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  • No doubt. I also pointed out that "Superstardom" means something too as Zen and Sec helped the sport come up. In fact it was Zenyatta's star power that won her Horse of the Year in 2010. In other words she elevated racing so much more than any other horse that year, that put her over the top.
  • I don't believe in comparing horses of different eras. I just like to celebrate their accomplishments. But I think everyone has their special horse that came along at a certain time in their lives, and for me that was Secretariat. Ironically, if he'd been an average racehorse, he would be more celebrated as the sire of Risen Star, Kingston Rule, General Assembly, Tinner's Way, Pancho Villa, Terlingua, Lady's Secret, and many others who were solid performers on the track. And he has certainly left a lasting legacy in Storm Cat, AP Indy, Gone West, Dehere, Chief's Crown, and others. So, I don't agree that he wasn't much of a sire.
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    Kinscem......raced 54 or 56 times.....won them all...eight walkovers...I think....
    She is to this day considered a Hungarian National Treasure ....
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    Kinscem......raced 54 or 56 times.....won them all...eight walkovers...I think....
    She is to this day considered a Hungarian National Treasure ....
    Off we have any descendants...(especially living descendants) of her in the US?

  • I mentioned that he was a "good" sire, but not "great." I thought we reserved the word "great" for the very best.

    If you think he was a "great" sire, you are entitled to your opinion, and there are many.
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    Wikipedia on Kinscem:

    Glad you mentioned her . . .

    Note: Wiki mentions her "stud" career. Is that accurate for a broodmare?
  • In Europe yes; I've seen a mare's career mentioned as her record at stud.
  • I do think Secretariat was a great sire, even though I know my opinion is in the minority. One interesting piece of trivia is that three out of the four fastest times in the Belmont Stakes belong to Secretariat, his son, and his grandson. Sons of Secretariat still hold the stakes records in the Travers Stakes and Melbourne Cup.

    I will agree, though, that he was no "sire of sires."
  • I also couldn't imagine how well Sunday Silence would do as a sire in Japan. That seemed to shock everybody, especially Easy Goer.
  • Here is my list of the greatest horses (in my opinion) i am going to list them by gender
    1. Secretariat
    2. Affirmed
    3. Seattle Slew
    4. Alydar
    5. Alysheba
    6. War Admiral
    7. Sham
    8. Cigar
    9. Sunday Silence
    10. Citation
    11. Man O'War
    12. Seabiscuit
    1. Zenyatta
    2. Ruffian
    3. Personal Ensign
    4. Goldikova
    5. Black Caviar
    6. Rags To Riches
    7. Pepper's Pride
    8. Winning Colors
    9. Genuine Risk
    10. Lady's Secret
    11. Azeri
    12. Rachel Alexandra
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    here is an article that i just found i dont know how far back it is from but it lists the top 10 female race horses of all time.
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    Zenyatta Rules, I have no problem with your list EXCEPT ONE: You placed SHAM 7th place of the males. I don't think he belongs there.

    You put Pepper's Pride as 7th of the females. I can go along with that because it's not her fault she raced strictly against state breds. We will never know how she would have fared against open company.
  • Zenyatta Rules, I have no problem with your list EXCEPT ONE: You placed SHAM 7th place of the males. I don't think he belongs there.
    I didnt list them in any order i just put down their names. Here is the list where they actually rate in my opinion
    1. Secretariat
    2. Sham
    3. Affirmed
    4. Seattle Slew
    5. Sunday Silence
    6. Alysheba
    7. Alydar
    8. Man O'War
    9. War Admiral
    10. Cigar
    11. Citation
    12. Seabisuit
    1. Zenyatta
    2. Ruffian
    3. Black Caviar
    4. Goldikova
    5. Pepper's Pride
    6. Rachel Alexandra
    7. Personal Ensign
    8. Azeri
    9. Genuine Risk
    10. Winning Colors
    11. Rags To Riches
    12. Lady's Secret
  • Sham started 13 times. He won 5 times, was second 5 time and third once. He earned $204,000. He was overshadowed by Secretariat.


