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  • Cali Chrome is off set in one of his front knees and his hoove turns in a bit. from the article that i read. but it doesnt effect him at all
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    Picture of California Chrome! I just realized it had a WEE shot of the testies. Fillies beware! Or you shall be enchanted by the Fillynizer!
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    o.o i cant believe u pointed that out lol
  • Cali Chrome is off set in one of his front knees and his hoove turns in a bit. from the article that i read. but it doesnt effect him at all
    In the same article speaking about Love the Chase, CC's dam:

    “She wasn’t very big, and she did not continue to grow at all,” Gilchrist said. “When I put the saddle on and can look the valet straight in the eye, that’s not a good sign.

    “I ran her twice, and I told Mr. Sherwood the filly just didn’t have any talent,” Gilchrist went on. “She’ll try all day long, but she just can’t run. When she won it had to be the slowest maiden race in California that year. If anybody but Perry Martin would have bought her, she probably would have ended up in a 4-H club somewhere.”

  • CC is like a slightly smaller version of Sec. I had been wondering about the similarities.

    I really scrutinized those pics too for a comparison between CC and Sec. I see similarities, but at the same time I was overwhelmed once again with Secretariat’s physical appearance; that shoulder and the power from behind, unbelievable. Thank you God for creating such a magnificent creature.
    I agree, Thank you God for creating Secetariat. I still haven't seen one like him!

  • Also, not to rain on anyone's parade, but Los Al certainly has a lot of cleaning up to do and trainers that need investigating. I know for a fact many horses from Los Al end up at feedlot auctions and are either saved, hopefully, or sent to the slaughter pipeline. THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH CALIFORNIA CHROME'S CONNECTIONS, but there are some bad characters operating out of there.
  • Los Alamitos WILL have a $500,000 stakes race for 3 year olds in July. Of course, the Triple Crown ends in June, so it's doubtful that California Chrome will be able to race at Los Al if he competes in all legs of the Triple Crown, as he would need a mid-summer rest.

    The race will be the former Swaps Stakes from Hollywood Park. But if CC doesn't compete in the Belmont, the Los Al race would be on the radar.
  • o.o i cant believe u pointed that out lol
    Of course I did! I'm a teenager after all, and we teens have a perverted sense of humor =P
  • Lol indeed
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    California Chrome is California Speed

    This article actually makes several good points. Pretty good read.
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    What surprises me the most is that the East coast is also claiming he's the horse to beat. No doubt he deserves that stature, but he's a Cal-bred! I kinda wish more were picking against him because now it's becoming more and more expected.

    Hmm, where to watch? Reno will be full of Californians coming to town to support him. The local satellite facility will be overwhelmed with well-wishers as Art Sheman spent most of his career in NorCal.

    But if you're not in Louisville, Santa Anita would be the best place. I expect them to draw 40,000 Kentucky Derby Day.
  • We all know by now that Art Sherman was the exercise rider for Swaps. We also know Swaps is in California Chrome's dam line through Intriguing. When the name of Swaps came up, I had a nagging feeling I had heard or read a story about him or his dam. Turns out I had read a story, albeit it was in the 1970's via Sports Illustrated. I ran across a link to the sad, sad, story of Rex Ellsworth, owner of Swaps.
  • Wow, that was ugly! Thank you SPCA.
  • California Chrome is the perfect storm. But I don't think even the perfect storm could stop the drought we've had.
  • Sacramento has two mighty rivers: The Sacramento River and the American River. Both flow robustly year round. I drove over the American River today, and it's almost dried up. It's an amazing sight to see.
  • aww man...Iron Reward died that way :(

    Watch this video at the 1:30 mark. It will show nearby Folsom Lake from 2011 and then from this year:

  • Uh.... It was figurative. LOL No need to take it literally Mark.

    We've had a Triple Crown "drought" for over 3 decades.... California Chrome all adds up to the "perfect storm".... But I doubt even the "perfect storm" could stop the "drought".
  • oops!

    "But I doubt even the perfect storm could stop the drought" just sounded like the weather situation. I know it's even worse in SoCal.

    California Chrome will make it "reign!"
  • we need a California Downpour....wheres that horse at?
  • There's really a horse with that name?
  • LOL i wish!
  • We need a hero. That's what we need.
  • Hey you groom! Whatchu say about my mommy?! how u like me now!


  • I think he's acting too "Californian" in this pic.
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