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  • A very good day, at the races, at least. So much for handicapping based on color and/or name and... luck!

    Don't forget... Summer Millions Challenge starts with Sunday's Haskell. Completely separate and in addition to the regular game...

    for which my picks are:
    the Bowling Green
    and Jim Dandy at Saratoga on Saturday,
    and the Haskell at Monmouth
    and Wonder Wheel at Woodbine on Sunday.
  • Picking of races IS in progress....
  • KMMKMM Member
    7/29 Bing Crosby (G1) Delmar
    7/30 Clement L. Hirsch (G1) Delmar
  • WezzieWezzie Member
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    Quick question- Can we pick an Ascot Race?

    If so then, King George VI & Queen Elizabeth S . If not, then the D.S. "Shine" Young at Evangline.
  • whoodlerwhoodler Member
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    Are the Ascot payouts carried on tvg's website?
    And are they in American money?
  • WezzieWezzie Member
    Yes and yes
  • EXCEPT...I just looked last weekend up and they don't list place payouts. They appear with the third placed horse, but in the show column. And in some races the fourth place horse ALSO has a payout in the show column.
    I'm fine with it if everyone else is.
  • KMMKMM Member
    I am good to go.
  • JanDJanD Member
    Where can you watch the race at?
  • I don't know, Jan, but you might try looking on, last weekend's race results and see if they have videos. They do live streaming for some tracks, never watch any of that so have no clue how it works.
  • Ascot might have a website available in the US... maybe there?
  • WezzieWezzie Member
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    TVG covers it. Other than that....unsure. Again, if its too complicated we can go with the Juvenile race at Evangline.
  • tincuptincup Member
    If the race is covered by tvg( the above will be ) itll also cover the stream. So yes, you'll be able to follow live.
    The payout format will be listed above the race. Outside US, venues vary in bet format. Some will only pay through place, yet include the third place horse in the place slot, some to show through the fourth slot. Some just normal.
    Gets a little confusing, but you'll know the moment the race is listed.
    Best scenario....pick as normal and pay as is written....
  • This scenario will be payout for horse 1 through 3 will be as given on the website, whether or not the third place horse's money shows up in the place or show column.
  • tincuptincup Member
    whoodler said:

    This scenario will be payout for horse 1 through 3 will be as given on the website, whether or not the third place horse's money shows up in the place or show column.

    Best choice.
  • JanDJanD Member
    Oh ok thanks everyone. I get TVG so should be able to watch it.
  • I never get to see any racing not on real tv or very basic cable. Use to watch calracing. 5 gigabytes doesn't go far, so computer watching and video are out. I love it when I click on a race results and see the "right" horse at the top!
  • Why do I most times see the "wrong" horse on top?
  • There's more of those.
  • bigherbiebigherbie Member
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    Race 4 - King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes (Ascot - Group 1) - POST Time - 10:35am ET
    1. 9 Desert Encounter (IRE) 5/G S Levey 133 David Simcock 20/1
    2. 4 Highland Reel (IRE) 5/H R L Moore 133 Aidan O'Brien 4/1
    3. 3 Idaho (IRE) 4/C J A Heffernan 133 Aidan O'Brien 10/1
    4. 2 Jack Hobbs 5/H W Buick 133 John Gosden 9/2
    5. 10 Maverick Wave (USA) 6/H G Lee 133 John Gosden 99/1
    6. 6 My Dream Boat (IRE) 5/H A Kirby 133 Clive Cox 20/1
    7. 8 Ulysses (IRE) 4/C J Crowley 133 Michael Stoute 8/1
    8. 5 Sixties Song (ARG) 4/C G Mosse 129 A Gaitan Dassie 60/1
    9. 1 Benbatl 3/C Oisin Murphy 122 Saeed bin Suroor 20/1
    10. 7 Enable 3/F L Dettori 119 John Gosden 6/5

    Race 9 - Bowling Green Stakes (Saratoga - Grade II) - POST Time - 5:40 PM ET

    1. Bigger Picture (KY) 6/G L J Bravo 124 M J Maker
    2. Frank Conversation (KY) 4/C L M Gutierrez 124 D F O'Neill
    3. Closing Bell (KY) 5/H L J Lezcano 116 W I Mott
    4. Sadler's Joy (KY) 4/C L J Castellano 122 T Albertrani
    5. Hunter O'Riley (KY) 4/R L F Geroux 116 J J Toner
    6. Hello Don Julio (KY) 5/G L J R Velazquez 116 M Dilger
    7. Ascend (KY) 5/G L J L Ortiz 122 H G Motion

