Jitterbug Jane

While reading a notice of an upcoming race for a horse I am following, I found a 7 yr old mare called Jitterbug Jane - B , M, foaled February 5, 2007 Texas Glitter - Jane's Halo, by Quaker Ridge

in the 9th race on the card at Mountaineer on Sunday, May 11th. I started checking on this mare, noting that she had raced 60 times, with 1 first, 9 seconds, and 7 thirds, in total winning $40,413. I looked over her record, noting that some months she ran a week apart, racing three times. It looks like she has been through maybe 3 Owners, and she is running for a $5,000 claim price this coming Sunday.

I felt rather sick reading her information, thinking why? Why race a mare into her 7th yr of life when she is clearly not doing well racing? It took Jitterbug Jane 51 races to break her Maiden, and now she is running at the $5,000 claim level, and this spells trouble. Why run her 3 times in one month, why do this to a horse? This is the unseemly side of racing, and it sickens me.

If any of you have seen this horse, I would like to know, as maybe, just maybe we can get Jitterbug Jane to a retirement home which she deserves, before she gets injured on the track, or worse.



  • Wow, I just finished reading about her too. This poor girl needs a new job! She is being raced to death and obviously racing is not her thing. I'm going to check around and see what I can find out about her and if she is being watched by anyone else. Thanks for bringing this info here. I agree with you, this poor girl needs some help. I'll see what else I can find out.
  • Here is her pedigree: http://www.pedigreequery.com/jitterbug+jane it's not very "styleish" but it's not bad enough she can't become a sport horse type broodmare or even compete herself.
  • Louisecastello, I agree, racing is not her thing. I still can't quite conceive why anyone would do this to this poor Mare. I am hoping someone is already aware of her situation and is watching her. In any event, I would really like to be able to help this poor girl to have a better life. I am going to do some checking; I may have an excellent home she can go to right here in Kentucky.

    QueenZFan20, I did look at her pedigree, and I don't get why they have raced her like this..I wonder what condition she is in, she must be tough, very tough, to have survived all these races, many only a week apart.

    I have seen some "trainers" here that will keep racing a horse to keep the daily rate money rolling in the door from the Owner. Unfortunately, some Owners really think "the next time" their horse will win. Of course, this thought is planted in their head by the "trainer".
  • Okay, I asked a friend to see what could be found out. This person is watching senior horses and at risk horses and is very good at her job. She read about her and thought she needed to be on an official watch list so she has started watching her effective tonight. She also thinks this horse could be in trouble and needs watching. I don't know if you are on twitter, but this person is and you can follow the watched horses by going to S.O.S @NotCloudyAllDay. Anyway, she added Jitterbug Jane tonight and I'm sure will be asking plenty of questions.

    I don't know why some trainers do this, but it happens a lot. Not sure if the trainers are just being greedy (I know some are) or, like you said, the owners push for it. But it's pretty obvious that this horse needs some help before something terrible happens. Let me know if you hear anything else and I'll let you know what I hear. Poor girl, I feel so bad for her, but at least now there are some eyes on her. I'm so glad you brought her up here.
  • KayJayKayJay Member
    These stories make me so sick. This poor dear girl needs saving. PattyCakes, did you say you have a home for her? I know in order to claim a horse you must do so through a trainer. Do you know someone at Mountaineer that could claim her for you? I hope that she can be helped before she gets hurt.
  • KayJay, This morning I started making calls about getting Jitterbug Jane a home, should we be able to get her off the track to a new life. I am working hard on this right now, so every one say a prayer for Jitterbug Jane to survive this Sundays race, and for a new home for her too.

    This morning I was able to get another set of eyes on her, so to speak. I have someone who will be watching the race, so that will be a big help. I also know someone who has a horse entered at Mountaineer the same day Jitterbug Jane is running; I am going to go and talk with them tomorrow, and see if they can find out some more information for me.

    I think it is pretty obvious no one is likely to claim her; I want to know what it will take to secure her, to get her to safety, should a good home be available for her to go to. A good home is the key here.

    louisecastello, thanks for getting her put on the watch list. I hope her connections know that she is being watched, that people do care about this Mare. I am not on Twitter but I am going to be now!

    What a warrior she must be to have even survived 60 races, shortly to go into her 61st race this Sunday. It disturbs me greatly that she would be run so frequently, many times just a week apart. I cannot understand the thinking here; after taking 51 starts to break her maiden..why would anyone even take those 51 starts to begin with? It should be obvious that Jitterbug Jane is not cut out for racing.
  • Her connections will probably find out because the track now knows she is being watched.
  • louisecastello, I certainly hope her connections will find out she is being watched. Thank you for alerting S.O.S @NotCloudyAllDay. I did go to her site and look around.

    I am still trying to secure a place for this Girl should we be able to get her off the Track. So far no luck, but I am not one to quit, or give up easily. I wish I could take her myself now, but at this point I cannot. Interesting thing about Kentucky is if you do have a riding horse, you don't have a place to ride it, unless you own a large Farm. They do have riding places that you can go to for trail rides and the like that are huge. Most people trailer their horses to these places. I have figured it out that when I can afford a horse, I will most likely board my horse at a place where I can ride it too.

    I am used to Michigan, where, if you had a horse, you could usually ride it all over right by your home. There are a lot of dirt roads in Michigan, so it was great for riding. As a kid, I used to ride all over the back dirt roads. It was great fun to ride into the little town of Cohoctah on my horse, buy a pop, then ride on back. I also had 80 acres to ride on, with mowed paths right at home too.

