Royal Delta



  • Three pieces...triangles...triangular
    Greek letter
    Seeking stars
    Star seeker
  • I love the name ideas. Theres so many ways you can go with it
  • Galileo was SO much more than an astronomer... philosopher, mathematician, engineer... and had a huge influence on the science of today. He is called the father of physics, among other things he is the "father" of. He was investigated by the Roman Inquisition and found guilty of heresy for some of his views (heliocentrism, for one) and spent the rest of his life under house arrest. One of his discoveries was sunspots and then there were the Galilean Moon.
  • I know he was, but he is best known as an astronomer. Its what everyone thinks when they hear his name, that's just what I went off of.
  • Me too.
    Although Royal Compass isn't bad....
  • Nope, she's a gorgeous filly. I wish they would consider our well thought of names, we are thinking up some good ones.
  • A girl can't be a compass?

    They probably have their own ideas about what her name should be, based on their experiences with her parents, not just mom and dad's names.
  • when it comes to reading directions, the girls do have it down pat :P
  • Well, that's the truth!
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