    Race 10 - Jim Dandy Stakes (Saratoga - Grade II) - POST Time - 6:18 PM ET

    1. Always Dreaming (KY) 3/C L J R Velazquez 123 T A Pletcher
    2. Cloud Computing (KY) 3/C L J Castellano 123 C C Brown
    3. Giuseppe the Great (KY) 3/C L L Saez 117 N P Zito
    4. Pavel (KY) 3/C L M Gutierrez 117 D F O'Neill
    5. Good Samaritan (KY) 3/C L J Rosario 119 W I Mott

    Race 9 - Bing Crosby Stakes (Del Mar - Grade I) - POST Time - 9:10 PM ET

    1. Denman's Call (KY) 4/G L T Baze 123 D F O'Neill
    2. Drefong (KY) 4/C L M E Smith 123 B Baffert
    3. St. Joe Bay (FL) 5/G K J Desormeaux 121 P Miller
    4. Ransom the Moon (ON) 5/H L F Prat 121 P D'Amato
    5. Big Macher (CA) 7/G L R Bejarano 119 R Baltas
    6. Magic Taste (KY) 5/G L T J Pereira 119 M Polanco
    7. Coastline (KY) 6/H L J Theriot 119 P D'Amato
    8. Roy H (KY) 5/G L P Lopez 121 P Miller
    9. Solid Wager (CA) 6/G L J Talamo 119 P Miller
    10. Kobe's Back (KY) 6/H L G L Stevens 119 P Eurton
    11. Moe Candy (KY) 5/H L V Espinoza 119 J W Sadler


    Race 8 - Wonder Where Stakes (Woodbine) - POST Time - 4:47 PM ET

    1. Ghostly Presence (ON) 3/F L R M Hernandez 121 R L Attfield
    2. Ellan Vannin (ON) 3/F L J Lermyte 121 T M Gattellaro
    3. Financial Recovery (ON) 3/F L D Moran 121 C Day Phillips
    4. Enstone (ON) 3/F L P Husbands 121 M E Casse
    5. Mythical Mission (ON) 3/F L E R Da Silva 121 M Pierce
    6. Crumlin Queen (ON) 3/F L G Boulanger 121 M J Doyle
    7. Inflexibility (ON) 3/F L L Contreras 121 C C Brown

    Race 12 - Haskell Invitational Stakes (Monmouth - Grade I) - POST Time - 5:47 PM ET

    1. Irish War Cry (NJ) 3/C L R Maragh 118 H G Motion 5/2
    2. Battle of Midway (KY) 3/C L F Prat 118 J Hollendorfer 5/1
    3. Timeline (KY) 3/C L J Castellano 118 C C Brown 3/1
    4. Practical Joke (KY) 3/C L J Rosario 118 C C Brown 4/1
    5. McCraken (KY) 3/C L B J Hernandez, Jr. 118 I R Wilkes 9/2
    6. Hence (KY) 3/C L P Lopez 118 S M Asmussen 12/1
    7. Girvin (KY) 3/C L R Albarado 118 J Sharp 6/1

    Race 8 - Clement L. Hirsch Stakes (Del Mar - Grade I) - POST Time - 8:40 PM ET

    1. Motown Lady (KY) 4/F L K J Desormeaux 119 J K Desormeaux
    2. Vale Dori (ARG) 5/M L M E Smith 123 B Baffert
    3. Stellar Wind (VA) 5/M L V Espinoza 123 J W Sadler
    4. Autumn Flower (KY) 5/M L M A Pedroza 119 D L Hendricks
    5. Shenandoah Queen (KY) 5/M L D Van Dyke 119 J W Sadler
    6. Faithfully (KY) 4/F L R Bejarano 119 B Baffert

  • Two things...
    on the King and Queen, the second number (I think) is the post position. Or maybe it's the reverse. But we go by name, so no biggie except if you are trying to watch the little racing numbers at the bottom of the screen. Or unless the post position figures big time into you calculations....

    And for the Challenge, the Haskell is the only one of the four races being run on a SUNDAY. Therefor, entries should be posted from one minute after midnight Saturday night/Sunday morning until the stated post time of 5:47 PM, all times being Eastern.
  • carolinarkansascarolinarkansas hot springs, arkansasMember
    KIng George/QE...#3 Idaho
    Bowling Green...#4 Sadler's Joy
    Jim Dandy...#4 Pavel
    Bing Crosby...#2 Drefong

    Wonder Where...#4 Enstone
    Haskell...#6 Hence
    Clement Hirsch...#4 Autumn Flower

    as always the best to all
  • In the King and Queen, you only picked 3 because he and 6 are the only ones who you'll know which you're rooting for.
  • tincuptincup Member
    #1 in gate 9
    Gate 1, # 9
  • King George VI and Queen Elizabeth S: Oregon
    Bowling Green S: Ascend
    Jim Dandy S: Always Dreaming
    Bing Crosby S: Ransom The Moon

    Wonder Where S: Enstone
    Haskell: Irish War Cry
    Clement Hirsch S: Stellar Wind
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