    Something about this poor Mare calls to me; I will do every thing I can to help her, as I said, I don't give up easily.
  • Good News. I am meeting with someone tomorrow morning to talk to them about a home for Jitterbug Jane, should she survive Sunday's race at Mountaineer, and should we be able to get her off the track.

    Everyone, please say a prayer that either Jitterbug Jane scratches out of the 9th race at Mountaineer on Sunday, or she runs soundly.

    Jitterbug Jane, if you only knew how many people are now involved watching you! Hang in there brave Girl, we are working on giving you on a new life.
  • Aww, that is good news. I'm going to be praying that if she isn't scratched, she comes out safely! Hopefully, you'll be able to get her off the track. Fingers crossed!
  • louisecastello
    I am pumped up for tomorrow morning, and I really have a good feeling about it. I am going to try my best to get her to a new home in Kentucky. Of course, she will be close enough for me to visit her too, should this work out.

    I am not sure about the logistics of the whole thing, so I am making my list tonight. If this happens, I think we should document her transition to a new life, right here on this website!

    Everyone, say prayers, cross your fingers, or cross whatever you can cross that Jitterbug Jane gets a new home soon!

    By the way, I am sure some where on this site someone has posted about the terrible barn fire near Keeneland early this morning..I was outside with my dog around 1:00 am and heard the fire trucks take off, lots of noise, wondered what it was. How terrible, Trainer is devastated, and so am I thinking about it. People in town here were all talking about it today, everyone is really sad about the poor horses.

  • RachelRachel Member
    I just got happy tears. For without zenyatta and the connections of zenyatta creating this forum we wouldnt be here coming together to bring Jitterbug Jane or G Ten a home.

    Think about it
  • You're exactly right, Rachel, and I've never thought of it that way. I will be praying and crossing fingers and toes and doing a happy dance that this all works out. And I think following her progress on this forum is an excellent idea.
  • What if someone makes a facebook group for her like the Ones for G Ten and madame Mistletoe? That way more people who aren't on this forum will find out about her and will maybe offer to help/support her?
  • KayJayKayJay Member
    I said a prayer for Jitterbug Jane last night and I will continue to pray for her safe rescue. I'm sending positive thoughts and wishes her way. <3 <3
  • RachelRachel Member
    "An 8-year-old mare by the name of Tami's Stormtrooper last raced Sept 9/11. She was running in claiming $5000 races, so not exactly a champion racehorse.
    Did not do anything for 2012 or 2013... because... she had a foal in 2013.

    She is now training at Hastings Park again.

    Track Date Course Distance Time Note Rank
    Hastings 5/8/2014 Dirt 5F 1:03.00 Handily 9/9
    Hastings 5/2/2014 Dirt 5F 1:02.20 Handily 17/24
    Hastings 4/26/2014 Dirt 4F 50.40 Handily 28/28
    Hastings 4/19/2014 Dirt 4F 50.00 Handily 21/32
    Hastings 4/10/2014 Dirt 3F 36.40 Handily 2/8

    Has this ever occurred before? I know we've seen stallions come back as racehorses and do ok, but seriously, the horse was running in bottoms, produced a BABY, and is now back training. This seems kind of abusive."

    some of the people on the forum (not this one) are saying its fine, kinda getting into an argument about it
  • RachelRachel Member
    considering her last work was 4/10 and it is now May 10th, its been a month since her last work. and look at the rankings of the works. theyre not very good save for her last one
  • KayJayKayJay Member
    Any news about Jitterbug Jane? I'm keeping her in my prayers to get thru the race. Hope she can be rescued to a good home.
  • KayJay
    At this point, I have set some wheels in motion, and I am in waiting mode right now. I too am concerned about her racing today. I just keep thinking what a Warrior she must be to still want to run. I am sending her good thoughts today, to take care of herself in that race and come back sound. I will keep you posted.
  • JanDJanD Member
    PattyCakes, Jitterbug Jane came in 7th in her race yesterday. Didn't know if you knew that or not.
  • JanD
    I waited for her to finish the race..the chart says she "wilted" in the stretch. The good thing is she did finish! I kept her in my mind, sending good thoughts all day yesterday to her, telling her to not run her guts out, just take care of herself.

    Waiting is definitely the hard part right now.
  • KayJayKayJay Member
    I'm glad Jitterbug Jane made it through her race okay too. I said prayers and sent positive thoughts her way. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you are able to rescue her,PattyCakes. Let us know if you hear anything, please.
  • The person following Jitterbug Jane on twitter posted yesterday that she has been entered to run AGAIN on 5/25, race 4, @mtrgaming for Hill/Wright! Unreal! She needs to be saved.
  • JanDJanD Member
    Yes she does.
  • I have been keeping track of Jitterbug Jane. I feel sick about her running again this weekend. All I can say at this point is I am working on something, it's going more slowly than I find comfortable..but I am doing all that I can at this point. I would like to post more, but if I do, it just may complicate things right now. I have another meeting this weekend, and yes, all of us are aware and do know she is racing again..it is frustrating, to put it mildly.

    But I can ask everyone to please call the horse angels to be with Jitterbug Jane this weekend. Help her to take care of herself in this race, and to come out of it sound. This dear girl may have a nice future ahead of her, and I am doing what I can to make that future hurry up and get here.
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