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    I signed. 'Affiliation' was a mandatory field, but the only 'affiliation' I have is as a racing fan and love the horses.
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    Be careful of disinformation too. There will attempts to discredit people for change, make them look like wacky leftists. That's why when they try to corner me, I simply state the truth. I make no bones what I'm fighting for.

    They can't handle the truth!

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    The PETA video explained that rules are for the good guys. And as the old adage goes: Good guys finish last. In this day of Supertrainers, rules are meant to be skirted. But if there were no regulations on medications and other things in horse racing, where would we be? Well the horses would be like heroin addicts. And their value would be much less that it is right now. If there were no protections, breeders would be breeding something that we all know would be worthless a few starts into their careers because they would be broken-down junkies. The video clearly shows that the Asmussen barn doesn't pay attention to United States employment laws. Do you think they follow the rules on medications? Well they don't, and that's a fact. But why should they?

    Asmussen, Baffert, Hollendorfer, Sadler and many others are part of the 20+ club in medication violations. Slaps on the wrists don't hurt as much as losing a $500,000 Grade 1 stakes race. Rules don't apply to them. And they have an eager press that's not only willing to look the other way at factual violation convictions, they even support their up and coming three year old waiting for it's chance to become racing's next Derby winner presented by Yum! Brands.

    But there's a more important reason why we have rules: To protect the health and possibly the life of the horse. I'm sure those in the 20+ club got violations because of honest mistakes. But you correct mistakes. Not all of them were mistakes. The odds of physics just don't support that conclusion.

    Think Asmussen supplying SS numbers to undocumented workers; think of Baffert getting on the phone to the stewards during an inquiry; think Baffert asking one of his grooms to lie to investigators; think . . .

    Rules are meant to be broken.

    PS, Casey, you need to go clean off your nose.
  • markinsac, Jacobson is one of the biggest rule breakers across the board in horse racing. His name needs to be on your list. He has more break downs in NY than anyone, many drug violations and "accidental" horses ending up at slaughter yards. His recent PR move to "retire" 10 horses a year to Old Friends because he got caught having sent a stakes winning gelding to slaughter that he blamed his asst. for, was purely an attempt to save his ugly rep. When Maggie Moss started looking for the horse, he ran to rescue it before he was found out but it was too late, the horse had already been starved and the vet hospital couldn't save him. Of course, NYRA found him innocent of all charges, as if. Maggie Moss has been after him ever since. He needs to go down, when I said so on another site, I was DELETED. He was kicked out of racing for many years but now he's back. He was quoted as saying, "If they raced kangaroos, I'd have a stable full." Yeah, he's all about the horses. NOT! What a piece of work......
  • According to this, PETA will release entire 7 hours of video before Kentucky Derby
  • According to this, PETA will release entire 7 hours of video before Kentucky Derby
    Yikes....= [.....That doesn't sound good.

  • Gee Mark, you used the P word on this site, something that you chastised me for.


    Bafferts horses on Thyroxine dropped dead. Didn't one of Asmussen's drop dead on Friday? Correct me if I'm wrong.
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    No Linda, not at all. I'm covering horse racing. That PETA ad is about horse racing too. And I'd be willing to bet that there will be a significant smaller crowd at the Derby this year.

    There's a lot of bad things out there about :PETA and this site is for animal lovers. I think you SHOULD start a thread on PETA. They too need to be investigated.

    One thing I want to make perfectly clear: Just because an organization has a sketchy past, doesn't mean they can't get one right. And I'm not saying that they got this one right.

    But those people chastising PETA for animal cruelty and not having ethics, isn't the horse racing industry guilty of the same thing? Some significant changes came out of the NY Times' Mangled Horses, Maimed Jockeys. Isn't that a good thing?

