Is California Chrome the first triple crown winner in 36 years?



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    Martins wife is in a wheel chair, they wouldnt accomodate her. I forget the rest, was in a bloodhorse article
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    I thought it was Martin's mother whom they brought over from a nursing home to watch the KD and the Martins had to push the wheelchair around themselves as nobody from Churchill Downs would accommodate the mother to get her from the saddling area up to the grandstand seats. idk that's what I think I read anyway.
  • RachelRachel Member
    I think thats what it was
  • caseycasey any racetrack with camera in handMember
    Put it this way, CD didn't give any special treatment to Fox Hill Farms, Ronnie Turcotte or the Martins. Yes, Perry's mom was driven down to see the race. She is 83 and in a wheelchair. There were no accommodations made for the handicapped.... apparently, CD is not ADA friendly in certain areas. Perry had to hold his mother up when she stood up to see the race, because she couldn't see over the railing. At SA, you can either be moved to a trainers box (good view), up in the turf club sky boxes (good view) or even down by the rail, away from the crowd. None of those were offered to them. They had to wheel her around because she couldn't do the walkover, they had difficulty wheeling her to the winners circle. And THEY had to do it. Not CD staff. While they're in the midst of more jubilation than they can imagine, they had to make sure they got her places. It was really poorly done by CD.
  • Thanks for filling me in on that. That's really disappointing. Too bad they didn't try again at the Preakness where they would've been "treated like royalty" according to Coburn.
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    Mr Martin's mother didn't get to go to winner's circle, no way to get her across the track in the wheelchair. Plus Mr. Martin nor his mother got to see ANY of the race. They had to stand by the rail, something like 10 people back from the rail. I read it in an interview Mrs Martin gave about their Ky Derby experience.
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