As The Clubhouse Turns: Zenny's Birthday

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ZENYATTA: Rachel, this carrot cake you baked for my birthday is a little off. Could you make me another one?

RACHEL: Why sure, Zenny.

BERNIE: Um, honey, the cake tastes fine to me . . .

ZENNY: It's OK, just a little off. I want another one.

(Rachel goes into the kitchen and starts making another cake)

BERNIE: Let's open the presents!

CURLIN: Here Zenny, open mine first . . .

ZENNY: Wow, it's a collage of some of my biggest races . . . but Curlin, these pictures aren't the most flattering. See this one, my makeup is smeared. Can you go re-do this!

CURLIN: Um, OK Zenyatta.

MABLE: Here Zenny, this is for you . . .

ZENNY: A box of Mare-e-land's Brand cosmetic products? Do you think I'm getting old?

MABLE: Well, no, but you're on your third foal, I just thought . . .

ZENNY: Well think again! (Zenyatta throws the box into a corner)

ZENNY: Rachel, how's my cake coming along?

RACHEL (wearing apron): I'm working hard! It's almost done . . .

VERTI: Here you go hun . . .

ZENNY: Another horse blanket?

VERTI: That's not a blanket, it's a sweater . . .

ZENNY: It looks like a blanket. Are you saying I'm shaped like a dinosaur mother?

VERTI: Well no dear, I . . .

ZENNY: Well take it back, or better yet, give it to Rachel, it will fit her and she's not even pregnant! Ha-ha!

BERNIE: Um my dearest sweetheart, this is for you . . .

ZENNY: A diamond ring? That's all you could afford? I'm a horse, how am I supposed to fit this on?

BERNIE: Well let me see . . .

ZENNY: No, you take your ring back and you know where you can put it!

RACHEL: Here Zenny, I finished your cake . . .

ZENNY (tasting the cake): That tastes like a salt lick! Go make another one!

RACHEL: Yes, Zenny, whatever you say . . .

ZENNY: April fools!

ZENNY: Hey Rachel, it was kind of fun being a bad girl for a change!

RACHEL: Get over it! Here's your halo back and give me my horns. This was a one time gig.


  • hehehe. Happy birthday, Zenny!
  • What about Z13's birthday markinsac?
  • markinsacmarkinsac Member
    edited April 2014
    Well I prefer not to make light of the foals, I don't want to jinx any of them. When they retire, then I'll get them. But if you have a suggestion or idea on another subject, let me know . . .
  • Mark, Zenny as a bad girl is shocking! Love Rachel's comment, Here's your halo back, and give me my horns. This was a one-time gig. Good one!
  • I sure hope zenny goes back to being good.
  • Oh, but she's so much more REAL if she wears the horns now and then! LOL!!!
  • Every soap opera I've ever watched, the "good girl" eventually goes bad!
  • And as to leaving 13Z out of this 'soap opera', well he's just a baby and isn't jaded yet. Give him time! I can only imagine the stories he'll be part of with the older set of Coz, Taco, Chili and Valentine. :)))))
  • markinsacmarkinsac Member
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    Just wait till Ebby retires. I already got some plans for her . . . Bernie and Verti haven't told Zenny the truth, but Rachel knows . . .
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