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    Terry Finley confirms @BH_CNovak report that Commanding Curve to await Belmont. Says didn't want to run hard in Preakness, jeopardize Bel
  • I worry about Bayern, he just does not have enough past performance for me to feel comfortable. I honestly think that 9.5 furlongs may be too far for Social Inclusion. He was pretty much done in the stretch of the Wood at 9 furlongs, the extra 1/2 will not do him any favors. So far, I have not seen many that look like they will really like a mile and 1/2 except Honor Code and he will not be there. I don't think California Chrome will like it either, I think it will be too far for him. Glad to say, he is a smart horse ridden by a smart jockey so he may be able to nurse him through. Angel Cordero once commented that he thought he was going to have to literally carry Bold Forbes through the last quarter of the Belmont, Espinoza will just have to figuratively carry CC.
    The Derby is longer than the Preakness he should be fine
  • it is uncertain if Social Inclusion goes to the preakness cause i am pretty sure that he has a bruised foot or something
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    He does. But he hasnt been ruled out nor has it said hes uncertain. Ill change the info if anything comes up
  • i must of seen something about a different horse but i thought i saw something that said that Social Inclusion wasnt going to the preakness because of a bruised foot but like i said that might of been something on a different horse
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    That was Hoppertunity
  • Glad Commanding Curve is being geared for the Belmont. They did a great job setting him up to be a fresh horse for the Derby, and he seems to be peaking developmentally at the right time. The extra distance in the Belmont should be right up his alley.
  • so are you trying to say that Commanding Curve could actually beat California Chrome?
  • Any horse can beat any other horse in a race. If the outcome were so certain, they'd be no reason to run a contest. :)))))
  • And I just want to make a comment about the Tapits not being distance runners. True most of them tend to do better at shorter distances. But some are good classic distance runners. All Tapit kids have dams and some of them are themselves good runners or come from stellar families that like distance. Personally, I like many of Tapit daughters over his sons.
  • so are you trying to say that Commanding Curve could actually beat California Chrome?
    I absolutely think it's possible. Certainly I'm not rooting against Cali Chrome, especially if there is a TC chance in play, but Commanding Curve is a true closer who was hitting his best gear in the stretch of the Derby. There is no doubt in my mind that with the extra distance, it could be a very exciting finish between those 2 horses, much more so that it was in the Derby. Shaun Bridgmohan basically said as much, that he felt like his horse just ran out of room. With the extra rest provided by skipping the Preakness, anyone who didn't think Commanding Curve would amount to anything in the Derby would be crazy to make that mistake again in the Belmont
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    Cali was geared down so it made Commanding Curve look to be soaring down the stretch. Remember Cali opened up 5 lengths coming down the stretch, he geared it down to 1 3/4
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    But the main thing is, he won the derby and that was his connection's dream. They never dreamed about that. We'll see if the horse can take them further
  • Here is the article from Blood Horse saying Commanding Curve will target the Belmont and skip the Preakness: Derby Runner-Up to Target Belmont Stakes:
  • Cali was geared down so it made Commanding Curve look to be soaring down the stretch. Remember Cali opened up 5 lengths coming down the stretch, he geared it down to 1 3/4
    i i totally agree with you Cali would of kept going if they would of let him cause the Jockey knew that he had the race won Commanding Curve probably wouldnt of looked like he was catching Cali if Cali would of kept opening up

  • That might be true about Commanding Curve being a closer but if Cali does what he did in the Derby by opening up and then being asked to slow it down in the Preakness and then the Belmont no offense to you and nothing against Commanding Curve at all but if Cali opens up like he did in my opinion there wont be any catching him atleast in the Preakness and hopefully the Belmont
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    Okay i am not sure if Rachel has posted the updated list of horses who are going to the Preakness, might go to the Preakness, or are absolutely not going to the Preakness if she already posted this i am sorry like i said when i went back to look i didnt. I got my information from blood horse and once again i am VERY SORRY if this was posted already
    California Chrome
    Kid Cruz
    Pablo Del Monte
    Social Inclusion (bruised foot still going)
    Ride On Curlin (jockey switch)
    Ring Weekend
    Dynamic Impact
    Candy Boy (slight chance)
    Commanding Curve
    Wildcat Red
    Wicked Strong
    Strong Mandate
    Uncle Sigh
    Vicars In Trouble

    Rachel sorry if you already posted this i went back through the pages and i didnt see any updated list so please forgive me for this
  • Here is the poSsible field according to Horse Racing Nation:

    (NOTE: Commanding Curve will skip the Preakness and point to the Belmont.)
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    Yea i updated it a while back
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    Vinceremos is going to the belmont as well
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    Also, Strong Mandate is NOT going in the Preakness so narrow it back down to 8 horses. That picture is invalid lol
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