Zenyatta x Exchange Rate

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I would really like to see Z go to Exchange Rate in the future. What does everyone else think about this cross?


  • The nicked an A++ on truenicks (http://www.truenicks.com/free-reports/hypothetical-mating/display?stallionReferenceNumber=4321428&mareReferenceNumber=7156465&mareName=Zenyatta) and he is another son of Danzig and he does have some good foals but I think i would like to see her go to a more proven stallion. He for sure could be one for her to visit in the future though.
  • Exchange Rate is very proven, he has a winner pop up every now and then. Lanes End on fb reports this every now and then
  • kurtkurt Member
    saw ER at three chimneys back in january..he was an afterthought..till we saw him. this stallion is drop dead gorgeous. has an amazing presence, he is SPECTAULAR !!! in the flesh..will dig out some pics and post for anyone that see them in my "my kentucky trip" thread
  • sounds good
  • kurtkurt Member
    here ya go..
  • reminds me of spectacular bid
  • LOL of course....thats cuz he HAS Spectacular Bid in his pedigree! his great great grandsire
  • Thanks for the pics! He is beautiful. That Nick definitely supported my idea lol
  • questionreality, I never thought that much about Exchange Rate. Then I took a look at his pedigree. Then Kurt posted his picture (Thanks, Kurt) and I can see what you were talking about. He looks like a good future boyfriend for Z. : )
  • RachelRachel Member
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    Exchange Rate as a younger stud

  • Yeah KayJay I was just trying to think a little outside the obvious. I definitely think a foal from these two would have a heck of an engine. Thank you Kurt and Rachel for posting pics. He certainly is handsome!
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