The loss of a beloved pet

Thought I'd open this discussion. So many pets touch our lives and make us whole. The loss of one can be very difficult to cope with. @AriesChild had to put down her beloved dog today. Our hearts go out to her. I'm sure many, if not all, of us can relate to a situation. This is a forum for remembering those beloved pets.


  • Mine were Rex, Sadie, and Baker. Rex a Shepherd/Husky mix and the other two full blooded Shepherds. Rex was a stray someone left to fend for himself. We had him fifteen years. The day I had to put him down, the vet had done a complete workup on him and said he couldn't even hear a heartbeat but it was more like a small "rumble". He sticks out most in my mind because the day we had him fixed, the vet said to keep him calm and don't let him jump. I loaded him in the car and stopped by the local Dairy Queen to see my sister. He literally crawled through the drive thu window. If that wasn't a sight. They were all dear to me though. Sadie too was a stray. My most recent Shepherd was Shadow. Solid black fluffball of a dog. German lines. She shed so much in the spring the birds used her hair to build their nest. She is not gone though. Gave her to a guy who could offer her a better life. I still grieve for her though.
  • My sympathies, AriesChild. I had to put my 12yo MinPin, Kady, to sleep last April and of course I miss her still. I just donated all of her unused medications to the vet's office so guardians of deserving patients might be able to use them.
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    RIP Roxy.....gone 6 wks....will miss her always
  • AriesChild, sorry to hear about your dog, it's always heartbreaking going through that. We've had to euthanize 4 cats and 1 dog through the years and it's always just gut wrenching. RIP kitties (Boogie, Max, Tupid and Herbie Dumpster; RIP best Basset Hound ever, Moose). Sadness writing this but it also caused a little smile - all wonderful family members.
  • I know how you feel, @AriesChild. I had to put down my childhood dog Tasha down almost a year ago. The good news is I was lucky enough to have the support of the amazing people on this forum, and you do too. It's not going to be easy at first, but it will get better. Just know that you have people to talk to if you ever need to.
  • My sympathies, AriesChild. I had to put my 12yo MinPin, Kady, to sleep last April and of course I miss her still. I just donated all of her unused medications to the vet's office so guardians of deserving patients might be able to use them.
    Though very sorry for your loss, I think it just awesome you donated unused meds. Not too many people think to do this. Hats off to you @Joanna_Tx

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    So sorry for your loss, AriesChild; and for everyone else who has lost a pet. I automatically give all unused meds back to the vet so the vet can distribute or dispose of them appropriately.

    I don't think we ever get over losing our beloved pet (family member). Yes, you can always get another pet but you can never "replace" the one you lose.

    I've had to put down several pets over the years. The last one I lost was 3 years ago. He was 14 at the time and was a rescued Corgi-Shepherd mix. My other dog who is a rescue seemed to know the day I was putting him down and she never left his side. She was heart-broken, stopped playing, stopped chewing her bone, and went into a deep depression. I was afraid I would lose her too. So I took her to the pound and we adopted another rescue for her. Now, she is back to normal and she and her new sister are inseparable. And me, I still miss him and think about him often.

