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  • From the ridiculous to... more ridiculous

    ‘Abundance Of Caution’: Del Mar Cancels Nov. 21 Card Due To Rain Projections

    Due to projections of rain from Tuesday through Thursday of next week in San Diego, Del Mar Thoroughbred Club (DMTC) announced today that its Thursday, November 21 race card has been cancelled. This action was due to “an abundance of caution,” said DMTC officials as the inclement weather likely will result in a muddy main track and soft turf course. Entries for next Thursday's card were scheduled to be taken tomorrow (Saturday) morning.

    DMTC consulted with industry stakeholders, including the Thoroughbred Owners of California and its regulator, the California Horse Racing Board, about the cancellation and all parties agreed that the move provided for the safest possible racing environment.

    “We know this is unusual for Del Mar,” said DMTC's executive vice president for racing Tom Robbins, “but equine and rider safety is always our primary concern. We'll make a call next week as to whether or not we'll have training on Wednesday and Thursday. We plan on drawing entries for next Friday's card (November 22) this Sunday and we'll race, weather permitting.”

    Racing will be conducted as planned this Friday, Saturday and Sunday with first post at 12:30 p.m. on all days.

    Gonna rain for 3 days but the track will be 100% on the day it stops.
  • Uploading photos still unavailable.
  • Tuggle scratched from JF Lewis.
    I'll go with Reform School.
  • Howbeit out of the Bob Hope.
  • carolinarkansascarolinarkansas hot springs, arkansasMember
    edited November 2019
    bgot home to late to catch tuggle's scratch but with Howbeit out of Bob Hope I will go with High Velocity
  • If you haven't seen this...
    THIS is horse racing
    AND calling!

  • Regular Game--- Results

    1) South Ocean
    Gun Society -- 200       Owelette -- 21       November Fog -- NSB

    2) James F Lewis
    Newstome -- 120       Informative -- 144       Reform School -- 54

    3) Smart Halo
    Cofactor -- 96       Lucky Trinity -- 80        Still Alive -- 54

    4) River City
    Mr Misunderstood -- 204       Cullum Road -- 134       Admission Office -- 22

    5) Bob Hope
    High Velocity -- 61       Strongconstitution -- 21       Zimba Warrior-- NSB

    6) Delta Mile
    Stephens Answer -- 218       Extirpator -- 200       Late Nite Mischief -- 30

    7) My Sister Pearl
    Bs Wild Cork -- 140       Cameron Street -- 136       Spanish Moss -- 38

    Players' Scores

    M... NSB + 54 + 96 + 204 + 21 + 0 + 0 = 375

    C... 0 + 0 + 80 + 204 + 61 + 0 + 0 = 345

    W... 21 + 0 + 0 + 0 + 61 + 0 + 136 = 218

    J... 0 + 0 + 0 + 0 + 61 + 30 + 0 = 91
  • Saturday, 11/23
    Aqueduct: Red Smith
    Delta: Jean Lafitte
    Woodbine: Coronation Futurity

    Sunday, 11/24
    Woodbine: Bessarabian
  • carolinarkansascarolinarkansas hot springs, arkansasMember
    on Saturday at Woodbine...the Kennedy Road
    on sunday Aquaduct...the NY Stallion Thunder Rumble
  • carolinarkansascarolinarkansas hot springs, arkansasMember
    hi goys ….I am leaving on sunday morning for a trip....will be gone a if I should win I cant pick races for the following week....I don't think I will have wifi I probably will be unable to play that weekend either....bummer...

    I am going on a cruise with 45 of my closest relatives....the ship will probably sink....and some of the crew may not survive...we can be a pretty rowdy bunch when thrown together.....please pray for
  • Haha! I know I don't do anything on here, but thought I should comment on that. My in-laws just came back from a 3-day cruise and my parents went on a week-long cruise this year, too. Yeah probably no wifi access, but they had fun and nothing sank!!

