Horse Players (A Betting Game)



  • Apparently Bob has another humdinger of a 3 YO colt in his barn, an AmP named American Code.
    So that will give him a fourth of the field come May.
  • 3 yo picker challenge

    Silver Prospector was first in the Southwest Stakes at Oaklawan [on Monday m
  • Got it.
    Race 3 UAE Oaks
    19:40 TB - Group 3 1900M (a9.5F) - Dirt USD 250,000
    (57 kgs = 125.663 #)

    ASCOT BRASS (SWE) 3 yrs. Ch F - 6 (4-1-0) (Juniper Tree/By the Book)
    Owner: Stall Valley
    Trainer: N Petersen
    Jockey: William Buick
    Weight 57.0 Kgs Official Rating 85

    SEREIN (USA) 3 yrs. DkB F - 4 (2-1-0) (Uncle Mo/Tiz Miz Sue)
    Owner: Koji Maeda
    Trainer: M Matsunaga
    Jockey: Yutaka Take
    Weight 57.0 Kgs Official Rating 98

    TAPI SIOUX (USA) 3 yrs. Bay F - 3 (0-0-2) (Tapiture/Netti Sioux)
    Owner: Ali A Aneizi
    Trainer: D Watson
    Jockey: Patrick Dobbs
    Weight 57.0 Kgs Official Rating 75

    CARELESS WHISPER (SWE) 3 yrs. Br F - 4 (0-1-2) (Barocci/Flip Flopping Fly)
    Owner: Sandman Stables
    Trainer: N Petersen
    Jockey: Carlos Lopez
    Weight 57.0 Kgs Official Rating 80

    DUBAI LOVE (GB) 3 yrs. Bay F - 4 (2-0-1) (Night of Thunder/Devotion)
    Owner: Godolphin
    Trainer: S bin Suroor
    Jockey: Patrick Cosgrave
    Weight 57.0 Kgs Official Rating 101

    DOWN ON DA BAYOU (USA) 3 yrs. Bay F - 4 (1-2-0) (Super Saver/Bayou Tortuga)
    Owner: Sh Hamdan bin Mohd Al Maktoum
    Trainer: S bin Ghadayer
    Jockey: Mickael Barzalona
    Weight 57.0 Kgs Official Rating 95

    Dubai is 9 hours ahead of eastern time. So, 19:40 UAE is 10:40 US Eastern. 10:40 is 10:40 in the morning. I think.
  • O/D Challenge
    UAE Oaks,
    Ascot Brass

    (Hope this is televised. Want to see what a Swedish horse looks like.)
  • O/D Challenge

    UAE Oaks: Sererin
  • Aside to Sarinne... did you notice? We were invaded by an "expert."
  • carolinarkansascarolinarkansas hot springs, arkansasMember
    O/D challenge....Dubai Love
  • The deadline for the O/D Challenge is by midnight the day before.
  • whoodler said:

    Aside to Sarinne... did you notice? We were invaded by an "expert."

    We are always under invasion in some form or another..........
  • whoodlerwhoodler Member
    edited February 20
    So, if you're the one who picked the Hutcheson at Gulfstream, pick another real quick (and good luck with THAT!) because apparently there weren't enough entries. I just switched BH's race from the Spring Fever on Sunday to the Maddie May on Saturday because I want to get the schedule posted this afternoon and SA isn't up for Sunday yet.

    Edit: SA IS up for Sunday....
  • whoodlerwhoodler Member
    edited February 21
    Ok, time is up.
    Since SA is too, just going to use the Spring Fever.

    Edit: and no I'm not 'cause it's not on the SA schedule
    So Sunland on Sunday, got another one: Red Hederman Mile
  • Regular game
    2/22 & 23/2020

    1) Any Limit (Gulfstream # 11) Post 5:04 E
    1 Tale of Success (FL) 3/F L E S Prado 120 G Delgado 12/1
    2 Sound Machine (FL) 3/F L T Gaffalione 122 S A Joseph, Jr. 8/5
    3 Yesterdayoncemore (IRE) 3/F L L Panici 122 P L Biancone 12/1
    4 Lavi (KY) 3/F L J Rendon 118 E Gaffney 10/1
    5 Frank's Rockette (KY) 3/F 118 W I Mott 9/5
    6 Still Alive (VA) 3/F L P Lopez 120 G Preciado 10/1
    7 Fujairah (KY) 3/F L I Ortiz, Jr. 118 C A David 8/1
    8 Belladonnia (FL) 3/F L C A Torres 118 R E Nicks 15/1