    The worst feeling in the world is to bring your dog to the vet and have to leave with an empty leash.
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    it doesnt hurt me as much as the loss of my other pets but i had a Beta Fish that recently died. He lived for 4 years
  • That's a long time for a fish. You must have taken very good care of him.
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    i did lol, he ate good too. called him Galeru (Gal-eh-ru), it means Rainbow Serpent. I called him that cuz one day when he was swimming around he swirled in a tight circle with his tail touching his head and he just looked like a curled up snake. He was all kinds of colors. when he was a baby he was a mix of purple white and pink. But as he got older he started to change colors. When he finally became an adult his colors were Dark Blue, Emerald Green, Purple, and Pink. If you know what Chameleon Paint is, then thats how the colors in him changed when looking at him at different angles.
  • Mine were Hoss, Buffy, Mr. Gates, Snowie, Baby, Tera, and Dom.... And for all I know, Giles is in there too. RIP my furry friends =( I will be with you again someday.
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    My deepest sympathy for the loss of your baby, AriesChild. I have lost many pets through the years and it never gets easier. Recently I lost 3 yorkies, Quita, Medow and Jax, that I had for many years, they were like my children. Sometimes I swear I still see one of them out of the corner of my eye or feel one of them jump up on the bed beside me and lay down....... I think it is one of my dogs I have now but I look and nothing is there. I wonder, do they really leave us ?
  • @slewpy Hats off to you too. Donating med so those less fortunate can have benefit from them. And you are very right. The worst feeling in the world taking you dog to the vet and leaving with an empty leash.
  • @carolinarkansas sorry for your loss too. The pets who have touched our lives with be forever remembered for the love they put in our hearts. God bless. @Rachel sorry for your loss too. Obviously he was more than just a fish to you. Someone to come home too. I have a pond, a small freshwater, and huge saltwater aquarium and love them all. PETS ARE PEOPLE too.
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    I always like to say that dont mourne the loss of your pet so much, cuz there are always more to love again. Dont close your heart to other animals, as there are others that need to be loved. I like to think of it as there will be more that come my way that will fill my life with joy, and in the end i will get to see all of them again. And then i imagine a stampede of all the animals i have ever loved rushing to meet me at the pearly gates and i laugh out loud.
  • Until every animal you show love too is taken from you too soon..... Eventually you get scared to love any animal in fear it will die a tragic, painful, premature death. Lol
  • Arieschild, I am so sorry for your loss. It's one of the toughest things you can go through. The most recent loss I had was my beloved Buddy who died right before Cozmic One was born. His loss was the hardest so far and it still hurts and I still cry. I know you are devastated and I am so sorry you are having to go through it. You will be in my thoughts.
  • I have had to say good-bye to many over the years. The dogs were all collies or shelties. The collies were Ruff, Laddie, and Paddy, the shelties were Blue, Smokey, and Pepper. Most of our cats were rescues, Tiger, Marmalade, Smokie, Prissy, Chris, Sugar, Angel, Hershey and Clover. Clover still hurts, she was feral and learned that the inside is really good. She was somewhere between 15 and 19. Then there were the horses, Fancy and Spring. But I really was devastated when the filter on the aquarium got clogged and we lost Atilla, the cinnamon clown that we had for nearly 6 years, and Hawkeye, a hawkfish that lived for 6 months with Atilla. That was a record.
  • @Springsmom83. Know what you mean. I have a pair of clownfish I've had for about 7 years now. Lost the female this past winter due to a faulty heater. Crazy ain't it? All animals loved.
  • I have lost so many pets in my life. I had four dogs when i was little an Australian Shepherd Shepherd Mix named Ziggy, a Rough Collie Pit Bull Mix named Iggy, a Doberman Rottweiler Mix named Racer, and then a Beaglier (a cavalier king charles spaniel beagle mix) named Ringo. Ziggy was 4 when he got cancer the first time he was a fighter though he fought it for three years and beat it the first time at the age of 7 but then 2 years later he got it again and fought it for another 2 years but his body just couldnt handle it anymore he was my childhood dog. Iggy saved the lives of mine and a couple of our baby goats when she came out of no where and actually took on two wolves she was another one of my childhood dogs, Racer and Ringo where also amazing we lost Racer at the age of 13 he liked chasing the horses (even though he was blind dont know how or why but he was a rescue dog) and well one day a horse got the better of him and well there was nothing we could do he had a punctured lung. Ringo though was amazing we lost him about 6 years ago he had gotten hit by a car as a puppy and lost his front left leg but was still bouncy as ever and then when he turned 15 he got hit again and died in my arms. there have been so many after that though that it makes me tear up just thinking of them.
    I feel your pain though @AriesChild and everyone else who has lost those pets that have touched our hearts. we Recently had to put down 2 of our Pitbulls Tarzan was 19 years old he was blind and deaf and had arthtis, then Rumble was our victorian bulldog pitbull mix he was 15 years old got cancer and had to put him down about 4 months ago
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    Wow o.o thats alot of losses :(
  • In order:

    Schultz (Maltese we think)
    Sandy (German Shepherd)
    Jessie (German Shepherd)
    Maggie (German Shepherd)
    Freya (Norwegian Elkhound)
    Rocky (Rhodesian Ridgeback)
    Mason (Boxer Mastiff mix)

    All of the above were rescues in one form or another, whether pulled off the street (Schultz) or plucked from the pound (Freya, Rocky, Mason) or adopted from breed-specific rescue groups (the 3 shepherds).

    The loss of Mason was the one that hurt the most. He was only 6. We currently have a wild & crazy brindle Boxer named Riley. Having done my share of rescues, we got Riley from a reputable breeder even though the breeder wanted to cull Riley due to his many health issues. We've dealt with his issues and the breeder is astounded that Riley is still with us. :)

    So sorry for your loss @AriesChild.
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    My very first dog was a boxer. Best dog ive ever had. We got her in 2000 or 2001 and she died of kidney failure January of 2008. We had to put her down....i still remeber that day. We got her cremated with her favorite monkey toy and blanket. I was broken hearted about it for a long time, but we still had our other dog, she went with us when we put our boxer down. The first pet you get is always the hardest to let go :(
  • Wow o.o thats alot of losses :(
    Yes it is but my family has had dogs all of my life so that's the reason, like right now I have six dogs but I have a huge house a plenty of room for them. Right now I have a red Merle Australian Shepherd named Deuce, a blue Merle Rough Collie named Tex, a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retrevier named Gracelyn, a Dogue De Bordeaux named Hooch, a German Shorthaired Pointer named Shiloh, and a German Wirehaired Pointer named Shiraz. Deuce, Gracelyn, and Shiraz are females and Tex short for Texas, Hooch, and Shiloh are aes
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    Here is the order of my losses
    Iggy (Rough Collie Pit Bull)
    Racer (Doberman Rottweiler)
    Ziggy (Australian Shepherd German Shepherd)
    Ringo (Beaglier)
    Sammi (Samoyed)
    Sage (American Rottweiler)
    Gordon (German Rottweiler)
    Casper (Siberian Husky)
    Binding (Alaskan Malumute)
    Bear (Tibetan Mastiff)
    Casino (Newfoundland)
    Nova (Great Pryenese)
    Lucky(Great Dane)
    Otis (Irish Wolfhound)
    Irish (Scottish Deerhound)
    Logan (chocolate lab)
    Buck (German Shepherd)
    Spots (Dalmation)
    Sheba (Chow Chow)
    Juma (Shear Pei)
    Red (Viszla)
    Ghost (Weirmeraner)
    Tarzan (Pit Bull)
    Rumble (Victorian Bulldog Pit Bull)

    As you can tell I have had those breeds that have a horrible bad reputation
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