Happy Birthday Big Red!!!

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Happy Birthday Big Red!!! You were the first horse that I fell in love with when I was a little girl and you'll always be number one with me. Your legend lives on with your descendents. I miss you. Gone too soon.


  • Yes it is The King's birthday. I saw him race in the 1970's. What a thrill. We will never see anything like his Belmont run ever again.
  • We remember a true life legend on his birthday. To Big Red!
  • It's past his birthday now, but happy belated birthday, Big Red!
  • I remember seeing all three of his triple crown wins. He was one in a million. Happy Belated Birthday Big Red.
  • Wasn't he wonderful? and so beautiful. Big Red made it look easy. I recently acquired one of the original magazine Happy b'daycovers that they ran during his triple crown bid. the cover of Time with his picture on it. And the words "super horse" under his picture. It is one of my most treasured posessions given to me by my son on my birthday. No one can ever forget him. I remember watching the Belmont. It was unbelievable. 2:24 even. Happy B'day Secretariat. I love you!
  • I was 13 when Big Red won his Triple Crown and have followed him ever since. He was taken from this earth far too early and I deeply miss him. Happy belated b-day Big Red.
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    I came across this bit of nostalgia on the tube. Thought I'd share it here.

    There was also a reference to Swale. I saw Swale in person the night he won the Young America in 1983 the Meadowlands here in NJ. I said aloud after the race that that horse will win the KY Derby.
  • Alex Brown‏ tweet about a special OTTB Torbay
    4 all the Secretariat fans, here is a pic of 25yo Torbay, making his 1st start 4 20 years this w/end @ Fair Hill:

    Here is the caption for the photo
    From Furlongs to Fences. - Fair Hill Thoroughbred Show - Oct 27-28th
    Here is a picture of 25 year old Torbay, with his rider Elizabeth Barr.
    Torbay is a son of Secretariat, and a full brother to Tinners Way (about $2 million in earnings). He is making his showing debut on Sunday, so that makes it about twenty years between starts!
  • Secretariat, you are still a superhero to me! Though your body has returned to the soil, your spirit lives on in those descended from you, live on, King Red.
  • And here i thought secretariat didnt have many offspring left that were alive
  • Rachel,
    Me too! That is why I had to share this.
    Torbay looks great for a 25 year old.
  • I know one of his sons, he's very much as his father was described. Soulful, understanding, and of course....Gorgeous!
  • Tinner's Way is a handsome handsome son of secretariat, he resides at Old Friends.
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    The Blood-Horse ‏ tweet
    Celebrate the birthday of the great Secretariat, born on March 30, 1970
    Keta Note: Link takes you to a collection of Secretariat articles & downloads
  • I will never forget seeing him win the Triple Crown. What an amazing horse!
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