    There IS a God! A S Cal race with more than 6 entries!
    2) Buena Vista (Santa Anita # 5) Post -- 5:29 E
    1 Jolie Olimpica (BRZ) 4/F L M E Smith 122 R E Mandella 8/5
    2 Carressa (KY) 4/F L V Espinoza 122 J A Shirreffs 4/1
    3 Muchly (GB) 4/F L U Rispoli 120 S Callaghan 15/1
    4 Mucho Unusual (CA) 4/F L J Rosario 122 T Yakteen 8/1
    5 Sold It (KY) 4/F L M Gutierrez 120 D F O'Neill 50/1
    6 Meal Ticket (FL) 6/M L T J Pereira 120 M Chew 15/1
    7 Brill (KY) 4/F L G Franco 120 D Chatlos 12/1
    8 Lady Prancealot (IRE) 4/F L J Bravo 124 R Baltas 5/1
    9 Super Patriot (CA) 5/M L R Fuentes 120 R Baltas 12/1
    10 La Sardane (FR) 6/M L F Prat 120 N D Drysdale 12/1
    11 Keeper Ofthe Stars (KY) 4/F L A Cedillo 122 J Wong 20/1
    12 Tiny Tina (KY) 5/M L D Van Dyke 120 P D'Amato 15/1

    3) Downthedustyroad (Oaklawn # 9) Post -- 6:09
    1 Matapan (AR) 4/F L T J Thompson 120 I V Gonzalez 20/1
    2 Blushing Bella (AR) 8/M L D Cohen 118 R Diodoro 8/1
    3 Georgia's Reward (AR) 5/M L R A Vazquez 115 R Moquett 4/1
    4 Dutch Treat (AR) 5/M L M Garcia 120 W B VanMeter 15/1
    5 Proud Victoria (AR) 3/F L J Talamo 118 R Moquett 6/1
    6 Sekani (AR) 3/F D Cannon 118 W B VanMeter 9/2
    7 Dixie Flyer (AR) 6/M L J V Bridgmohan 118 I V Gonzalez 15/1
    8 Superstar Bea (AR) 6/M L C Evans 115 M Robertson 10/1
    9 Bye Bye J (AR) 4/F L R Santana, Jr. 120 S M Asmussen 5/2
    10 All About Clara (AR) 4/F L K Harr 115 T Dixon 20/1
    11 Tiger Bait (AR) 4/F L E Lara 120 K Broberg 10/1


    4) Maddie May (Aqueduct # 7) Post -- 4:20 E
    BigHerbie's Race game points doubled
    1 Nicky Scissors (NY) 3/F L E Cancel 118 J Servis
    2 Ice Princess (NY) 3/F L M Franco 120 D Gargan
    3 Courageous Girl (NY) 3/F L D Davis 118 D G Donk
    4 Myawaya (NY) 3/F L J Lezcano 118 T A Pletcher
    5 Holmdel Park (NY) 3/F L K Carmouche 118 J T Ryerson

    5) Island Fashion (Sunland # 7) Post -- 5:42 E
    1 Showmethemagic (KY) 3/F L R Eikleberry 118 J R Evans 7/2
    2 Tacocat (KY) 3/F L E P Gomez 116 M Valdez-Cabral, Jr. 10/1
    3 Caribbean Sea (KY) 3/F L L Contreras 116 S M Asmussen 7/2
    4 Luck Be Mine (KY) 3/F L A J Juarez, Jr. 118 T W Fincher 5/1
    5 Dynasty of Her Own (KY) 3/F L F Arrieta 121 J Wong 3/1
    6 Shanghai Keely (KY) 3/F L J R Coates 116 J R Evans 4/1
    7 Brave Cinderella (CA) 3/F L R Chirinos 116 J R Evans 8/1

    6) Allen & Henry Dominguez (Sunland # 8) Post 6:09E
    1 Yano's Way (NM) 4/G L F Arrieta 116 J Silva, Jr. 8/1
    2 Thunder Dome (NM) 6/G L S Laviolette 119 D J Barton 6/1
    3 Go for a Stroll (NM) 6/G L A Sigala 118 T W Fincher 7/1
    4 Shining Source (NM) 9/G L E Gonzalez 121 B Rust 5/1
    5 Jet N G (NM) 5/G L R Chirinos 121 G W Cross 9/2
    6 Blazing Navarone (NM) 5/G L R Eikleberry 123 M Valdez-Cabral, Jr. 4/1
    7 Streaks Bro (NM) 8/G L K S Tohill 115 G W Cross 10/1
    8 Rig Time (NM) 5/G L L Contreras 123 W L Martin 3/1

