Horse Players (A Betting Game)



  • Unless you enjoy living on the edge!
  • carolinarkansascarolinarkansas hot springs, arkansasMember
    get well soon....I have been having a pj day.....doing absolutely are my picks in todays races....2 finished last of the 4 races run third was in the race with no show wagering...of course....did get a second in the MTB...which did not cover the cost of the bet...ugh
  • Ummm... if MTB is Mind That Bird, you watched a different race than I did.

    In the last race, coming up in a few, out of 10 we have chosen 3 different horses with the same trainer.
  • Regular game

    1) Any Limit
    Franks Rockette -- 85      Sound Machine -- 43       Fujairah -- 26

    2) Buena Vista
    Keeper Ofthe Stars -- 950      Jolie Olympica -- 52        Mucho Unusual -- 30

    3) Downthedustyroad
    Bye Bye J -- 86      Matapan -- 184      Georgia's Reward -- 26

    4) Maddie May
    BigHerbie's Race, game points doubled
    Ice Princess-- (50) 100      Courageous Girl -- (128) 256       Myawaya -- (NP) 2NP

    5) Island Fashion
    Shanghai Keely -- 228      Brave Cinderella --262      Dynasty of Her Own -- 22

    6) Allen and Henry Dominguez Memorial
    Blazing Navarone -- 154      Rig Time-- 46      Go for a Stroll -- 42

    7) Mind That Bird
    Sir Rick -- 112      Top Draw -- 90      Stackin Silver -- 26

    8) Red Hedeman
    Effort N Results -- 490      Evacuee -- 122       Cerveza -- 34

    S.... 43 + 52 + 26 + *NP* + 228 + 46 + 26 + 122 = 543
    M... 43 + 52 + 0 + *256* + 0 + 42 + 90 + 34 = 517
    C.... 85 + 0 + 0 + *NP* + 0 + 46 + 0 + 0 = 131
  • Two O/D Challenge races coming up on the 19th.

    Davona Dale
    Fountain of Youth
    both 50 pointers at Gulfstream
  • Picker Challenge
    Dancing Destroyer is entered Feb. 28 (Friday) in Gulfstream # 9 (ALLOWANCE OPTIONAL CLAIMING)
  • Wellllllll, interesting week. I'll put the Challenge races on my picks, the Davona Dale and Fountain of Youth as well as the Spring Fever at Oaklawn and Mac Diarmida at Gulfstream.
  • Get back to you tomorrow... TWD is back!
  • The 29th,
    Bernardini at Aqueduct
    Black Gold at Fair Grounds
  • carolinarkansascarolinarkansas hot springs, arkansasMember
    I will go with the Gulfstream Park Mile on the 29th
  • And as the highest scorer in BigHerbie's Race
    I choose the Palm Beach at Gulfstream.
  • Don't know what the field is limited to but am willing to bet real money it will not be run in divisions like the Risen Star...

    Road To The Kentucky Oaks: Ninety Fillies Nominated For Ashland Stakes At Keeneland
  • Connected with Jan today and she is ok, just really busy. She'll be back with us when things calm down.
  • whoodler said:

    Connected with Jan today and she is ok, just really busy. She'll be back with us when things calm down.

    So good to hear that, Wh, thanks for relaying the news! :relieved:
  • Picker change:
    Dancing Destroyer will scratch from the race on Feb 28th and go, instead in a 5 furlong Allowance on the turf on Mar. 11th.
  • Picker Challenge
    Adding Dennis' Moment to my stable (entered in the Fountain of Youth at Gulfstream on Saturday.)
  • whoodlerwhoodler Member
    edited February 27
    Regular game

