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Hi Everyone - Sunday is Zenyatta's Birthday!!!!! She's no April Fool.....


  • Nah she's the real deal! We're the ones who got fooled! And Prince--such a cutey pie!
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    the ones that passed her up at keeneland as a yearling are the ones that got fooled...big time
  • Happy Birthday to the Queen!!!
  • $60,000 too bad they didn't have the eye that David does - Zenny is one in a million.
  • Happy Birthday, Zenyatta. You gave the world a present a few weeks ago, not to mention all the thrills during your racing career.

    I'm wondering if you are going to have any visitors for a birthday party? I don't see that YOUR John has any horses racing this weekend and, boy, a lot of them from barn 55 had workouts on Wednesday. Just wondering if there's going to be a surprise celebration.
  • Happy Birthday, dear Zenyatta. You have given all your fans so many gifts including joy, wonder, beauty, and, of course, the little Z12. In turn, we give you continued admiration and dedication. Have a great day.
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    Happy Birthday Zenny!!! Hope you have plenty of treats to celebrate!!!
    Your best bday gift was your beautiful baby!!!!
  • Happy birthday on Sunday to Zenyatta!! Hope we get some pictures soon of her and the baby...
  • Zenny, you and I share the same birthday! I hope your day is full of love, kisses from little Prince and lots of peppermints. You have given me absolutely joy and I thank you for that.
  • Happy Birthday Zenyatta. Peppermint Kisses and lots of love and hugs on your day. Love you to the Moon and back!
  • Happy Birthday Queen Z. Lots of hugs and kisses
  • Dear Zenyatta - I hope you have a wonderful celebration on Sunday with all your family and especially your baby boy Z12 - He is growing by leaps and bounds. Thanks for all the wonderful memories . You are truly the most beautiful horse in the world. I really enjoyed my "walk" down memory lane today with all the photos and videos.
    Thanks to all team Zenyatta members and Lane's End for keeping her fans in her life.
  • Happy birthday greetings to the Queen of Racing, from Zenyatta's Video Queen, Kari B., taken from the Diary:

    March 31, 2011 at 5:29 pm
    My Queen~
    Tomorrow is your big day. I hope you have a great party and get everything your heart desires. I think your Birthday should be declared a national holiday…for Zenyatta Nation it is!
    I love you Zenyatta~

    We love you, too, Kari. 12th♥
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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY QUEEN ZENYATTA on Sunday! Hope you have a wonderful day with nice weather so you and Z12 can enjoy your pasture. We all love you soooo much.

    Thanks again to the Mosses and Dottie and all of the team at Lane's End for letting us be a part of Zenyatta's life off the track. Hope to keep up with you two forever.

    Love Lou in Tx
  • Happy Birthday to the Queen from the Land DownUnder! I'm sure your wonderful owners et. al will give you the perfect carrot cake!
  • Happy Birthday Zenny! Hope you will live long, healthy and happy and hope everything goes well with the foal! I love you!! We love you!!! Forever!!! xxx
  • Happy Birthday Zenny!!! Wishing you many more happy and healthy years to come. I hope you and 12Z enjoy lots of cake. I love you!
  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZENNY - Your birth on APRIL 1ST has made another date that will go down in infamy for a GLORIOUS reason.
    Lots of hugs and nose kisses.
    Hope you get to celebrate with a Guinness and maybe even a "sip" for Z12!
  • Happy Birthday Zenny! Hope you get alot of carrots and peppermint.
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    Happy Birthday Queen Zenny, the best racehorse ever! I hope your pals at Lane's End give you a yummy cake!
  • Happy Birthday Z........................
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    Wishing you a happy day filled with love from all the people who love you, Zenyatta, on your April 1 birthday!!!! And of course, many, many more!!!!! (I copied to Happy Birthday to Zenyatta thread)
  • Wishing you a happy day filled with love from all the people who love you, Zenyatta, on your April 1 birthday!!!! And of course, many, many more!!!!!
  • HAPPY B-DAY, Big Girl LOTS'O'LOVE to you and Baby
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