Birthday March 31

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A Birthday Poem for Jumbletwist
(for March 31, 2012)

QUOTE from Jumbletwist on “Tasty’s Foal” Discussion, March 27: “Wow, I'm starting to think it possible to share my bday with this foal! Only got to make it til sat.! (maybe saying that out loud will jinx me and bring on some labor, lol!)”

Dear Jumbletwist,
Tasty Temptation missed
Your birthday
By no more
Than four days,
We see--
Praise be!
When you talked of a “jinx”
You just might
Have been right---
Posting your thought
That you a good chance stood
Your special day
With Tasty’s foal to share
Maybe DID cause that lovely gray mare
To get the birth underway!
Now look what splendor you’ve wrought!
Within hours of your post time
Who had long nervously waited,
All celebrated
As we heard
Tasty had brought
A colt truly fine
Into the world—
Hoof, hoof, hoof ray!
And, dear J.,
Let it here be stated
We all hope that you may
Have a most happy birthday
This Saturday!

Happy birthday, Jumbletwist, and many, many more!
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