    Although I don't know the status of the crew on either cruise. LOL. Will pray for your safety though. Have fun!!!!
  • Hope you have a great time, Carol. We'll miss you.
  • carolinarkansascarolinarkansas hot springs, arkansasMember
    well in arnie's immortal words..."i'll be back"
  • We can only hope.
  • Have fun, Carol.
  • Native Diver S (GIII)
    Nov 23
  • Great! Thanks.
  • Regular game


    1) Red Smith (Aqueduct # 9) Post - 3:47 E 2 YOs
    1 Tiz a Slam (ON) 5/H L S R Bahen 126 R L Attfield
    2 Petit Fils (FR) 4/G L1 J Rosario 124 C Clement
    3 Nakamura (MD) 4/G L J L Ortiz 124 H G Motion
    4 Marzo (KY) 4/G L I Ortiz, Jr. 124 M J Maker
    5 Red Right Hand (KY) 4/G L J R Velazquez 124 T Morley
    6 Dot Matrix (NY) 6/G L J Lezcano 124 B H Cox
    7 Sadler's Joy (KY) 6/H L J Castellano 124 T Albertrani
    8 Red Knight (NY) 5/G L J Alvarado 124 W I Mott
    9 Have At It (KY) 4/C L M Franco 124 C Clement
    10 Postulation (KY) 7/G L J A Vargas, Jr. 124 M R Matz
    11 Glorious Empire (IRE) 8/G L E S Prado 124 J L Lawrence, II

    12 Zumurudee (KY) (AE) 5/G L J Bravo 122 M Stidham
    13 Mokheef (KY) (AE) 5/G L F Boyce 122 S Stettinius

    14 Backsideofthemoon (KY) (MTO) 7/G L M Franco 126 R R Rodriguez
    15 Bon Raison (KY) (MTO) 4/C L Rider TBA 126 P Tournas
    16 Dynamax Prime (NY) (MTO) 5/G L Rider TBA 124 R Atras

    2) Kennedy Road (Woodbine # 8) Post - 4:41 E 2 YOs
    1 Dixie's Gamble (ON) 4/C L L Contreras 119 J Carroll
    2 Extravagant Kid (FL) 6/G L R M Hernandez 119 B P Walsh
    3 Reconfigure (KY) 7/G L K Kimura 117 R P Tiller
    4 Richiesinthehouse (IL) 5/G L P Husbands 117 L Rivelli
    5 Boreal Spirit (ON) 7/G L G Boulanger 117 J Shafer
    6 Pink Lloyd (ON) 7/G L E R Da Silva 121 R P Tiller
    7 O'Kratos (KY) 4/G L J Stein 117 D D Banach
    8 Malibu Secret (ON) 5/G L E Wilson 117 M Drexler
    9 Eskiminzin (ON) 4/C L J I Alderson 117 C Grant

    3) Coronation Futurity (Woodbine # 9) Post - 5:13 E 2YOs
    1 Halo Again (ON) 2/C L R M Hernandez 122 S M Asmussen
    2 Tomcat Black (ON) 2/C L K Kimura 122 H G Motion
    3 Kunal (ON) 2/C L L Contreras 122 S Chircop
    4 Green Growth (ON) 2/C L E Wilson 122 C Day Phillips
    5 Pleasecallmeback (ON) 2/G P Husbands 122 R L Attfield
    6 Northern Thunder (ON) 2/C L J Stein 122 S C Attard
    7 Muskoka Gold (ON) 2/C L J Lermyte 122 M E Casse
    8 Malibu Mambo (ON) 2/C E R Da Silva 122 K Attard

    4) Native Dancer (del Mar # 8) Post -- 7:00 E
    1 Leading Score (KY) 5/H L J Talamo 121 B Baffert
    2 Midcourt (KY) 4/G L V Espinoza 121 J A Shirreffs
    3 Zestful (KY) 4/G L E A Roman 121 M Glatt
    4 Roadster (KY) 3/C L D Van Dyke 125 B Baffert
    5 Extra Hope (KY) 3/C L F Prat 118 R E Mandella
    6 Two Thirty Five (KY) 5/G L A Cedillo 121 R Baltas

