California Chrome for Triple Crown

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Will CC go for the Crown


  • I hope so, but the odds are stacked against him. The series is a true test of champions requiring 3 races in 5 weeks with the likelihood of going against fresh horses. The distances alone require speed and endurance, a set of qualities rarely found in the same horse. Factor in racing luck and it's clear why it has been so long since we've had a T C winner. I always hope 'this is the year', I especially hope this is the horse.
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    Me too
  • Me too!
  • I was watching HRTV the other night, and the one thing they said CC had going for him was that he's been raced eleven times already, which is quite a bit more than any other horse his age. They said it's more like a throwback to the 'old day's like when Seattle Slew, etc. raced. So he's got a lot more experience under his horsey belt, and that should work in his favor. I sure hope he can pull of what has become 'the impossible dream'!
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    I hope he has the stamina for the Belmont
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    If they do go for the triple crown who would be the biggest threat to CC
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    Does anyone know where to order a CC hat?
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    Proud farm:
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    That made me tear up, they arent a large crew but they are very happy and deserving of the win. Makes the heart soar
  • Happy tears for them from me too!
  • I would love a triple crown winner, but I'm trying not to get my hopes up too early. Racing could sure use a hero right now, and Cali Chrome could prove be the answer!
  • yes i believe that Cali Chrome might just be the hero that we and the whole racing world is looking for and needing right now
  • i think hes gonna take it because the preaskness isnt competive this year the only thing is can he handle the short rest
  • yes that is the question but who knows he is impressive and he is special so maybe Swaps will be watching over him again and will help him through the race. I loved Swaps so i love how California Chrome's trainer use to work with Swaps when he was very young
  • Every year I hope for a triple crown winner - a horsie super star - but I too am not getting my hopes up until after the Preakness. I love that California Chrome lived up to the the hype and he has a great story and connections so I am absolutely rooting for him. But Commanding Curve was flying at the end and Danza had an awful trip so I think he is going to have his work cut out for him in the Preakness and Belmont.
  • Once again the question is all about the trip Cali Chrome will probably get off to a good start like he did in the derby and if he does get off good and gets in good position then some might say the race is over especially if he pulls away but Danza was coming but to me he kind of seems like a late bloomer but that is my opinion and i really wouldnt say a late bloomer but idk and Commanding Curve it all depends on what kind of trip he gets
  • not i dont want triple crown winner but a triple crown winner to work for it and by the looks of it the preakness will be handed to him he might as well be in a hand ride to the winner circle
  • what what? You dont want a triple crown winner but want a triple crown winner to work for it? can you explain i am kind of confused
  • what what? You dont want a triple crown winner but want a triple crown winner to work for it? can you explain i am kind of confused
    im so sorry i was in a rush i want a triple crown winner but i think any triple crown winner should get the handed to them

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  • Yes...he will win the Triple Crown.
  • Nayrod that was a great video, thanks for posting it. But you know those people were from California, did you notice the guy on the far left in the black shirt grab his cell phone 3.8 seconds after they cross the wire?

    A true Californian indeed!
  • Will CC go for the Crown
    Owner Steve Coburn said "why not, why not, why not"

    Amylizm, the Triple Crown 2014 is a good Discussion, do you mind if we request Kylea to move it under the Horse Racing category?
  • Yes...he will win the Triple Crown.
    you really have alot of confidence in him as do i i REALLY REALLY HOPE THAT HE DOES WIN
  • I truly would love to see a triple crown winner as I think we all do. I am a little worried though with the run from commanding curve and felt with a better ride, Danza might have been there with him. I do have a lot of confidence in him but worry about the Belmont distance. BEST of luck Cali Chrome
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