Zenyatta 2009 Breeders Cup youtube video

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Hi Everyone!

So I made this video with Z’s win in the 2009 breeders cup, and added the song “Our Lives” by The Calling. If anyone can take a look and let me know what they think I would really appreciate it, Even if it really sucks.
all feedback is welcome.

Thanks everyone!

Nicole P
oh and it looks better if you adjust the settings to be in HD


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    I watched your video. I was there in person, and the night before the race, I couldn't sleep a wink. I was filled with so much anticipation that I tossed and turned. In the morning I was mad at myself. Not sleeping because of a silly horse race. Needless to say, I was tired until I got to the race track, then adrenaline KICKED IN! And when the announcer said: Coming up next, the Breeders' Cup Classic. The whole crowd and I got into a frenzy that would last 45 minutes, no three and a half years.

    Great video and great song. That was the greatest day I ever had.
  • I would have died to be there I remember screaming at the tv so loud i freaked my dog out
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    The second-to-last race of her career, Lady's Secret Stakes Day at Hollywood Park in 2010 was also something special. Over 25,000 fans jammed the soon-to-be closed racetrack in South Los Angeles. The normal crowd was 4,000. It was a rock concert atmosphere just like the BC in 2009. For a day, the good times were rolling again at HP. Zenyatta had that much power.

  • Watch this video of that day right to the very end:

  • Any race Zenyatta ran in was awesome, I remember actually watching her maiden race on tv I’m like wow thats one big filly.

  • Yeah! I didn't see that race, I must have been working. But I did see her second race, and you people can view both of those up above on the "career" tab. But the first time you or I or anybody else first sees her perform, it's amazing how you see something that really stands out. I didn't see her perform live until 2008 BC Distaff at Santa Anita. When I saw her come onto the track, she had such a look of confidence, I knew instantly she was my favorite horse of all time.

  • More from Lady's Secret Day, watch after the race, Zenyatta and Mike Smith come in front of the grandstand to greet her cheering fans. She actually does little bow before walking away:

    Nicole, try to make a video from this day too along with a nice song . . .
  • I could if I can get the race on to my comp I made the other one on iMovie
  • I really liked your video Nicole_proulx510. It would be really cool if you could do a whole career video of Zenyatta with that song.
  • Nicole, You did a beautiful job on the video. Thanks for sharing. : )
  • I happened to see Switch in one of the videos above and I was wondering what ever happened to her. Does anyone know?
  • last race was the filly and mare breeders cup sprint in which she finished 3rd in 2012. i assume shes retired after that, no progeny tho
  • horseracingnation comments say that she is in foal to Galileo. not sure what year tho might be for this year
  • Hhmm, wonder why no babies? Wasn't she owned by the Zetchers and trained by Baffert? That's kind of strange that they would retire her and not breed her. Thanks, Rachel for the info.
  • horseracingnation comments say that she is in foal to Galileo. not sure what year tho might be for this year
    Galileo! Now that's an owner that really thought a lot of her. Good for her.
  • Thank you everyone! Feel free to check out my youtube account for some of my other videos. that last few our from my helmet cam
  • and i will try to do a video with all of her races!
  • anyone have a race in particular they would like me to do
  • Switch was sold at Keeneland last fall for over 4 million to a stud farm in Ireland. She is near Galileo and he is one of the best in the world. Lucky girl!

  • Switch, hmmmmmm
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    @Nicole, Very nice! I've watch clips of that race dozens of times. It's nice to see the best parts over and over again!!! Good job!

  • One more point I wanted to make, on those last two videos I posted, at some point they showed kids getting all excited about Zenyatta. Kids are the future of everything. Racing has blown so many opportunities. Zenyatta could have been marketed so much better.
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    @markinsac, great clip of Del Mar. I loved the "Oh, noes" in the last furlong when Switch took off a little and it looked like Z wouldn't get there. LOL!! I probably would've been holding my breath.
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    Actually that was the Lady's Secret Stakes at Hollywood Park. Hollywood was averaging 4,000 fans on Saturdays, but on this day, her last race ever in front of her home fans, 25,000 showed up. It was part carnival and part rock concert.

    She increased the attendance six times the average!

    That year, 2010, the Oak Tree Racing Association couldn't hold it's traditional fall meet at Santa Anita because the artificial track was being torn out due to maintenance problems. The CHRB decided to hold the meet at Hollywood Park, Zenyatta's home track where she did all her training. Her getting up to beat Switch at the wire was practiced during morning workouts--Shirreffs would use some poor maiden who would get zinged by Zenny at the wire. Zenyatta had that act down to a science. Of course she would fall inches short in her last race the next month.
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