Is California Chrome the first triple crown winner in 36 years?



  • slewpyslewpy Member
    Here's a quote from the 2013 Belmont rules. I expect it to be the same this year:

    "On June 8, no treatment will be permitted (beyond Lasix for specifically designated horses) unless it is for an emergency or as approved by the Stewards."

    Link to full article:
  • Sia4215Sia4215 Member
    So now it comes down to the fresh horses... What's the attitude of the other owners at this point? Are they thinking that they want to run their horses as maybe spoilers or are they thinking there's no point this being the third leg of the crown and they don't have a shot at winning it?
  • slewpyslewpy Member
    I'm not sure they want to run as just spoilers. The Belmont is a prestigious race and a long race. The money and a win next to a horse's name in a TC is the motivation. If they spoil the TC bid, it's secondary and just gravy. Also, there's something to be said for a horse who can derail the best 3 yr-old male in training right now.
  • KayJayKayJay Member
    Just saw TVG interview with owner of Commanding Curve from Pimlico, he said they were coming for Chrome in the Belmont. They respected Chrome but they thought they could get him. Hhmm, okay.....
  • They can throw all they want at Junior...America wants the Chrome to take the Crown! Be a spoiler, you will only be remembered as such! Blame...anyone?
  • I agree with Slewpy, though, The Belmont is an important race and I don't think it's all about spoiling a Triple Crown bid. It's a big deal for a horse to win it regardless. And it wouldn't mean anything if California Chrome was not challenged. He has to be the best.
  • sarinnesarinne Member
    I think there are still going to be "experts" tearing down his win today. I hope the competition throws the absolute best against him in the Belmont so he can show that he is worthy of the Crown. I don't want him to win and STILL hear reasons why his victories were not earned.
  • LyndaKLyndaK Member
    California Chrome ran against some formidable colts today and when asked he leaped scooted off into that amazing effortless stride. He is such a calm and cool horse. I watched the video on his walk back to the barn and ears up, head up and stopping to look at the people. Just like he was coming back from a jog around the track. Will he be the our next Triple Crown horse...who knows? I can say that he is already America's horse...he is the people's horse. Win or lose the Belmont, this colt, his story and that of his owners and his trainer, his exercise rider, his jockey and his groom is etched forever in our hearts.
  • Just saw TVG interview with owner of Commanding Curve from Pimlico, he said they were coming for Chrome in the Belmont. They respected Chrome but they thought they could get him. Hhmm, okay.....
    I think thats a pretty appropriate stance for any owner with a horse that should be competitive, no one is gonna go out there and announce that they don't think they have a chance or they're running for 2nd place. Curve was chasing Chrome down the stretch in the Derby, and I have no doubt he will again at the Belmont. Only question is whether he can catch him this time
  • slewpyslewpy Member
    I haven't been this high on a horse since Eskendereya who never had his day in the TC. I always thought beyond the Derby with CC and now we're here. To me, the Derby was a given. Let the nerves begin. It will be a very long 3 weeks.
  • KayJayKayJay Member
    I just read where Billy Gowan said Ride on Curlin is going to the Belmont. : )
    He said for a moment there I thought we had him (CC) but he didn't stop. But if our horse couldn't win it, I wanted their horse to. He wasn't disappointed with his horses run or place. Or the jockey's ride. = )
  • I'm glad ROC had a good trip in the Preakness. They said he lost the Derby due to a poor ride. So that means he lost the Preakness due to a good California Chrome, right?
  • RachelRachel Member
    lol makes sense
  • LyndaKLyndaK Member
    I am so impressed by how gracious some of the jockeys, owners and trainers of other horses have been about California Chrome and his team.
    I know a number of you like Rosie and I have liked her as well, but she seems to have become a bit of a whiner about her losses.
  • RachelRachel Member
    Its at the bottom of the article, chrome will be withdrawn if he cant use the nasal strips at belmont. The nasal strip rule actually isnt a state board rule, nor is it a belmont house rule. Its what the stewards say.
  • caseycasey any racetrack with camera in handMember
    Yeah, @LyndaK, I agree with your assessment of Rosie. I thought Joel Rosario was very complimentary of Junior. I was most worried about Ride On Curlin BECAUSE Joel was riding him. He has become a better jockey since he moved back east and he was really good here in ca
  • WezzieWezzie Member
    From CNN article:

    California Chrome will try to win that final jewel at Belmont Park in Hempstead, New York, on June 7.

    "You know what?" Espinoza said, "we'll get it done."

    Prophetic words!
  • RachelRachel Member
    Thats IF Martin doesnt scratch the horse. Martin doesnt like that he wont be able to use the nasal strip
  • WezzieWezzie Member
    I think it says " he might go so far..." Let's hope both the owners and the Stewarts are reasonable people! For fan's sake, racing's sake!
  • WezzieWezzie Member
    The trainer talking - "I'm very serious about that. Perry Martin might say, 'If I can't put it on the horse, I'm not sending him over there.' I mean, they might be superstitious about it."

  • LyndaKLyndaK Member
    The nasal strips are 100% harmless. It is a silly, silly rule. Hopefully the New York racing commission will rethink this.
  • cigarcigar Member
    On ESPN it was that CC would not run in the Belmont if the nasal stip was not allowed. If it aint broke,don't fix it.
  • I believe the owner that may withdraw him because of the nasal strips is the one who felt disrespected at Churchill and didn't go to the Preakness. Art Sherman thinks that may play into any decision of withdrawing CC.

    The bottom line, to me, is that there needs to be uniform rules across the board in every state about this stuff. It's not even a rule that they can't use the strips in New York, it's up to the stewards. They should have put clear rules on the books after the IHA debacle. If California Chrome withdraws because of this stupid issue, then in my opinion, horse racing deserves what they get. I believe they were picking on IHA because of the trainer, but after that, please tell me why they haven't fixed this issue? It will be more than a black eye on the sport, it will be a knockout if they withdraw over this. They need clear, uniform, state to state rules. This should have been done after IHA,
  • Belmont Park and the NYRA would lose a TON of money If they forbid California Chrome from using a nasal strip (and he skips the race) - and since everything is about the almighty dollar - my feeling is they will back down and allow it - I hope so!
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