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  • For the most part, owners in the horse racing industry, at least the ones I met, were very nice people. But naïve. Many of them are successful financial wise, you have to be to pay for the upkeep of a race horse. But for their business success, they believe the implausible stories trainers feed them. Of course, the honest trainers don't do that.

    On the other thread I reported how Frank Monetleone used fake horses to impersonate the ones he supposedly bought for an owner. The horses never made it oversees from Europe. Now we see Asmussen keeping Nehro's condition in the dark.

    Keeping Nehro in training was making Asmussen money. When I worked in the harness industry, owners paid for their horses' upkeep on a daily basis, meaning they paid per day. So if Nehro retired, on that day, Asmussen could no longer bill Zayat.

    As far as Blasi is concerned, at least he texted Zayat and apologized. We haven't heard Asmussen doing that. I think Scott has a chance. He became the person he was because that's what working for Asmussen requires. People make mistakes. I hope he turns it around. I kind of identify with him, working long days and being frustrated by the fragile nature of the horses, "They all have some kind of problem!"

    And there's a tremendous need to win. With other trainers pulling rabbits out of their hats, racing outfits must stay one step ahead of the testing lab and one step ahead of their peers. Trainers will bond on issues like raising purses, but for the most part, don't really get to close to one another. Mainly because they're trying to beat them. And also because they know they can't trust each other.

    The backstretch is the ultimate soap opera. Rumors spread like wildfires. And these people have been working together for upwards of 30 years. The days and hours are long and filled with disappointments.

    The only thing that keeps them going is winning.

  • PETA may be out of bounds, but they may have just saved horses lives and they may have saved an industry.

    No doubt, this was the tipping point.
  • Indeed, only because they shouted louder than the rest. This isnt to say PETA is good, just that they brought this to light and got peoples heads to really turn.
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    She's absolutely right. The good guys not only have to take back this sport, but they will. But it's not going to be easy. This sport is a rickety machine with a lot of different components. And it seems as if one department of the business doesn't understand the other departments.

    What sickens me is the known cheaters keep winning all the graded stakes races. They have no intention of backing down.

  • There are several high-profile trainers with over 20 medical violations. Would a doctor who treats humans survive that many convictions? What is your opinion on these guys?

    I'm pushing for a 10-year ban.
  • LyndaK and I have been saying the same thing all along. I agree with you completely.

    Louise, you were right on target with your comments.

    I loved Mandy Haskin's article. It was beautifully done and had me in tears by the end. I'm so glad he published it.

    What will be in this Derby week PETA video? Many are saying it is their MO to save the real shocking stuff for last. Well if that's true, I think that video is going to contain incriminating footage of Tapiture and Untapable. I believe this because they announced the Derby week video the day after Mr. Winchell decided to leave his horses with Asmussen just to see if it would still be of any consequence come Derby day. With Asmussen still being a trainer involved in going to the Derby, you know the video has to involve horses headed there trained by him. Or why bother? Mr. Winchell better wise up or his horses will be scratched before they get a chance to run.
  • That would suck cuz i really like Tapiture
  • Who knows what they have planned. But, maybe it's just that they want to cause more embarrassment for the industry during Derby week and not necessarily anything about specific horses. I don't know, but I also like these horses and just wish the owner would give them to another trainer so it won't look so bad for the Derby. And maybe they're just trying to worry people and have no intention of releasing anything else? I guess we'll see.
  • I like Tapiture too. I had him in the Southwest and the Rebel. I really love Untapable and her chances in the Oaks. I just wish Mr. Winchell would move them and pull the rug out from under any plan PETA may have. I would love to think PETA is just blowing smoke but only to have a 9 1/2 min. of video from 9 hrs. is really too much to hope for, especially when they have a Temple University student doing the production. On the one link you posted Louise, they had a place were you could sign up for a (preview?) or something ? It doesn't look good. : (

  • I'm trying to think what possible evidence they could have. The lady hot walker couldn't know too much about horse racing. If she witnessed a vet injecting illegal substance, how would she know what that was?

    One thing is for sure, the trainer and the vet aren't going to tell a green groom or hot walker it's illegal.

  • Paulick tweeted Turf Paradise's Ann Von Rosen who was paralyzed has medical bills of 600k. I'm hoping jockeys and their families start speaking out about what's going on. They are the ones who suffer the most.
  • Oh markinsac, It looked to me like Blasi would have told her anything she wanted to hear, if it was true or not. Even if he had to make it up. He was a man on a mission....and it wasn't horse business. lol
  • KayJay, I agree with you, the other shoe is going to drop when they release the rest of the video Derby Week.

    Also, Mandy Haskin's post was just what all of hearts needed to heal from all this.

  • I agree to that too KayJay....I have read comments from people asking how did a lowly hot walker get so intimate with the inner circle...hmmm..lets say this as politely as I can...its not the first time, nor will it be the last that a woman has used her feminine wiles to get what she wanted and Blasi and Assmussen are not the first and will not be the last to fall for the oldest game in history!
  • Here, Here, LyndaK. What was it he said to Mr. Zayat, he was under the "influence of alcohol and a woman"? Yeah, you could say that. That only thing I can say is, this wasn't a job for an ugly girl and you can bet they didn't send one to do the job. = /
  • if hes under the influence of alcohol...what was he doing with alcohol on the job?

  • Maybe I should infiltrate Mare Stare. I'll use my gentlemanly charm to get information.
  • haha
  • It works both ways, Mark, it works both ways

  • When you think about it, did she purposely have a relationship to get more info out of him? Is that legal?

    I think it is. It's called marriage.
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    Now is the time for racing Stewarts to man up and do there job. It took an outside organization to surface what's been going on for years but pushed aside. I've seen many horse's come back from the track 10 times worse then when they left to the track. I use to know a trainer that faked her coggins and raced different horse's. This a true fact! These so called top notch trainers have to be accounted for now. Then the veterinarians that go with it for greed. That oath they take went out the door. I love this sport and really missed the passion and glory of the sport. I remember as a kid watching races and seeing the people (trainers, owenrs, viewers) be so passionate about winning and accepted losing. Just feeling appreciated on being apart of racing. Now, it's about what race with the biggest winnings. I still believe and say the age should begin at 3 year olds. Many horse's would be saved and last longer. Two year olds should be in light training and being turnout. Not being pushed to have points to qualify for the derby. That has always been my opinion. I love to know that Wise Dan, Mucho Macho Man and others are still racing after 3 years old.

  • At the Meadowlands Harness, Jeff Gural will not allow horses sired by a stallion who retired at the age of three to enter into stakes races. He HAS DONE what others fail to do.

  • At the Meadowlands Harness, Jeff Gural will not allow horses sired by a stallion who retired at the age of three to enter into stakes races. He HAS DONE what others fail to do.
    That's great to hear. Most race trackers are greedy and don't think about that. In there minds, run them until the horse has no use and send them off. That mentality has to be changed. If it's by force, then let it be.

  • Look at Zenyatta. She didn't start racing until late in her 3-year-old season. The result? Horse racing's all-time money winning mare. Patience pays off.
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