14Z – The Princess



  • I don't mind shedding a tear every time I think of her or when it's brought out front.
    Thank you to all that remember her.
    My mind fragments just thinking about.
    Love you Lizzie.
  • Thanks, E_H, she was such a "girly" girl - loved those curls. Beautiful ...
  • Another War Front colt or filly would be beautiful!
  • Would definitely like to see another War Front foal
  • I agree, the resulting foals were beautiful. I wish her colt would of survived, gosh was he something.
  • 3 years ago today. RIP girl
  • Rachel said:

    3 years ago today. RIP girl

    Awww, :'(
  • 3 years?! Wow. Hard to believe. Still saddened to think of it.
  • She was a gorgeous girl. I hope they'll still return to War Front.
  • KMMKMM Member
    I do too!
  • I hope so too
  • Yeah I completely agree. It absolutely breaks my heart that we lost Z Princess so young. She was a real stunner.
  • Never forgotten
  • (Back on page 34 we were talking how ZPrinces got taken out of pedigree query) Not sure how I missed it as I search pedigree query often, but if you go to the circle part next to Zenyatta's pic, you will find it honors the two foals she has lost. If you click the blue link 2014 filly by war front, it takes you to a tribute page for ZPrincess. Just watched the video of her standing for the first time. Made me cry.
  • Happy Birthday, Easter Filly.
  • KMMKMM Member
    <3 :'(
  • Thanks for posting the directions on how to find the memorial, marepower. I hadn't seen most of those pictures and videos. I wish they would have posted some during her lifetime. I remember their posting hardly any picture for long stretches of time, although not so long as for Z17. (Hope they have been documenting her life as well as they did for Z14.) Such a beautiful filly we lost in October of 2014. The pictures made me cry, too. It was so hard to lose her.
  • Welcome
  • She was a beauty.
  • They could have named her Falcon Princess or Princess Falcon.
  • 5 years. I was watching the tribute video. She was so perfect, definitely "The One".
  • Haven't been here for a long time.
    Hello beautiful girl
  • Happy Birthday ZPrincess
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