    5) Jean Lafitte (Delta # 8) Post - 9:11 E 2 YOs
    1 Sir Winsalot (KY) 2/C L G Melancon 119 K G McPeek
    2 Jack the Umpire (KY) 2/C L T L Pompell 117 B A Brinkman
    3 Bold Thirst (KY) 2/C L L Batista 117 L Briley
    4 Sea Bee Salute (KY) 2/C L F T Rodriguez 117 S Wilson
    5 X Clown (LA) 2/G L T Woodley 117 J Delhomme
    6 Something Super (KY) 2/C L D Saenz 117 S M Asmussen
    7 Sir Rick (KY) 2/C L C Lozada 117 S M Asmussen
    8 Saving Argument (KY) 2/C L J Rivera 117 B Chatters


    6) NY Stallion (Aqueduct # 8) Post - 3:47 E
    1 Binkster (NY) 4/G L D Davis 120 R Handal
    2 Dark Money (NY) 3/G L J Lezcano 118 R R Rodriguez
    3 My Boy Tate (NY) 5/G L M Franco 120 M Nevin
    4 Gold for the King (NY) 5/G L J Rosario 120 C Baker
    5 Sicilia Mike (NY) 5/G L J L Ortiz 120 G Sciacca
    6 T Loves a Fight (NY) 5/G L I Ortiz, Jr. 120 O Noda
    7 Arthur's Hope (NY) 5/H L J R Velazquez 120 M P Salazar
    8 Kazmania (NY) 3/C L K Carmouche 118 E E Jones

    7) Bessarabian (Woodbine # 8) Post - 4:43 E
    1 Painting (KY) 3/F L K Kimura 114 J Carroll
    2 Amalfi Coast (ON) 3/F L E R Da Silva 114 K Attard
    3 Zestina (ON) 4/F L D Moran 117 S C Attard
    4 Heavenly Hill (KY) 5/M L J Stein 117 J Carroll
    5 Above All Names (KY) 3/F L G Boulanger 114 B A Miller
    6 Xenobia (IRE) 5/M L N Juarez 119 J Thomas
    7 Gamble's Candy (ON) 3/F L L Contreras 114 J Carroll
    8 Souper Striking (FL) 4/F L J Lermyte 117 M J Trombetta
    9 Misericordia (GB) 5/M L J Toledo 117 J Duarte, Jr.
    10 Red Cabernet (ON) 5/M L E Wilson 117 I Black
    11 Lady Mamba (KY) 5/M L R M Hernandez 117 C DeVaux
    12 Special Relativity (KY) 4/F L D Cohen 117 N McKnight
  • Red Smith: Red Right Hand
    Kennedy Road: Dixie's Gamble
    Coronation: Green Growth
    Native Dancer: Extra Hope
    Jean Lafitte: Sea Bee Salute

    NY Stallion: Sicilia Mike
    Bessarabian: Souper Striking
  • She lives!
    Are you home? Don't go anywhere near Mesa County.
  • whoodler said:

    She lives!
    Are you home? Don't go anywhere near Mesa County.

    And will be DC'ed Tuesday going on three week, just in time for Mesa County to greet me with open arms. :#
  • Go home and stay there.
    Lock your parents in.
    Entertain no-one, especially the nephews and their parents.
  • carolinarkansascarolinarkansas hot springs, arkansasMember
    I think our 4th race is the Native Diver not Native Dancer....but as usual I could be wrong...

    Red Smith...Sadler's Joy
    Kennedy Road....Richiesintheshouse
    Coronation Futurity...Malibu Mambo
    Native Diver...Midcourt
    Jean Lafitte...Sir Rick

    NY Stallion....Dark Money

    I will be on ship by sunday afternoon....will keep up is I can but not hopeful
  • carolinarkansascarolinarkansas hot springs, arkansasMember
    welcome back Sarienne…..we are not on the same page at all with our picks....this does not bode well for me
  • Red Smith: Sadler's Joy
    Kennedy Road: Richiesinthehouse
    Coronation: Muskoka Gold
    Native Dancer: MIdcourt
    Jean Lafitte: Jack the Umpire

    NY Stallion: Gold for the King
    Bessarabian: Gamble's Candy
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