    1) Palm Beach (Gulfstream # 4) Post -12:57 E
    BigHerbie's Race game points doubled
    1 Tiesto (KY) 3/C L J Alvarado 118 W I Mott
    2 Bee Catcher (KY) 3/C L E S Prado 118 H G Motion
    3 Street Ready (KY) 3/C L C Landeros 118 I R Wilkes
    4 Sassy But Smart (FL) 3/C L J Bravo 118 K Condie
    5 Fancy Liquor (KY) 3/C L F Geroux 120 M J Maker
    6 Allgorilla (KY) 3/C L S Zapico 118 J Mejia
    7 South Bend (KY) 3/C L J R Leparoux 122 S M Hough
    8 Life On Top (KY) 3/C L R Maragh 118 J A Jerkens
    9 Turn of Events (KY) 3/C L P Lopez 118 M J Maker
    10 Famished (ON) 3/C L M Franco 118 J C Kimmel
    11 Fenwick Station (KY) 3/C L T Gaffalione 120 E Kenneally
    12 Vitalogy (GB) 3/C L J Castellano 118 B P Walsh

    2) Black Gold (Fair Grounds # 3) Post 2:28 E
    1 Jersey Cat Tale (KY) 3/C L J Graham 118 C J Deville 15/1
    2 Mishko (KY) 3/C L G Saez 118 J Sharp 6/1
    3 Kinenos (KY) 3/C L C J Hernandez 118 B H Cox 6/1
    4 Bodecream (KY) 3/G L D L Parker 122 D Pish 5/2
    5 Hieronymus (KY) 3/C L S Bridgmohan 122 B H Cox 7/5
    6 Pixelate (KY) 3/C L M Murrill 122 M Stidham 4/1

    3) Davona Dale (Gulfstream # 10) Post -- 3:59 Oaks Points
    1 Chart (KY) 3/F L J Bravo 118 G C Contessa
    2 Dream Marie (KY) 3/F L R Mitchell 120 M J Williams
    3 Emily's Oasis (KY) 3/F L C Landeros 118 I R Wilkes
    4 Nikki and Papa (OH) 3/F L F Olsson 118 R B Hess, Jr.
    5 Reluctant Bride (KY) 3/F L F Prat 118 P L Biancone
    6 Spice Is Nice (KY) 3/F L J R Velazquez 118 T A Pletcher
    7 Bayerness (KY) 3/F L F Geroux 120 C DeVaux
    8 Addilyn (KY) 3/F L E J Zayas 118 A Sano
    9 Tonalist's Shape (KY) 3/F L T Gaffalione 122 S A Joseph, Jr.

    4) Bernardini (Aqueduct # 8) Post -- 4:50 E
    1 Backsideofthemoon (KY) 8/G L E S Prado 118 R P Klesaris
    2 Patagonia (KY) 4/C L L A Rodriguez Castro 120 J Thomas
    3 Dynamax Prime (NY) 6/G L K Carmouche 118 R Atras
    4 Ekhtibaar (KY) 7/H L R Gutierrez 118 M Tannuzzo
    5 Armament (KY) 6/G L S Camacho, Jr. 118 E R Barker
    6 Adventist (KY) 7/G L J Bisono 124 U St. Lewis
    7 Leitone (CHI) 6/H L D Davis 118 J Servis
    8 Blugrascat's Smile (NY) 7/G L E Cancel 118 G Sciacca
    9 Heavy Roller (KY) 6/G L J A Vargas, Jr. 118 R Atras

    5) Gulfstream Mile (Gulfstream # 12) Post -- 5:01 E
    1 Bodexpress (KY) 4/C L E Jaramillo 118 G Delgado
    2 Haikal (KY) 4/C L R Maragh 118 K P McLaughlin
    3 Phat Man (KY) 6/G L J Castellano 124 J K Sweezey
    4 Forever Mo (KY) 4/C L M Meneses 118 A Delgado
    5 Zenden (KY) 4/C L J R Velazquez 118 T A Pletcher
    6 Expert (KY) 5/H L J Alvarado 118 D L Schettino
    7 True Timber (KY) 6/H L J Bravo 120 K P McLaughlin
    8 Rare Form (KY) 5/H L F Prat 118 D L Romans
    9 Mr Freeze (KY) 5/H L M Franco 124 D L Romans
    10 Do Share (KY) 7/G L J R Leparoux 120 N W Casse
    11 Hog Creek Hustle (KY) 4/C L T Gaffalione 122 V L Foley

