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Starting a thread for My Special Girl's webcam.

"louisecastello February 25

Everybody, starting tomorrow there will be a foaling cam, free and available to everyone, at the New Bolton Center hospital for a very special mare. Rather than explain, here is the link. I think it will be exciting. "


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    I looked up her pedigree....some interesting folks...
  • Yay, thank you AmandaF!! I'm sure I would have messed it up somehow. Thank you so much for starting the thread.
  • Yay, thank you AmandaF!! I'm sure I would have messed it up somehow. Thank you so much for starting the thread.
    Hi Gang! So that Amand's link doesn't get buried...I've also included her New Bolton link to be docked at the top by Kylea shortly under the new thread Miscellaneous Links to Remember. This way in the future, we don't have to sort through discussion will be permanently docked at the top. :oD
  • Thanks Paniolo_Gal, good idea.
  • I know Kylea is busy but I hope Kylea will dock it soon so the new posting: Miscellaneous Links To Remember won't end up on page 2, etc where she has to search for it to find. :o(
  • Yaay! Kylea just permanently docked the Miscellaneous Link thread to the top section of our forum for easy access. Feel free to post any commonly requested links on this new announcement thread. Consider it like a "Library of Links or Registration Instructions"! :oD
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    Just read the whole article initially posted by New Bolton....My Special Girl is a surrogate ....the egg was donated by a Tb/Cleveland bay mare...the sperm came frozen from a deceased Tb/QH sire...a single sperm was injected into the 12 (?) days gestation it was implanted into MSG...interesting
  • Oh, that is really interesting. My favorite thing so far is the loving that My Special Girl has been getting on camera. This morning two girls were in with her hugging her and giving her treats and loving all over her. She looks like a very happy mare. I pray everything goes easy for her. She sure couldn't be in a better place in case of emergency. I'm such a worry wart, I wish all the mares could be in such a safe place for foaling.
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    Well, compared to Gemma, the mare from Bouse, AZ, who was being driven in a trailer through the desert of AZ last week to Blythe in the desert in CA on the border of the two states, while enduring a fruitless 3-hour labor, most mares are in safe places for their foalings. See pp 412-413ff. on Zenyatta Forum, Mare Stare Discussion.
  • Fascinating series of articles. Isn't this the hospital Rachel Alexandra was in and before that, Barbaro? It will be interesting watching the foaling. She's a pretty mare. I hope the cam view doesn't "time out" every time like it did for me tonight after about 5 minutes.
  • Oh, I know and I wasn't criticizing. I just think an animal hospital would be perfect in case of emergency. However, I believe Lane's End and all the big breeding farms are super close to animal hospitals.
  • VA_in_CA, You're right about the hospital. I know that's where Barbaro was and I think Rachel as well. I do think the cam times out pretty fast, but it comes back quick for me.
  • That could be a bit disconcerting if it times out just at the suspenseful moment when the foal is about to be expelled, etc. Or at least frustrating. LOL
  • And lets not forget that the big breeding farms have the experienced staff and equipment that make them almost like a veterinary facility. And then the vets are on call I'm sure, if they're needed. Could be some farms may have their own vet on the grounds.
  • I just noticed on the cam that it looks like her whole underside is shaved. Interesting.
  • I noticed also on the cam it looks like her underside is shaved. I thought maybe it's for EKG lines ? Small cloth patches will be attached to specific points on My Special Girl's body with a skin-friendly adhesive. In the evening, EKG lines are snapped on to each of the patches, and both the mare and the foal's heart rates and rhythms are monitored continuously overnight by telemetry.
  • Furrari, I bet you are right. Now I remember reading that they attach EKG lines to her at night. I had forgotten. She looks so pretty standing and looking out the window today. She's a really pretty mare.
  • louisecastelio , I agree she" s a very pretty mare I hope she foals safe and healthy and foal and mare are happy and healthy. love watching her looking out the window , I wonder what she see's outside horses or are there birds or a kitty??
  • Bless her heart. hope mom and baby do well.
  • I've seen shaved bellies on some of the MS mares this winter. I thought it was because they needed to monitor something more closely and the mares all had such heavy winter coats. It must be cold for them to have almost bald bellies which would be below a coat in some types of horse coats. Horses really have to put up with a lot from people.
  • Aww, pretty girl is all hooked up to the EKG. Sleep well special lady.
  • no further developments with My Special Girl. still pregnant and resting now
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    Shaved bellies could be to allow foal to nurse cleanly. It can cause colic if they accidently ingest dirty hair
  • That's interesting, I never knew about that.
  • makes sense now, we see that all the time with minature horses on marestare
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