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  • The Wind of Heaven blew between his ears, he's home now.
  • Such a shock --- so hard to believe. Damn, why can't they find a way to cure colic. They can find ways to make these beautiful creatures run faster --- spend more time, money and effort on finding a drug or successful treatment for colic and laminitis. Sorry --- I'm venting. I know I'm being irrational based on information in previous posts. I'm just so upset that we've lost another great horse to this dreaded disease. To me, Shared Belief was going to be the next Wise Dan --- an amazing gelding who would just keep getting better with age.

    RIP Shared Belief and condolences to all his connections, Mike Smith and all who admired this Thoroughbred champion.
  • Colic isn't a 'disease' it is an acute condition that almost all mammals suffer. Think of it like a heart attack. There can be underlying factors that make a horse specifically susceptible to it (such as was the case with Tiago) but it can also strike in an acute phase with no warning.

    And as has been explained (and I understand Bleubetty that you're venting here, just feel there may be benefit in continuing to explain) the term "Colic" doesn't refer to any one specific set of circumstances. It's used to term any abdominal distress in horses. It can mean anything from excess gas build up (remember, horses can't burp or vomit, everything is one way only with them) brought on by numerous conditions; stress, low water intake, bad grain, etc) to a twist in the bowel brought on by a bad roll/bad luck to a sudden rupture with any number of causes.

    They won't know exactly what happened with Shared Belief until the autopsy is concluded. I don't know that the technical details will be shared with his fans, I would suspect not because to the layman it would give more questions than answers.

    But you can be sure that veterinary medicine will use situations like Shared Belief's and others to help build more and more treatment options for the future.
  • Thank you so much @Zenyen for responding to my post. I really appreciate how you explain things in such a way that makes it easy to understand --- and you share your knowledge and thoughts in such a friendly manner!
  • Also, colic surgery's effectiveness is around 85%, last I checked. Pretty darn good.
  • Thanks to you, too, @EliRose. 85% sure sounds encouraging --- wish Share Belief's bout with colic could have been a part of that 85% success rate. If I had just 10% of the knowledge that you, and Zenyen and several other posters on this site have --- I'd consider myself almost smart.
  • They believe that Shared Belief's intestine ruptured, but they're waiting on the official autopsy. A rupture is about as bad as it gets for colic.
  • Shared belief is gone.
    A day later, the reality still hadn't sunk in. It was too sudden.

    Steve Haskin has written the article at bloodhorse that many of us has expected. I thank him for writing what I was unable to process. I cried.
    I will come to this thread every once in a while, just to say hi and reminisce.
  • This makes it even more miraculous that Rachel Alexandra survived her surgery. She had a perforated colon which is basically the same as a ruptured one. Either way, bacteria was introduced into her abdominal cavity and she very easily could have died. I realize hers was a different cause, but, nevertheless, could have been just as tragic.
  • Thank you, Steve Haskin, for the back story on Shared Belief. I liked Mike Smith's comment at the end of the article--that although he may have been a small horse, Mike Smith "felt like a giant" while riding him. Will miss seeing this horse compete.
  • Same type of colic that took my ottb - vet suspected a rupture and because of his amazing demeanor - didn't show signs till it was too late. Nothing we could do - I blamed myself for a long time (just thinking I had to have missed something) as I am sure Shared Beliefs connections will. The people who make ignorant comments under the articles I've read - blaming the owner and their greed - drive me bonkers! Colic can hit any horse at any time - doesn't matter if its a million dollar race horse or a backyard pony.
  • A lot of folks are insensitive about the death of horses, it seems. I remember when I told a coworker that I had a beloved horse of mine die, she automatically smiles "Colic or Laminitis??" She says enthusiastically, "It's always one of those.". Shared Belief's owners are probably going through a lot right now, sure... Some racing owners couldn't care less if their horse dropped to the ground and begged for death. But Shared Belief was his family's baby, he will be missed, and mourned. And his connections need time to process his loss.
  • Hey...
    Remember that little song to call epona..Epona`s song..I`ll call from time to time and hope you come.
  • Ah, Tincup, you keep coming up with subtle charming references. Did not know about Epona's song until now. Thank you.
  • Colic is devastating. Have had one of my own horses die from colic. He had bouts of "mini" colic attacks but this last one was the final one. He acted a bit sick, but before the vet could come out, he laid down and died. After the autopsy, it showed he was septic from a rupture. He was acting a little dumpy, but had no idea he had ruptured . Not even laying down or kicking, just dumpy. The damage was already done by the time he was acting dumpy.
    My best friends mare was 10 months pregnant and started to colic. We could not even get her out of the trailer at the clinic, she went down and died. Opened her up to save the foal, he lived for about a day. Once opened up, you could see she had also ruptured her intestines.
    Saw many many colics at the clinic, most we were able to save, some it was too late, some died before we got to them, some died during surgery or during treatment. Rupturing is a death sentence, twisting a gut can sometimes be saved with surgery.
    As we all know, horses are so stoic until it usually too late.
  • Actually makes Paynter's ordeal all the more remarkable. He had Colitis, that developed into Sepsis, that caused Laminitis. This horse should have died. It's somber, wishing there were more "Should haves" instead of "Dids" in severe colic.
  • Actually makes Paynter's ordeal all the more remarkable. He had Colitis, that developed into Sepsis, that caused Laminitis. This horse should have died. It's somber, wishing there were more "Should haves" instead of "Dids" in severe colic.
    I agree. Paynter should have died and so should have Rachel Alexandra.

  • caseycasey any racetrack with camera in handMember
    Shared Belief is believed to have ruptured his cecum, which is the fermentation vat of hind gut fermenters (where the grain is fermented and digested). It's rare, however, feed was found throughout his abdomen, which unfortunately is an automatic euthanasia in horses. They don't recover generally from peritonitis, no matter how good of care they get. The info above about what was found is from a friend of mine at UC Davis (she was able to look it up when I asked her). He was having a necropsy performed when we were texting. I suspected it was a rupture when I heard he was rushed to UC Davis.

    Re: Paynter- most people don't realize how close to death he was. He didn't have two life threatening illnesses, he had FOUR. He developed DIC (disseminated intravascular coagulopathy- or as we say "death is coming") from the colitis. He was dumping all his proteins and developed clotting issues. Then there was the cecal abscess (in the cecum- same organ they believe ruptured on Shared Belief)
  • That's going to raise some questions.
  • Longines WBRR ‏@worldsbesthorse · Tuesday January 19 2016
    Congrats to @jimerome’s Shared Belief, the co-3rd world’s highest rated racehorse in 2015. #LonginesAwards
    Jim Rome Retweeted Longines WBRR
    Thank you! My wife Janet is in London to represent Team Shared Belief and Jungle Racing. Cheers.

    Racing UK ‏@Racing_UK · Tuesday January 19 2016
    Janet Rome, wife of Shared Belief owner @jimrome:
    "He feared no-one and made us think that anything was possible."
  • KMMKMM Member
    It was really nice to see that ranking for him.:)

    This article and Jim Rome's speech about him made me start crying all over again. What an amazing animal.
  • The El Cajon Stakes at Del Mar has been renamed the Shared Belief Stakes in his honor. It will run August 26th this year at one mile.
  • All of California Chrome's victories this year just make me miss Shared Belief that much more. I wish he'd gotten the chance to solidify his place in racing history.

    The Shared Belief Stakes will be run on Friday in his honor. I believe Jim Rome will be there to congratulate the winner of the race.
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