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Is anyone interested in trying to make a book happen regarding Native Diver? There has NEVER been one done and I was wondering what each of you think . . . maybe someone could get ahold of Richard Shapiro and suggest the idea.

Now would be the best time given the excavation of his remains; his name is now before the public and a book could encompass the years he raced through his excavation and reinterment at Del Mar. For those who never had the opportunity to know of his deeds on the track this would be the opportune time to acquaint them to his racing legacy; leaving them NOT with the image of his remains but with the living breathing “Lightning in a Bottle” that was Diver.

I can’t do it since Mr. Shapiro and I are not on speaking terms, but I felt it was important enough to see if anyone was interested; the more the merrier. I know from the other site created on the Forum, Native Diver’s Burial Site and Paulick Report,” that AnitaH had been in e-mail contact with Mr. Shapiro.

What do you think?


  • First, I am NOT on "not speaking terms" with you ( not sure who you are ), but I did read come of the comments related to the relocation of Native Diver's remains. To all of those who are interested, let me tell you exactly the status and what has been done.
    Fortunately, we were able to locate Native Diver's remains beneath the Monument at
    Hollywood Park. They were 8 feet deep, and we used great care in excavating them. Thanks to Eual Wyatt and the remaining crew at Hollywood Park, we were able to exhume every bone. When we discovered he was buried there I contacted the USC Archeology Department and they donated their time which consisted of 3 Professors and about 8 students that did the task with extreme care. Every bone recovered was wrapped in a styrafoam wrap and placed in large "tupperware" bins. The remains are currently at USC. The 40,000 pound Monument had to be moved, and Hollywood Park arranged for that. All of the Millard Sheets Art Tiles, were also removed from the Monument, and they have now been transported to Del Mar. Joe Harper of Del Mar is creating a new Monument which will be on the frontside of the Grandstand. Joe and I walked the area and identified locations to erect the new Monument. Native Diver's new gravesite will be in the infield at Del Mar and I am hopeful the Inscriptions on the old Monument will be used to mark his burial site. We are hopeful that the new Monument will be dedicated when Del Mar opens this year, likely the day or two before the track opens.

    To all concerned, thank you for your respect and admiration for Native Diver. He was a huge part of my childhood and that of my siblings, Tom and Peggy. It was an extremely emotional experience with a very sad backdrop of seeing Hollywood Park being torn apart at the same time. I do not use social media like Facebook, Twitter or others, and came across this site as it was sent to me to look at. That said, I do hope that whoever reads this, will let those who posted nice comments and concerns about what was happening to Native Diver know that his final journey is being done with the utmost of care and respect. If anyone has other concerns they can email me at

    Again, thank you for remembering and caring for Native Diver. RBS
  • Mr Shapiro, thank you for coming here and clearing things up. It is wonderful to know that Native Diver will be taken care of and things are coming together nicely. Thank you on behalf of all of Team Z for taking care of Native Diver, he deserves it.
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    In response to Mr. Shapiro’s comments I guess you can’t read; what I was asking was about a book . . . but then you made it personal. Don’t know who I am; well then why the comment, “First, I am NOT on ‘not speaking terms’ with you (not sure who you are), . . . “

    Let me refresh your memory, his name is Seabiscuit . . . got the picture? You got Diver out before he ended up under a parking lot or building. You really do not want to go down this avenue with me. Many many people now know the truth so for those who keep the cover up going on have a peaceful nights sleep; as for the rest of us we know we tried.
  • Im sure hes not trying to start an argument
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    Thank you from me too Mr. Shapiro for coming here and sharing your experience and taking such good care of this beloved horse.

  • What I don't understand is why doesn't the new development incorporate some of the old monuments at Hollywood Park? Make a traffic circle with the statue of Swaps in the middle or the Native Diver monument in their shopping mall. Can we hold on to some of our old memories? I might even go down there to look at them and spend some money to boot.
  • Swaps' statue will be a greeting to the entrance of the new park that once was Hollywood park. Thats what i read
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    Good to hear! That statue was HP's mascot.
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