• WHY is that nutty trainer doing this to that poor horse? Talked w/our trainer not long ago and he said he was having his "coffee break" :) with about four other trainers and this very subject came up. All agreed this horse has been mishandled in his training, mishandled in the time off(s) and now they are saying Sherrffs wants to bring him back again?! To do what? Come in last or second to last against the younger runners? IMHO, he should go and be with his brother at the De Souza's, I believe I read that they do much more than just jumping there. With the speed of the TB, and his more compact size, he would be optimal as some of you others have said, for training for Western barrel racing, or other types of activities they have in that type of arena. If they are going to send him to S. Korea, then they need to pack Jerry and Sherrifs up and keep them over there too. He is not stallion worthy; Rachel's son did not run but what, one? and did he win? I believe so. Her daughter is a champion. That's 2 for 2. We all truly do not feel the well being of this beautiful little red horse is being put first. Such a shame.
  • Well it’s now been over 6 weeks since we heard about Zi coming back to Santa Anita in a “couple of weeks”. Wonder what is REALLY going on. How sad for Ziconic. I am appalled that Zellda is most likely going to John S. Another Zenyatta baby that will be trained in the EXACT same way as her other two babies, and will end up being another Zennyatta baby that is ruined for racing, will stay in a stall in the backside for 3 or 4 or 5 years and end up with everyone trying to follow her just like Ziconic.
  • @wyominggrandma --- while some might consider your post somewhat critical and maybe harsh, I have to be honest, I agree with you. It's too late to do anything but retire Zi and try to find a place for him doing something. Breaks my heart to say that.

    I went back a couple of pages in this thread to look at the picture that was posted of him at some CA training center or farm. I frankly think he looks to have had his tail, mane or forelock dyed and cut very short --- THAT really wouldn't surprise me --- they obviously didn't want anyone to know where he was. Honestly, Jerry Moss especially gets over the top with this secretive stuff. It was certainly OK when Zenyatta was the Queen of racing --- they sure didn't mind sharing the "up" side. We know who so many of the elite broodmares are being bred to --- but not Zenyatta. That's got to be a deep, dark secret until they are certain she won't absorb or didn't take. Why? Won't it eventually show up in Jockey Club records?

    I know --- not really our right to know, whatever. I'm venting some anger, sorry :'(
  • I agree with what you both say, in terms of Zellda going the same way as her brothers.

    That said, Ziconic looks fresh from a thorough bath, rather thay "dyed". His mane has been pulled, not cut and to me he looks like a stallion getting ready to be shown to owners of mares. The pulled mane will help show his shoulder, and neck assembly to best effect and a fresh bath always makes them look their best.

    Personally I don't think he's at Santa Anita. I think Barbara Livingston would have caught a picture of him if he was near John S. barn or having a jog around the track. I think he's either standing stud for a private fee so Jerry Moss can control how many foals come from him, or they are still negotiating a final stud deal.
  • @Zenyen --- I know you are probably right and I am very respectful of your knowledge and obvious level of hands-on experience. I have limited knowledge, and even less experience with horses. I'm an avid reader and love to research those thoroughbreds that peak my interest or have an unusual story. I'm also guilty of having affection for certain horses, like Tiznow ( I absolutely love that horse).
    That being said, Ziconic had such a beautiful mane, forelock and tail in it's natural state. They were much lighter and matched perfectly with his chestnut color. I loved how that mane and tail just flew in the wind when he was running. So to me --- yep --- it looks whacked and dyed!
    I agree, Ziconic couldn't be at Santa Anita or someone would have spotted him. Besides, he really is to old now to "start over" as a racehorse. We will eventually know what the story is --- some information will surface somewhere.
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    They bring horses back all of the time after a layoff from racing, although I don't know anything about Ziconic's whereabouts.
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    Horses can change color based on a variety of factors (not including age-based greying). Here, where I live, it’s mostly because of the sun. We get little sun from November-May. There is a horse down the street from me, a palomino. In the winter, he is a rather god-awful (sorry buddy) pale pee-yellow. But in the summer, he turns to that lovely deep palomino color that you picture. Even Z gets lovely dapples in the summer. Could be a variety of factors influencing his coloring.
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