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  • PEOPLE beware...PETA is reading all these blogs and no doubt have their trolls on all of them. It is part of their agenda to turn us against each other. PETA is using us and the public distaste for perceived cruelty to racehorses across the board to promote their agenda.
    Knowing how PETA operates, they no doubt have "spies" in other training stables and probably at breeding farms and the racetracks as well.

    That is how they operate, they plant people as employees in businesses who record and listen and write down everything they hear and see. They also go after corporate sponsors and try to intimidate them.

    The meat and poultry industry has been dealing with PETA for years. We know how they operate and what they are capable of.

    PETA has some high profile supporters in Washington DC and their donors have very deep pockets when it comes to money.

    At the end of the day it is not going to really matter if Mr Asmussen is found guilty or innocent..the video has served its purpose which is to stir up the American people to outlaw racing.

    You have no idea how crazy these people are. They posted on a blog about Saint Nicholas Abbey that the reason he developed laminitis and and the fatal colic was because he was fed GMO hay and grain.

    They have veterinarians and PhD's and other elite highly education ideologues who can spin everything to meet their agendas. They are largely responsible for the shut down of the carriage horses in New York City.

    The best thing the racing industry can do is to launch their own investigations not only into Mr Asmussen's guilt or innocence but to dig deep and find where there are abuses and set standards and rules and penalties to address these issues.

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    Kalar, that's all about nothing, I was being sarcastic. The other posters know my sense of humor, or I'd like to think I have a sense of humor. I've been around the race tracks for 40 years, mainly as a bettor, but groomed harness horses for about two years too. That doesn't mean I know everything. These fine horse lovers have taught me a thing or two about horses too. And it's been way too long since I've even touched a horse.
    I'll make an effort to give the benefit of the doubt. :)

    @Joanna_TX, I did, in fact, take a deep breath. Perhaps I kneejerked from over-exposure to political sites on Facebook....which I have ceased to get on for a month now to regain my sense of proportion. ;)
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    Thanks for the link, Rachel!
  • Kalar, I had to take a deep breath last night because I was getting mad at EVERYONE for really no reason. Sometimes we get too fired up around here and it gets out of control. But. never fear, it eventually blows over and we get back to normal. Hopefully. LOL
  • Rachel, thanks for the CNN link. The comments are very interesting.
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  • One thing we need to remember is that it doesn't really matter what we or the racing industry thinks about PETA, but it is what the public thinks about this video. Regardless of whether it's all true or not, the public is believing it and I am now seeing very, very angry reactions from the general public. As Keta said earlier, be prepared for many questions and blowing them off by blaming PETA is not going to satisfy these people. So, perhaps point out good stories and good trainers. etc. Show a positive side and the beauty of the sport. We may want to keep horse racing, but change it for the better. These people do not want to change horse racing for the better. They want it GONE.
  • I totally agree with you louisecostello.

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    Casey posted the link above. This is an excerpt from the article.
    It is worth reading the entire interview. Keta

    Horse owner Maggi Moss weighs in on PETA, her one-time employer
    by Jennie Rees Trackside with C-J Jennie March 21, 2014 Courier-Journal
    Prominent horse owner Maggi Moss, who is well-known in the industry for her efforts to rescue horses at risk of being sent to slaughter, is in a unique position to comment on PETA’s allegations of animal mistreatment and law-breaking the organization levied in Kentucky and New York against former Hall of Fame finalist Steve Asmussen and his top assistant, Scott Blasi.
    PETA filed its complaints based off what it called a four-month undercover investigation by a PETA investigator who got hired as a hot walker in the stable. The New York Times wrote a story about PETA’s charges and ran PETA’s nine-minute video compiled from what PETA said was seven hours of secret video-taping in the barn – all of which has become the talk of the sport.
    Kentucky will investigate allegations
    Moss not only once worked for PETA, but Asmussen trained horses for her for a couple of years, though she ended that relationship a couple of years ago. Tom Amoss has been her main trainer all along

    From the interview
    Asked her thoughts on the New York Times story and video: “My first reaction to the video was I was extremely upset…. I will not justify the video but I remembered two things: PETA spends hundreds of thousands of dollars to edit, and that’s eight minutes of eight months of video. My second feeling was, knowing Scott personally that he’s hot-headed and he’s emotional. I’m not happy and I don’t justify the video because of a multitude of reasons. But as a lawyer, I thought that’s eight minutes of eight months and there are probably literally hundreds of minutes of video that are very loving and good of the sport. So I think that’s unfair.”
    “I’m hoping it’s a huge wake-up call, but not a knee-jerk, politically monied wake-up call,” she said
  • I really like this tweet from Mark Kling. " Memo to thoroughbred horse racing. Your opinion of PETA and its methods is irrevelant. What matters is public opinion of how we treat horses. " As I said in one of these threads, the general public is believing this and we need to do more to show that we care about these horses and quit worrying about whether PETA did something wrong. We already know Asmussen has had 35 or so violations. Why weren't we condemning him then. No one made that up, it's a fact. We should be worrying about public perception and trying to change it. As I said, the people coming down on horse racing do not want to make the industry better, they want to get rid of it completely.
  • Thanks Keta for posting Maggie Moss' response, I really respect her opinion especially given her past experience with PETA. Plus she is one of the leading horse rescue advocates in horse racing. I agree with her ideas for the solution to the problems horse racing is facing completely. Too bad no one will listen to her.

    Great tweet from Mark Kling too, Louise. I agree with everything he said also. A pysch prof. of mine always said, " The only thing that is real, is what is perceived. It doesn't matter what your intent was." The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.........
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  • I saw in the comments on another site that the Zayat's have removed Asmussen's name from the "Zayat team" list of names, although they still have his picture there. Could this mean they intend to "fire" him? Mr. Zayat's meeting with Asmussen must not have been very satisfactory.... = [ Oops! Then Asmussen had to loose a horse in a race today....I wonder if that was before or after his name was removed from the list? Hhmmm....
  • P-people
    sorry, couldnt resist if were being watched by im off to the KFC buffet for dinner..loves me some chicken..never met a cow i didnt like either
    we got a Longhorn Steakhouse down the road here in town LOL

    i dont like KFC anymore after finding little pieces of bone throughout the chicken breast i was eating and the service is bad here, gotta check your order to make sure they gave u the right thing. people gave me mashed potatoes without the gravy. come on now...

  • Our Revival ended up at Old Friends :)
  • Do any of you remember what happened to two dynamic race horses when
    they were given to Mr A. to train? Check how long it took to shorten the
    careers of Rachel A. and Curlin.

  • Rachel's last race:

    Curlin's last race:

  • Thanks - one season of brilliance from these magnificent animals and then
    no more gas in the tank. BURNOUT1


  • And almost all horse people agree that Zenyatta's final race was her best.
  • Really a shame their matchup never came to be. Just look at Zenyatta's
    body of work and the condition she showed throughout her career. Always
    felt Zenny had more in the tank. What class she showed in her last race.
    Still gives me the chills whenever I watch the replay.

  • One reason Zenyatta had more in the tank is because she was a come-from-behinder and she was brilliantly trained. Front runners run hard almost the entire race. Zenyatta only ran hard the last quarter-mile of a race. And her strategy was to just win the race. She didn't try to win by five lengths, a neck win was enough. Save some of that energy for the next race.
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