    6) Mac Diarmida (Gulfstream # 13) Post - 5:32 E
    1 Morocco (KY) 6/G L H Sanchez 118 M J Maker
    2 Nessy (KY) 7/G L C Landeros 120 I R Wilkes
    3 A Thread of Blue (KY) 4/C L J Bravo 122 K P McLaughlin
    4 Sadler's Joy (KY) 7/H L J Castellano 124 T Albertrani
    5 Channel Maker (ON) 6/G L J Alvarado 122 W I Mott
    6 Zulu Alpha (KY) 7/G L T Gaffalione 124 M J Maker
    7 Admission Office (KY) 5/H L M Franco 118 B A Lynch
    8 Spooky Channel (KY) 5/G L J R Leparoux 124 B A Lynch
    9 Marzo (KY) 5/G L F Prat 124 M J Maker
    10 Armistice Day (KY) 4/G L E J Zayas 122 B J Minshall

    7) Fountain of Youth (Gulfstream # 14) Post --6:04 E Derby points
    1 Candy Tycoon (KY) 3/C L M Franco 118 T A Pletcher
    2 Makabim (KY) 3/G L M A Vasquez 118 D C Hurtak
    3 Masterday (KY) 3/C L C A Torres 118 G Zerpa
    4 The Falcon (KY) 3/C L M Meneses 118 A T Quartarolo
    5 Dennis' Moment (KY) 3/C L F Prat 124 D L Romans
    6 As Seen On Tv (FL) 3/C L P Lopez 122 K J Breen
    7 Country Grammer (KY) 3/C L J Castellano 118 C C Brown
    8 Gear Jockey (KY) 3/C L J R Leparoux 118 G R Arnold, II
    9 Liam's Lucky Charm (FL) 3/C L E J Zayas 122 R E Nicks
    10 Shotski (KY) 3/C L J R Velazquez 124 J O'Dwyer
    11 Ete Indien (KY) 3/C L F Geroux 120 P L Biancone
    12 Chance It (FL) 3/C L T Gaffalione 122 S A Joseph, Jr.

    8) Spring Fever (Oaklawn # 9) Post -- 6:09 E
    1 Artistic Diva (IL) 5/M L T Baze 115 J W Sadler
    2 Mt. Brave (KY) 4/F L R Santana, Jr. 115 S M Asmussen
    3 Break Even (KY) 4/F L J Talamo 115 B H Cox
    4 Amy's Challenge (KY) 5/M L A L Canchari 115 M Robertson
    5 Midnight Fantasy (LA) 4/F L M Garcia 115 J Sharp
    6 What a Fox (KY) 4/F L O Mojica 122 R Diodoro
  • Palm Beach: Sassy But Smart
    Black Gold: Pixelate
    Davona Dale: Spice Is Nice
    Bernardini: Adventist
    Gulfstream Mile: Expert
    Mac Diarmida: Chanel Maker
    FOY: Gear Jockey (Wh, you double posted the Mac Diarmida)
    Spring Fever: Amy's Challenge
  • whoodlerwhoodler Member
    edited February 27
    Ok, thanks I'll see what I skipped and edit.

    edit: all better now.
    Thank goodness it's Survivor night. I need some entertainment!
  • Don't forget O/D Challenge picks have to be posted by late Friday....
  • whoodler said:

    Don't forget O/D Challenge picks have to be posted by late Friday....

    Noted. just want to make sure no one else spikes fevers, etc.
  • carolinarkansascarolinarkansas hot springs, arkansasMember
    D/O challenge
    Davona Dale...Chart
    Fountain of Youth...Shotski
  • carolinarkansascarolinarkansas hot springs, arkansasMember
    Palm Beach...Street Ready
    Black Gold....Kinenos
    Davona Dale...Chart
    Gulfstream Mile...Zenden
    Mac Diarmida…..Sadler's Joy
    Fountain of Youth...Shotski
    Spring Fever...Mt. Brave
  • sarinne said:

    whoodler said:

    Don't forget O/D Challenge picks have to be posted by late Friday....

    Noted. just want to make sure no one else spikes fevers, etc.
    Who's got a fever?
  • Never mind. Made it to paulick and found out it's Green Light Go.
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