    7) Mind That Bird (Sunland # 9) Post - 6:36 E
    1 Top Draw (KY) 3/C L E Gonzalez 121 M L Hernandez 6/1
    2 Stackin Silver (KY) 3/C L H Figueroa 121 R Baltas 3/1
    3 Exaulted (KY) 3/C L M E Smith 121 P Eurton 7/2
    4 Sir Rick (KY) 3/C L F Arrieta 121 R Diodoro 2/1
    5 Tappin Fora Dance (KY) 3/G L K S Tohill 121 J H Marr 10/1
    6 Jungle Runner (KY) 3/C L L Contreras 121 S M Asmussen 4/1

    8) Substitute for the substitute's substitute
    Red Hedeman Mile (Sunland # 10) Post --7:03 E
    1 West Dawn (NM) 3/G L L R Rodriguez 122 J C Gonzalez 8/1
    2 Go Now Go (NM) 3/G L S Laviolette 122 T W Fincher 4/1
    3 More Action (NM) 3/G L A Medellin 122 A P Valdez 10/1
    4 Effort N Results (NM) 3/G L K S Tohill 122 J H Marr 8/1
    5 Cerveza (NM) 3/G L R Chirinos 122 T W Fincher 12/1
    6 Ancient Land (NM) 3/G L L Contreras 122 C T Lambert 3/1
    7 Evacuee (NM) 3/G L A J Juarez, Jr. 122 T W Fincher 5/1
    8 On a Warpath (NM) 3/G L M T Fuentes, Jr. 122 J H Marr 8/1
    9 Shame On Powers (NM) 3/G L M A Perez 122 C C Lambert, Sr. 10/1
    10 Party King (NM) 3/G L R Eikleberry 122 A Gonzalez 12/1

    Also Eligibles:
    11 Tom T Who (NM) 3/G L K S Tohill 122 C C Lambert, Sr. 15/1
    12 Manoso (NM) 3/G L J R Coates 122 J R Gonzalez, Jr. 15/1
  • carolinarkansascarolinarkansas hot springs, arkansasMember
    Any Limit...Frank's Rockette
    Buena Vista...Sold It
    Downthedustyroad….Tiger Bait

    Maddie May...Myawaya
    Island Fashion...Caribbean Sea
    A/H Dominguez....Rig Time
    Mind That Bird...Jungle Runner
    Red Hedeman….Go Now Go

    I think....

  • The 3 Saturday races will be carried on FoxSports2.
    But we're stuck with tvg for Sunday.

    Any ideas about the Saudi Cup races? They're on the 29th. Don't know how much coverage they'll get on US tv. Especially as they are 8 hours ahead (and 5 centuries behind) us.

    Has anyone heard if the US horses are staying in the area... the ones going to Dubai... or returning here, then making another trip?
  • Any Limit: Sound Machine
    Buena Vista: Jolie Olimpiac
    Downthedustyroad: Blushing Bella

    Maddie May: Courageous Girl
    Island Fashion: Tacocat
    A/H Dominguez: Go for a Stroll
    Mind That Bird: Top Draw
    Red Hedeman: Cerveza
  • Any Limit: Sound Machine
    Buena Vista: Jolie Olimpiac
    Downthedustyroad: Georgia's Reward

    Maddie May: Myawaya
    Island Fashion: Shanghai Keely
    A/H Dominguez: Rig Time
    Mind That Bird: Stackin Silver
    Red Hedeman: Evacuee
  • carolinarkansascarolinarkansas hot springs, arkansasMember
    not doing well today....2 of my 3 horses have scratched today


    in the Buena Vista....Sold It scratched....I will go with Brill
    in the Downthedustyroad….Tiger Bait scratched....I will go with Proud Victoria
  • Not doing well either. Just drug myself out of bed to watch today's 3. Everyone here is sick. Ugh!
  • Guess Wezzie's sick too.
  • Fox is covering the 8th at Oaklawn and there's a 4 YO Baffert entered... and favorite. I didn't know he HAD anything over 3.
  • I think I may be dead in fact. :s
  • YO! Jose fractured his wrist at Gulfstream today. Not going to the Cup.
  • Wezzie said:

    I think I may be dead in fact. :s

    Sorry to hear that.
    Hope you feel better fast... haven't had any Chinese lately, have you?
  • ......and I just woke up. Poor Wezzie, I'll cancel that pickup order from the place you recommended.
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