Horrible Horse Stories That Have Become Happy Endings



  • Here's little Nahla arriving Young Tiger, Nahla, Arrival to IEAS - YouTube IEAS. She made it safely although slightly delayed by the attemped big-cat burglary at the Conroe Animal Shelter. Young Tiger, Nahla, Arrival to IEAS - YouTube

    And here she is exploring and playing in her enclosure. Young Tiger, Nahla, Exploring - YouTube

    They had better keep a secure lock on her enclosure. No telling where or who the attempted cat-napper is. The suspect is on the loojse.
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    Hope this works
  • Very interesting. Thanks for posting.
  • KMMKMM Member
    Love that tiger baby! Like what owner is doing to secure into good life.
  • Me, too. I really want to rub her behind her ears, scratch under her chin, rub her little tummy when she rolls over and give her a big hug.

    I wish I had found her and she had licked my face.. Sigh! Although, don't know what gross stuff she might have got hold of in flooded Houston. Ewww!
  • Here's a cool story that I found on youtube. For those of you who may not know Fallon Taylor (NFR World Champion Barrel Racer in 2014) doesn't just barrel race and breed her own horses she also rescues them. She rescued a TB mare from a kill pen with the registered name Baby Flo (which also happens to be the barn name of her champion QH barrel racing mare (her registered name is actually Flo's Heiress). Anyway she is documenting "Dupe's" (her barn name for the TB mare) journey on her youtube channel. Here is the first video introducing "Dupe".
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