What if?..........

What if California Chrome wins the triple crown????? What if he doesn't?????
I guess well find out!
Eeeeeek!!!!! I can't wait, can you?


  • Big important question!!! I am totally hoping he can crush the Belmont, but this scenario has been played out with disappointment so many times, my heart is reluctant to go full speed ahead!!
  • That is an important question. I have a feeling that he will crush the Belmont field though but maybe that is the reason that i feel that way is that the past couple of night i have been having dreams that he gets off to a great start and then takes the lead at the top of the stretch and then pulls away heading for home with only Ride On Curlin and Commanding Curve closing but they dont get close to California Chrome and he wins
  • I had nightmare (mare haha see what i did there!) once that California Chrome was running in the Belmont then he is in the lead after........ BOOM he trips and shatters his leg (left front)!!!!!!! Why did i put exclamation point thats sad
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