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This is just a forum where people can post things like information or pictures of their favorite race horses and we can just have some fun with the horses that are named on this forum


  • I know he may not go down as one of the greats but I loved following Funny Cide (maybe I am partial to NY breds :) I got to see him race in person twice and just loved how he seemed to be all heart - hope to visit him one day at the Kentucky Horse park!image
  • Funny Cide is also one of my favorites I love his Derby especially coming down to the end "The Gusty Gelding Funny Cide Has Won The Kentucky Derby" one of my favorite calls to this day. I am also hoping that one day i will be able to go down to the Kentucky Horse Park and see him
  • Lost in the Fog, last year's Eclipse Award-winning sprinter, was euthanized Sept. 17, three weeks after doctors found three cancerous tumors in his spleen and along his back.
    The charismatic champion with the crooked blaze began his career with 10 consecutive victories, a streak that was broken when he finished unplaced in the 2005 TVG Breeders' Cup Sprint (gr. I) at Belmont Park.

    "We accomplished what we wanted to do," said trainer Greg Gilchrist Sept. 18. "It was all about giving him quality (time). We did everything we could for him. He was happy and content right up to the end. He went quietly and easily."

    Gilchrist had just finished grazing Lost in the Fog outside his barn at Golden Gate Fields on the San Francisco Bay Sept. 17, which he did twice daily, and was heading to the paddock to saddle a horse when Lost in the Fog went into distress.

    During a teleconference held later in he day, Gilchrist said it was tough to say goodbye to Lost in the Fog.

    "It was very emotional," said Gilchrist. "I probably won't ever get over it. I always said when it got too bad, Lost in the Fog would let me know. I think he did yesterday. If he was a person, he would have said, 'It's time.' That's life and we have to deal with it. People come and go. I'll just see him on the other side."

    It was unclear whether Lost in the Fog was already suffering the effects of his illness at last year's Breeders' Cup, as doctors noted the tumors may have been growing for up to a year. As a 4 year old this season, Lost in the Fog won once, taking the Aristides Breeders' Cup Handicap (gr. III) at Churchill Downs in June. He captured 11 of 14 starts and earned $978,099.

    Lost in the Fog, the most popular horse to come out of Northern California since Seabiscuit, was owned by San Francisco real-estate magnate Harry Aleo. The gruff octogenarian endeared himself to racing fans by firmly refusing to sell his star runner, even when the offers climbed into the high seven figures. "What the hell would I do that for?" Aleo asked. "I've been waiting all my life for a horse like this, and if I took all those millions I'd still be sitting here today doing what I'm doing, and I wouldn't have that horse that has given me all this excitement and enjoyment. I'm not in the selling business. I'm in the racing business."

    Read more on BloodHorse.com: http://www.bloodhorse.com/horse-racing/articles/35355/champion-lost-in-the-fog-euthanized#ixzz32UyFCrc9
  • Speaking of Lost In The Fog born February 4, 2002- died September 17, 2006
    He will be missed RIP Lost In The Fog he was also a fun horse to watch race
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    Just love Funny Cide. Saw him in NJ when he came to the Haskell. Waited 3 hours at the rail of the paddock for him to walk down. Wanted a front row position because people were 10 deep. He also broke the Monmouth Park attendance record for that day which record still stands.
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    Tough as nails too, was running his last few races with tumors in him
  • Ruffian was another of my all time favs. Due to a stupid battle of the sexes match race, we will never know how truly great she could of been. RIP Ruffian.
  • that is true. Another one of my favorite horses that actually left us in 2002 during the Breeders Cup Mile is Landseer who sadly broke his leg and was euthanized.
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    Yup BC Mile (turf). Broke his leg just below the knee. He unfortunately was running around on three legs after that. It was quite horrific
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    That pic of him is literally of him in the post parade before the tragic race
  • Beautiful animal. Traced back to buckpasser
  • Ruffian was amazing and such a pretty horse.
    Of course there is Go For Wand who was amazing until her fatal fall in the 1990 Breeders Cup Distaff
    Then Eight Belles who sadly was put down in the 2008 Kentucky Derby after finishing second to Big Brown
    Pine Island was another filly that i like to watch race but she also had a fatal fall in the 2006 Breeders Cup Distaff that year was just not a good year for race horse fans at all
    Rough Sailing was a good looking 2 year old before he slipped on the turf in 2011 and was later euthanized
  • That pic of him is literally of him in the post parade before the tragic race
    my computer wasnt loading any of the good pictures of him and that was the only good one that would load the only other ones that were loading were pictures of his accident and pictures of different horses

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    I remember those years. It was breakdown after breakdown. Definitely wasnt a good yr for racing on national tv
  • yeah. 2006 was just a horrible year it started great with the Kentucky Derby but just went down hill at least for me when Barbaro got hurt in the Preakness and then when Pine Island broke down in the Distaff then the next year with George Washington in the 2007 Breeders Cup Classic after Curlin won and i believe Hard Spun finished second in that race and then Street Sense i believe finished third. George Washington was euthanized after a dislocated ankle fracture
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    The reason for Rough Sailing's death is due to the fact Churchill thought it a great idea to water the turf course before that race. Rough Sailing slipped on the first turn, threw rosie napravnik (that was the yr she was getting banged up as well, people thought she had bad luck), he then got up and ran on but his leg wasnt right. It was cuz he had broken a shoulder. The vet said when preessing on the shoulder u could feel the bones crunching. Stupid Churchill
  • Remember watching the derby on t.v. that year. Was kinda hoping Eight Bells would win. Didn't even realize at first something had happened to her. Very tragic.
  • yeah. I dont remember him getting up and then running i remember him getting up and standing there but i might of just missed that. At first when it happened i thought he looked find but i was kind of worried cause it looked like he landing hard on his hip it was only until after i found out that he was euthanized that it was because of his shoulder. and i got the date wrong that happened in 2010 not 2011
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    NBC or ABC showed him getting up and running off immediately. We all thought he was fine cuz he did that but nope. Its a shame
  • I thought something was wrong when they were showing Big Brown and he like got spooked but i thought that maybe it was just because he still had more in the tank or got spooked for some odd reason until they showed Eight Belles laying there then i knew that something was just not right and i had a feeling that it wasnt going to be a good outcome
  • it must of been me cause i dont remember seeing him run off and i watched the live broadcast i just dont remember it
  • Sad thread!
  • RachelRachel Member
    its not supposed to be really lol
  • yeah it wasnt suppose to be a sad thread it was suppose to be a nice thread but it kind of took a turn haha
  • Not meaning to be sad. just some of my favorite horses met with tragic ends.
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