My Kentucky trip-2014



  • Justin Phillip isnt even breeding yet
  • Gio Ponti is one handsome dude. He deserves a lot of support from mare owners.
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    Kurt. Great photos and commentary. I like to read what you have to say, so write every detail and we'll read it. Your trips are a January highlight. Enjoy hearing about the horses and your impressions. Keep going.
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    Kurt ...when you have a you know why OF does not routinely show RR to visitors....I heard...I think....that he was a might testy while racing but not sure
  • Love, love, love your pictures!!! Hope you are having a wonderful trip!!! I do have one question... The stallions at Pin Oak (Sky Classic and Alternation) why do they have bits in their mouths? Just curious... Thanks for sharing Kurt!!
  • Kurt, I don't post much, but wanted to thank-you for sharing your trip! When I only have time to check a couple of threads, yours is right up there for me along with news on CoZmic One & Ebblouissante. I've never been to Kentucky, but hope to do a tour of farms one day..... After reading your posts, I realize I'll need more than a couple of days! (and that planning ahead is very important!) Looking forward to all your photos, but especially Tinner's Way. Sally in VT
  • hey guys, ive managed to get all the pictures sorted and filed that the three of us took..over 5000 pics of over 125 horses. problem im having now is that image shack changed there layout n im not sure how to post pics but im working on it as ive got tons i wanna show
    to answer a couple questions that were asked:
    Justin Phillip and was stated, were recently retired which is why both look more like race horses then stallion. the thick neck,weight etc, will all come in time. Gio has been at stud a few years now and i thought he looked heavier this year,more filled out and was better ten ive seen him, so theres definitely a transformation that will take place
    ARIES- i noticed the bits as well at pin oak but didnt ask about them. all the stallion wear the same type of halter when being shown, but the farm does NOT ride them, so i dont have an answer on that.

    Carol- i DID get to see RR..perk of having one of the tour guides for a friend and a private visit..and i DO have pics of him. Rapid Redux is a little feisty still, but the primary reason he isnt shown is that he knows the routine now, that people mean treats..carrots etc and he tends to work himself up which isnt the issue. his issue is hes not real sound, still and when he gets worked up like he does,he tends to aggravate old injuries so, for the most part, they dont show him

    SALLY- to do a trip like mine, you need to go when the farms have open houses AND be able to schedule visits at the farms that Dont have open houses. youde need about 6 days and thats if your real good at managing your time,and everything falls into weather etc.. not to give myself to much of an attaboy, but i put quite a bit of time and thought into it, to get it all set up and to flow in a way that gets me just about everything i wanted to see in the time i have

    only two horses i had listed that i DIDNT get to see were devil his due, who i saw last year but ran out of time this year, and St. trinians whos owner is/was really sick so he wasnt available to let me visit..other then that, saw MORE then i had planned on..

    PANIOLO- if you have a tutorial on how the new imageshack layout works,lemme know as id like to share pics asap
  • What happened to Rapid Redux, he retired sound
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    Kurt- on the new format...Apparently, they are gearing the new layout for the Windows 8 formatting :o( Especially for those who use the touch screen options!

    When you click on your registration number...on the opening page, they have video tutorials listed under Image Shack 101. I haven't checked this new format out but look for the key words that you used to use. I would suggest watch "How to use the UPLOADER".

    Might be good to also view the other tutorials so you know how to use their other options shown on their tutorials.
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    this is a test link.seeing what happens..should be to big brown
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    this is a test link.seeing what happens..should be to big brown
    Seems to have worked, and he certainly is brown! lol

    Thanks for posting all the great pictures. Are you back home now?
  • yah, back home, not sure i like the link idea as id rather post pics directly insted of everyone having to click a link for each pic, will continue to work on it.....
  • Big Brown looks as beautiful as ever!!! Does he actually have a white spot on him?
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    yah, back home, not sure i like the link idea as id rather post pics directly insted of everyone having to click a link for each pic, will continue to work on it.....
    Does the new format indicate the HTML link? If it does...look for the one that contains the words < image src=...
    That's the one that would provide you with a download of the photo so it shows up within the post and not as a link...before posting-click on preview to see if it worked. I haven't tried this new format out myself but I hope this helps! :o)
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    Hi Kurt...I haven't gone through the tutorials...just goofing around with the new format. This is what I did to get a photo to post under ImageShack's new format.

    1. I saved your image onto my computer then went back into the "New Formatted ImageShack" screen.
    2. Remove the initial introduction video-"GETTING STARTED"...Just click the (X) on upper right. On the new ImageShack webpage that now appears...You will see on the upper right, the word UPLOAD.
    3. Click on UPLOAD
    4. Then select: BROWSE & UPLOAD On the next screen that opens
    5. This opened up my photos saved in my computer. I looked for your BIG BROWN photo and clicked on that image from my file and clicked on OPEN.
    6. ImageShack then downloaded the have to wait for the download to be completed first...just watch the green progress bar.
    7. After the download is completed...below the green bar, look for the words SELECT TYPE
    8. To the right...Click on the down arrow next to the word DIRECT
    It will ask you to "select one" from the drop down screen.
    9. Choose HTML
    btw...if you want to post the link and not the photo...then select "DIRECT"
    10. Pan to the right...Click on the down arrow next to SELECT SIZE...a drop-down list appears...this should be familiar sizes. We usually use medium: 640x480 or small: 320x240.
    11. Next...Highlight the formula that shows up in the window directly below.
    It should start out with < a target=.......>< img src="...... >
    Once highlighted, the formula will turn blue.
    12. The rest is the same...right click and select COPY
    13. Then go back to your Zenyatta Forum Posting window and click where you want the image in the posting window...then click PASTE
    14. Before Posting the Comment, click on Preview on the top of your Forum window...check to be sure the image link is good and edit whatever else.
    15. After making sure all is what you want...then it's the same on POST COMMENT. :o)


    This is the small size 320x240:
    This is the medium size: 640x480:
  • Wonderful photos! Big Brown is handsome and he knows it. He looks like a god standing there. I haven't seen him since 2009 but would love to return to Three Chimneys this Spring.
  • Big Brown looks as beautiful as ever!!! Does he actually have a white spot on him?
    Yea he does, he was born with it. His jockey joked saying it was his "go button" when he had that burst of speed down the stretch

  • I had forgotten how beautiful Big Brown is. Just lovely. Thanks for your efforts, Kurt. Looking forward to the total report and pictures!
  • Hey Kurt,

    Did they happen to mention how old that log building in the background is?
  • Still enjoying your reports and photos, Kurt!! For whatever it is worth, on the photos of Big Brown that were shown by clicking on a link or by Paniolo Gal's painstaking steps to be here under the forum, the pics that go by link directly to the holding site (imageshack?) are a a little bit sharper. Just noticed that so I thought I would share it in case you haven't had a chance to test it out. For me, I'm just happy to read this thread and see whatever pictures there are and enjoy your trip to Kentucky!!! Thanks for sharing.
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    kurt...want to thank you again for sharing all your insights and pictures with many of us are not able to travel and you make it seems as if we are there too...I know that it is a time consumer on your part and I am very grateful for all of your posts.
  • testing the new image shack intructions from PANIOLO..lemme know if everyone can see this pic..should be of affirmeds grave covered in snow..the melting pattern left an interesting look to it..if it works, i will start uploading the pics..

  • I can see it
  • Yup!
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