    I just don't see him as now your second-best pick. Sorry to disagree with you.
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    ZRULES_ spectacular bid doesn't even make the list?..interesting..course, thats why we all have different lists..all in fun
  • Don't forget our beloved geldings too!
    John Henry
    Just a few I remember off hand :oD
  • I know all about Sham and i have always said that he is a great horse him and Secretariat are both great horses. I think the main reason that i have him below Big Red is because of his race record
    Secretariat had 21 starts, 16 wins, 3 places, 1 show, and of course 1 run outside the top three when he was a 2 year old. That and i love Bold Ruler as a sire so that is one of the reasons plus Secretariat won the Belmont by 31 lengths i love Sham dont get me wrong he was a great horse and he will always be a great horse if he was born a few years before or a few years after there wouldnt be a discussion like this cause he would be the other triple crown winner but with facing Big Red in the belmont and pushing him like he did he showed how much heart he actually had but even with out Big Red in the belmont i dont think he could ever of pulled away but 31 lengths and won
  • i totally forgot about Spectacular Bid i was trying to list them from the top of my head haha too many of them are good to remember them all and i forgot Kelso i love kelso
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    Kelso.....5 time HOTY.....that will never be touched
  • here is an article that i just found i dont know how far back it is from but it lists the top 10 female race horses of all time.
    Although I love every gal on this list, it is really a list of "top 10 female race horses that ran on dirt in North America since we first started publishing SI." There are no grass horses, no horses from outside the U.S., and none from before the second half of the 20th century. (SI in its present incarnation was first published in 1954.) So no Kincsem, no Ruthless, no Regret, no Gallorette, no Goldi, no Miesque, no Pocahontas...etc.

    I am both amused and appalled by people who think "all time" goes back so few years.
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    Although they are relative newbies...No Black Caviar either...and Frankel too!
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    Agree with that @lauraj_cincinnati. Also missing from the list is Inside Information.

    I rate the best horses by their achievements - meaning those who have done something that no other horse has ever done and would be very difficult or take a long time for another horse to equal.

    So, the best fillies ever to me are Regret, Zenyatta, and Rachel Alexandra.
    Regret of course became the first filly to win the Derby. But she also became the first horse to win the Derby undefeated. Not to mention she became the first Jersey bred to win the Derby. Only one other Jersey bred has since won the Derby.

    Rachel Alexandra became the first filly to win the Woodward. But 3 year-old fillies don't beat older males. She also beat males in 3 grade 1 stakes races in the same year. And while doing so, she beat the 2009 Derby winner and both the 2009 and 2008 Belmont winners.

    Zenyatta, not only because she became the first female to win the BC Classic, but for a reason people aren't likely to remember her for. She became the only horse ever to win 3 three-peats. It may be a very long time before any other horse does this.

    And the males are Slew O' Gold and Seattle Slew. Slew O' Gold did something no horse had ever done and no horse will ever do again. He won the fall triple crown which consisted of the Marlboro, the Woodward, and the Jockey Club Gold Cup. The Marlboro has been canceled and the Woodward has been moved to Saratoga.

    Seattle Slew won the TC undefeated. We are still waiting for another TC Winner. When will we have another undefeated TC winner.
  • Then there are those who might have been the greatest had their careers been longer--Barbaro (who was great anyway), Eskendreya, and Graustark come to mind. I always thought Graustark in particular would have been one of the very greats--he only lost once and that was because he was running on a broken leg--and he still only lost by a nose. His other races were all won by many lengths. Unfortunately none of his foals were as good as he was.
  • If we can go overseas the Eclipse. Undefeated. Raced at up to 5 miles. Retired when no one would run against him. Skeleton is on display at the Royal Veterinary College. Way back but can't discount perfection!
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    Ok, then the question is why has the thoroughbred changed so much over the decades?

    In particular, why in the last 40 years? Have baseball players or dogs or non-racing horses changed?
    Dogs have changed tremendously in the past 40 years. Compare any breed and you can see a change in conformation, coat length, colour, etc... German Shepherds in particular (only because that's my breed). The GSD has become this twisted, crippled looking dog in the show ring. Compare that to a working GSD, which is how they "should" look. An interesting article here:
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