    To those of you that despise PETA, would it have been better if that the video didn't come out? We continue to slap cheating trainers on the wrists? If the video leads to real reform that may save the lives of race horses and the industry itself . . .

    was it worth it?
  • Mark, gotta head out shortly for work, so not much time to respond. But, I think you have misunderstood all my posts, not sure why. My focus on PETA has been to try and communicate my experience with PETA as it relates to the efforts that I and many, many others have put forth to get slaughter stopped and get laws passed in our states that call for still fines and jail time for anyone convicted of abusing horses and what this organization has done to the food industry that I have worked in for about 25 years now and how they operate. I am as concerned as anyone on this site about the mistreatment of racehorses by some in the racing industry and I certainly am aware of the problems associated with doping horses. As to investigating PETA, that day will come, but if it is your assumption that has been my agenda with my posts, then I think there has been a big understanding by you and perhaps others.
    PETA is not going to stop now that it has started on the racing industry, in fact, I think it is going to get worse. The racing industry ( owners, breeders, trainers etc) has got to get ahead of PETA and acknowledge that there are issues and here are the reforms that they are proposing get these situations (doping, firing, abuse, slaughtering etc) under control. If they do not, PETA will destroy the entire industry.

  • Linda, why did it take PETA to come out with a scathing video? Why didn't the industry DO it's own investigation? I think THAT needs some investigating.
  • Well said LyndaK. Markinsac, I can't speak for LyndaK, but I think she was agreeing with you all along. I THINK, and if I'm wrong LyndaK, don't hesitate to tell me, that she is pointing out that racing needs to get all the issues (doping, slaughtering, etc.) under control so that PETA will not have a leg to stand on regarding horse racing. She knows there are problems and is not excusing racing. And she is right, PETA is out to destroy the industry, so the industry needs to quit attacking and start fixing the problems. As I've said a million times, PETA is not interested in bettering the sport, they want to destroy the entire industry as LyndaK also said above. From what I've seen elsewhere, the industry and press are realizing changes have to come and are working to help rather than attacking PETA. It's mostly just some fans who are trying to ignore the wrongs that are going on. I'm seeing many good owners and trainers writing letters and trying to organize for change. It is not a lost cause. Maybe it took this video to get something started, but it is happening and most people know these abuses have been going on for a long time before Asmussen and Blasi were caught on tape. But everyone be prepared, Joe Drape is insinuating there is more to come from this video.
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    Linda, why did it take PETA to come out with a scathing video? Why didn't the industry DO it's own investigation? I think THAT needs some investigating.
    I believe louisecastello spoke beautifully regarding LyndaK but you are absolutely correct by stating the industry should be the first to uncover and correct any wrongdoings...and there are plenty!

  • Crazy4Z, I agree too. It shouldn't have taken this video for the industry to start scrambling Everyone knew there were problems across the board. And I also want to mention, all these precious foals being born deserve more than being treated like pieces of meat and being drugged and mishandled. How often have we heard of these babies dying at age two while training and before they even race? Of course, Zenyatta and Rachel's babies will be treated like gold, but many won't. Just imagine these little babies in only two years and it will come fast. They deserve racing to be cleaned up.
  • Oops, Rachel, these may be the same, but from different publications. Sorry. Didn't see yours until I posted.
  • Still tho, the fact he couldnt get a straight answer and wasnt notified at all. Thats like with the case of Bond Holder. No one was notified of his foot bruise, a shoe was put on by the fairgrounds farrier, and the horse becomes noticeably lame.
  • I do believe Mr. Zayat. I know some question what he knew, but I believe the big, wealthy owners who are super-busy and have many horses, leave most things up to the trainer. I doubt Mr. Zayat does his own checking of feet, etc. He trusted his trainer. Happy to see people like him standing up for the horses.
  • How funny what Blasi texted Mr. Zayat? Under the influence of alcohol and a woman. Sheesh! Like that's going to help his cause.
  • Who pays the bill? Didn't anyone notice farrier bills or medicine bills for this horse or horse's? Owners aren't that naive. Too bad it happen to Zayat. I think there a great group of people that truely love their horse's. Time to wake up and keep an eye on what's going on.
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