift giving list.

    Here is post at Cost of Freedom's Facebook page:

    Hello COF fans!
    There have been a few people asking about the status of our funding. We DO still need and appreciate donations from those that are willing and able to help out. The exact amount we have reached so far is $2,790 as of Wednesday morning (not including $2,000 pledged from John Sadler). Yesterday morning we wrote a cashier's check for $8,650 from our personal accounts to purchase Cost from his new connections and make it official so we do not have to keep his connections waiting. This means that Cost of Freedom is now OFFICIALLY retired! We are not wealthy people, so anything you are able to give to help out would be greatly appreciated. Donations can be made through PayPal to costoffreedomfund@yahoo. com

    Happy New Year!
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    Omg, nice to know some of his horses have become chuckwagon horses! If you didnt know, its another form of racing but the horses are in groups pulling a wagon. Some are in pairs or even up to 6 horses pulling the wagon. Its like chariot racing, they race in a circle and there have been instances of abuse and breakdowns where the horse is dragged still despite not being able to run.
  • Ugh, this doesn't sound good to me.
  • What is great about this article & why I am posting it are the photos! Keta
    Cost of Freedom retired by Santa Anita clocker
    By Susan Salk on December 31, 2013 Off-Track Thoroughbreds
    Scanning the entries at Betfair Hollywood Park’s claiming races last week, John Malone stared in disbelief at a familiar name: Cost of Freedom. The one he calls “an original class horse,” and winner of more than a million dollars, was running for an $8,000 claiming tag at age 10.
    “I just felt bad,” Malone says. “He ran third in the Breeders’ Cup Sprint (in 2009) and won over a million dollars. All I could think was, ‘Why is he still here? Hasn’t he done enough?’ ”
    Decades in the horse business himself— as a Thoroughbred trainer in the past and currently presiding as head clocker at Santa Anita and Del Mar, Malone has heard it said often enough that a horse long in the game “just loves to run.”
  • Cost of Freedom
    Sire: Cee’s Tizzy
    Dam: Freedom Dance
    Foal date: Feb. 24, 2003
    Earnings: $1,018,799
  • Maggi Moss on Facebook Dec. 30 2013
    IN CONJUNCTION WITH COST OF FREEDOM, i have just agreed to try and help
    John Malone get an accounting or grip on what exactly has been donated for the retirement of this horse;
    can ANYONE that has thru paypal, or in cash, or with checks, that have sent money for this cause, please email me asap your name, what you have sent, thru paypal, or cash or a check;
    THANK YOU SO MUCH IN ADVANCE. PLEASE email me at or send me a message on facebook.
  • Thank you Keta. This is such a great story and I'm so thankful for John Malone and everyone who has contributed to get this horse off the track. Mr. Malone is so proud, as he should be, and has such a big, big heart! I swear Cost of Freedom acts like he really loves the guy. I also can't say enough about Maggi Moss, a true angel to these horses. She also did most of the work to save Fuhrever Dancing AND Tortuga Straits and is working to try to get Cayambe retired. She had to claim Tortuga Straits and retired him on the spot. She is amazing!
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