How to avoid last year's nightmare...



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    Hmm she looks fluffy here

    What a lucky, lucky fan to be so close to Zenny...I can't imagine what it was like to press an ear against that great body! Even after a roll in the mud our girl looks magnificient. This will always be a favorite picture of mine.

  • I'm going along with the mid April due date and won't pay any attention to anyone except Team Z.
    I think it's great to get this going now so others will know to wait for OFFICIAL word not just a tweet or facebook post form who knows who!!
  • As soon as we know officially that Z14 has arrived, I sure wish there would be only one Discussion Thread created for comments. I know it is fun to be the first one to add a new Discussion, especially if it is about the foaling of Z14, but I sure do wish there would be only ONE Discussion thread on the foaling of Z14. I know that most likely I will log into the Forum one morning (after giving up the night before when expectations were high that Z was ready to foal) and find several Discussions created on the same topic - the foaling of Z14.

    I can just imagine it now….Colt Born, It’s a colt, It’s a filly, Z had her foal, Z14 is here and so on. I’ll be going back and forth between them all until one becomes the dominate Discussion Thread and the others fade away.

    I actually wish someone would create the Discussion Title right now….with the first Comment “Use this Discussion for commenting when we learn Z14 has arrived.

    Wishful thinking, I know.
  • Do it, with a shorter title, like The Definitive Post-Delivery Z14 Discussion. Go for it, Especially_Horses.

    I don't know why people like to start discussions. Every time someone comments on it, you get a notice about it in your inbox. It's a drag.
  • 13z, gray filly………. oh dear...
  • 13z, gray filly………. oh dear...
    Yeah, and I fell for it hook, line, and sinker. LOL

  • 13z, gray filly………. oh dear...

    Yeah, and I fell for it hook, line, and sinker. LOL

    @louisecastello so did I. I'm sure alot of us who were on the forum that night did?
  • Well, the rumors are starting on twitter. I just saw an announcement that Zenyatta has delivered a healthy PULPIT colt!!!!! Really, when was she bred to Pulpit? I must have missed that.
    Fools making early comments....LOL
  • Oh good, this will be funny! The one comment about Pulpit has gotten other people thinking she has given birth.
  • I find it funny that they're saying she was bred to Pulpit since didn't Pulpit die before she had Z13?
  • People tweeting to Lane's End for confirmation of birth. Lane's End replied will have any and all info.
  • How can u even spread rumors like that. U only make urself look like a fool
  • carolinarkansascarolinarkansas hot springs, arkansasMember
    Her Pulpit date was "celestial".....they must have held a seance
  • Her Pulpit date was "celestial".....they must have held a seance
    Held a Pulpitttt are you there Pulpit? Whinny once for yes.
  • LOL!!!
  • I won't believe anything until its posted on Zenyatta's page by team Z
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