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  • Wait a minute, he's stabled in the "OC" now. Makes sense.
  • ha. heres a neat video on a fans view of Cali's SA Derby win

  • also..that guy in the video trying to lead a chant...did the same thing for Zenyatta LOL
  • Nice view from the roof. Coming down the stretch, Victor Espinoza took a peek at the big infield video board and saw he had a big lead so he eased him up. That's right, save something for next month!
  • Yeah, that's the Zenyatta guy, that's not me.
  • Look at that tail swishing..... He was having fun!! This was all just play to him! Lol!

  • Some doubters at the DRF surmise he's peaked already. What evidence do they have of that?
  • who knows when a horse really peaks?

  • A very fine booty! Perfect for pats, kisses, and brushings...... Oh, and running I guess =)

    But I notice on Junior's thigh it looks like he has a rash? Like hives or something. Hope he got some itch relief after the race.
  • major differences lol but i like they share the same square front leg look
  • i dont see anything
  • i dont see anything
    The one of Junior in the paddock, take a look at his lower thigh.

    Also, I think they share the same square buttocks.
  • i still dont see anything wrong
  • California Chrome looks great, but Secretariat looks like the perfect horse to me. One of a kind!
  • image

    Circled with the red circle.
  • California Chrome looks great, but Secretariat looks like the perfect horse to me. One of a kind!
    They share the same big, square buttocks!
  • He's a beauty, that's for sure. I see the "rash" also. Looks like hives, doesn't it? He has a lovely head, and a beautiful eye. He's a great candidate for winning the TC. So much to overcome though; hope he stays sound, and has racing luck in his campaign. As he's racing down the track with his hood on, he looks like a superhero. I've loved him for awhile now, but there's nothing that looks like Big Red. Look at those straight hind legs, that deep, deep chest, that big behind, with the extra muscle running down beside his tail. And last, but not least, that gorgeous head, those wonderful jowls, that huge neck! Everything about him screamed "speed and endurance". Equine perfection. But CC is pretty close.
  • One of the key features these two share in my opinion is the perfect, square, powerful hindquarters. Secretariat had powerful, almost Quarter-horse like power and muscle in his rear... Cali possesses this same power. However, UNLIKE Quarter Horses; Big Red and Junior have the ability, tactical intelligence, athleticism, and fluidness to turn on and off this power, and moderate it, when and however they pleased. This level of control and intellegence is what makes the best men out of boys.
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    @RR12 Oops I plead brain cramp and old age. Sorry. :)

    @Rachel, awesome pic of Junior! LOL! Love his 'tude and the 'beauty mark' on his blaze. I'm reminded of what more than one racehorse aficionado has said about how to spot a good horse: "It's their eye." He's got it.

    Secretariat was one of a kind. He was a short-coupled horse with a short cannon bone that has been said of 'You couldn't break it with an ax.' Proportionally, it was like everything fit like a glove.

    @RR12 the pic showing the rash is a good example of the light on his head. To me, it makes it look more Arabian. As for the rash, it looks like there may be some of those bumps on his front knees and a couple on his middle left shoulder, too.

    Fabulous pics!! Thanks!!
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    Ref Swaps and the Ellsworth article: Oh my! :(
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    also..that guy in the video trying to lead a chant...did the same thing for Zenyatta LOL
    That's "Kenyatta" Ken Johnson. He's an interesting character.

  • If he had any skin condition i doubt he would of ran
  • Do not see any skin issues. More I see of this colt, the more I love him.
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