Wonder why they didn't do a repeat Breeding

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of her 2013 Colt. He's Nice ! Any ideas? Or is this typical of TB Breeding?


  • They probably just want to try her with different sires. She's young, she's only on her third foal, and she has plenty of time to go back to whomever. Once these boys hit the track, we may see a repeat if either or both perform really well. Time will tell.
  • I've always wondered this question too. Like why not put Zenyatta's mom and dad back together?
  • What about eventually coz and mama V? Ever wonder...
  • Um no. Not Coz and his grandmother!!!
  • Um no. Not Coz and his grandmother!!!
    My thoughts exactly.
  • I've always wondered this question too. Like why not put Zenyatta's mom and dad back together?
    They did rebreed Street Cry and Vertigineux. The foal was born last year and was a colt.

    Way to much inbreeding if you bred Cozmic One and Vertigineux together.
  • I think we should wait to see how good her two colts are on the track before Z goes back to their sires. In the meantime... I want her to go to Medaglia d'Oro!
  • I want her to go to Hat Trick.
  • I agree. Hat Trick, MdO, Malibu Moon. If one of her first foals lights up the track, then go back to those sires, in the mean time, mix it up a little. I'm wondering if there wil be a cover this year, after 14Z is foaled. Maybe they will wait, and get a '16 foal that is born in late Jan or Feb. Either way, it's all good. LE and the Mosses know best.
  • I would still LOVE to see her go to Exchange Rate! They nick incredibly well. I know it is a very improbable event but, I swear that foal would have the goods.
  • Street Cry gave Verti another call, wait till Mable finds out. She's been begging Street Cry for a date.
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    I want her to go to Hat Trick.
    Hat Trick or Lonhro.....I have been playing that song for two yrs now...but in the end ....whats best for Zenny is what will be done...
  • Hat Trick or Giant's Causeway (both A nick)
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    Speaking of Z's 2013 full brother, anyone have any news at all? I can't find a thing.
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    Would love to see it be Hat Trick or Union Rags.
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    I'm with Captainsmistress insofar as MdO. I think that would be a great pairing!
  • Personally would LOVE to see her go to Animal Kingdom, or Tiznow. I definitely think repeat breedings should be held off until the foal from the first breeding has some time on the track.
  • Medaglia d'Oro, Giant's Causeway, Shackleford, Lemon Drop Kid, Giacomo, and Bullet Train are my top picks. Giacomo is one of my choices because, although they don't pair well.... Holy Bull is retired, and the Mosses own Giacomo.... So he's probably the most likely candidate to get some Holy Bull blood into her progeny.
  • Afleet Alex is an A++
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    If anything I'd go right back to Tapit next. Z13 is outstanding and the current probably Kentucky Derby favorite, California Chrome, is bred on a very similar cross as Z13. CC is killing it right now.
  • Indeed, good cross of speed and stamina.... Secretariat himself was a cross of speed and stamina. His sire; Bold Ruler, couldn't go over a mile, while his dam's pedigree could run for an eternity. Same goes for Z13.... Same goes for Cali Chrome as well. Of course, no horse can be Secretariat..... They can come close, but still not quite him.
  • I've been hoping to see Zenyatta go to Giant's Causeway for the last three years. Maybe this year's the charm?
  • Could be, although I won't be surprised if there's no breeding. If Zenyatta follows the precedent of her first two pregnancies, she'll foal in the middle of the month or a bit later. Her next heat would be her foal heat, and I doubt the Mosses would breed her then. That means she'd be bred on her first regular heat, a few weeks after the birth. This would have the effect of moving her hypothetical 2015 foaling date probably to early May. That's getting pretty late in the year. Many breeders prefer to avoid breeding for late foals, and should she miss on the first try, then you're looking at a June foal. Some late foals do well against their peers, but generally those few months' difference in age give the advantage to older foals, especially in juvenile and 3-year-old races.

    The upshot to all that gobbledygook is that Z may be bred for a late-ish 2015 foal, or she may be left open in order to breed for a January/February 2016 foal.
  • I would love to see Zenyatta go to Union Rags. He is just a stunning stallion and I think his first foal crop was great looking. If I had $35 K, I would take one of my mares to him in a split second.
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