I'm Having a Little Contest on Sunday

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I'm going to pick out three races being shown on TVG network. Each contestant gets to make a hypothetical $2 win, place or show wager on each race. The one with the highest return gets this prize:

An official program from Hollywood Park's last day, December 22nd that I will mail to you.

For those of you who don't understand how to bet or how the betting system works, this will be educating and fun. Chime in on the best time to do it and tell me in your time zone.

So far, Rachel says noon Eastern



  • For me, anytime after 3 or 4 pm central time. But since it's Sunday, earlier would be okay, just not before 1 pm central time.
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    this is going to be fun and educational
  • No, she said Central
  • Noon Eastern
  • It will, but I can tell you right now, I don't have a clue how to bet.
  • im sure mark will assist in helping

  • Big herbie, the races don't get going until 1pm eastern, right?

    And yes, louise, I'll make it easy to understand. In fact, I'm looking forward to teaching you a few things about betting (the main thing is don't get hooked!)

    I'll be participating, but only for fun, I'm going to win the contest, so if I do, whoever comes in second place wins the prize.
  • Woohoo! This will be fun. Thanks markinsac!
  • Anytime after noon central time works for me just need to know which race(s) to bet on.

  • Tomorrow morning I'll choose the races, I'll post the entries here or post a link to the entries and give you a little advice on how to choose a bet. For example, if you choose a favorite with low odds, better bet it to win. But if you choose a longshot, place or show would be safer. Remember, the lower the odds on a horse, the better probability it has to win, but since you're playing against others, you need to outsmart them.

  • Bigherbie just sounds like he knows a thing or two about betting. Watch out for him!
  • I've bet 3 times in my life. The first time was at Scarborough Downs in Maine in 1973 (deficit), the second (my best day) was 1992 at the Gulfstream Park Breeder's Cup (scored with Lure, Paseana and AP Indy - I bought dinner), the third was Churchill Downs Breeder's Cup (deficit), I was wet and so cold the whole week but I did see Zenyatta through the backside fence with John the day before the Classic.
  • Okay, this will be fun to learn. I'll just check here around lunch and see what we are going to bet on.
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    "Bigherbie" just sounds like a gambler's name. Tell us more about your visit with Zenyatta and John at the BC.
  • It wasn't a real "visit" but Friday I met some people who said "Z" was going to be out at a specific time, I went and she was. I was one among many peering through the chain-link fence and she was there with John. She was beautiful, ears pricked, just looked at us, walked around and went back in the barn. I didn't even take my camera out, never thought of it, I was mesmerized.

  • Mesmerized:

  • Another interesting thing is that Zenyatta raced in Southern California, yet most of you are from east of the Mississippi River, and some of you haven't been to a race track. Amazing.
  • Great video (I hadn't seen it), thank you.
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    OK, here are the three races:

    TURFWAY PARK RACK1 2:00 eastern
    TAMPA BAY DOWNS RACE 4 2:08 eastern
    AQUEDUCT RACE 1 2:25 eastern

    Just pick a horse in each race. You'll get a hypothetical win, place and show bet on your horse and the one with the highest total wins the prize. Easy to play. I'll print the entries with the jockey and trainer in a minute
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    6.5 furlongs for fillies Maiden Claiming. Purse $10,000

    horse/morning line/jockey/trainer

    1 MALALA'S DIARY 1.40-1 . . . A Jimenez . . . K McPeek

    2 BELLA ANA 12-1 . . . N Chavez , , , I Boak

    3 FITZ MANY 5-1 . . . A Deleon . . . T Short

    4 POPPI'S PEACH 20-1 . . . T Pompell . . . D Cambell

    5 BETTY'S BLOSSOM 2-1 . . . J Rose . . . J Thornbury

    6 LYSLE'S GIRL 3-1 . . . J Radosevich . . . J Radosevich


    5.5 furlongs Maiden Claiming. Purse $10,500

    1 HURRICANE BOB 3.5-1 . . . D Centeno . . . R Slomkowski

    2 NEARLY IRISH 2.5-1 . . . P Morales . . . D Bennett

    3 DIONCECHT 12-1 . . . Q Hamilton . . . A Lee

    4 D' CASINO KAT 10-1 . . . R Allen Jr . . . M Wetherington

    5 GABBAZOE 20-1 . . . O Rossi . . . M Norris

    6 CRAZY FOUR LEGS 12-1 . . . G Wales . . . B Galvan

    7 DUKE OF VISEU 6-1 . . . V Lebron . . . D Miller

    8 BEANTOWN SKIPPER 6-1 . . . C Villasana . . . L Scace

    9 PRINCEAPALLEE 8-1 . . . F De La Cruz . . . V Reedy

    10 RUNRICORUN 10-1 . . . J Velez . . . A Perez

    11 DAZZLE DIXIE 30-1 . . . J De La Cruz . . . R Boileau


    1 mile for fillies and mares Purse $49,000 (slot track)

    1 ROCK SHOW 20-1 . . . K Davis . . . J Parker

    2 MESS IN A DRESS 1.80-1 . . . I Ortiz Jr . . . D Jacobson

    3 GO OLIVIA GO 5-1 . . . E Castro . . . R Persaud

    4 COAST OF SANGRIA 3.5-1 . . . M Franco . . . R Rodriquez

    5 AMULAY 1.60-1 . . . J Ortiz . . . B Levine

    Remember, you're playing for fun, but winner gets an Official Hollywood Park program from it's historic final day, December 22, 2013 mailed to you.

  • Make one pick in each of the above races. You don't have to be here, we'll total up your earnings.
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    Hi Mark
    Turfway race1.....#6 Lysle's Girl
    Tampa Bay race4.....#7 Duke of Viseu
    Aquaduct race1.....#4 Coast of Sangria
    no particular reason .....I mostly unfamiliar with these tracks...
    off to Oaklawn today....

  • Wow, have fun at Oaklawn! I wish I was there! I'll keep tabs on your total. But you and everybody else is playing for second place because I'm the bettor in the room. I'm going to win.

  • Markinsac's valuable and winning picks:

    TP Race 1: #1 MALALA'S DIARY
    TB Race 4: #1 HURRICANE BOB
    Aq Race 1: #2 MESS IN A DRESS (That may be War Front doing his impersonation)
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    PS Carolina, you can watch these races at Oaklawn. They simulcast these tracks
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