Against the Odds

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Been working on how to write this story for a long time.... And decided it was best to try a completely new style of writing to me. Behold, Paynter's story:

Chapter One: My Story: Haskell Fever

What's up? Paynter here. Many of you know me as a rich, high-living, G1 winner (and of course, I am. Duh.) but it didn't always remain so. You see, I was at the top of my game.... I had just won a huge race and was the biggest badass of all time, oh yeah! I had everything going for me....
But then something went very wrong, and the truest, and biggest battle of my entire life had began. I am Paynter, and this is my story...

Hmm.... I'd say it all started right after I'd won the biggest race of my career; the Haskell Invitational. Everyone was celebrating, and I was the center of attention.... With cameras and pets all around me, berrading me with questions (though my stupid pets kept answering for me.). I felt just fine then; I hadn't a care in the world, and I had no reason too. (Oi! No touching of the royal coat!)

But that all changed two days later.

I was hot, so very hot.... It felt stifling. And my stomach.... I was feeling so sick I didn't even really want to touch my food; though I'd nibble what I could at the times I felt better. Furthermore, my pets stuck something up my butt! That was very uncomfortable. But after that they all gathered and one of them pet me softly on the neck. Normally I wouldn't put up with this, as the royal coat is off limits.... But I was just too sick to even think of fighting back.
The day after I was given some very sour, bitter stuff.... And, unusually, didn't do my normal routine. However I was thankful for this, as the very thought of running was just defeating. But I think my pets gave me a break, in the hopes I would get better....

I actually did.

After a brief visit to a strange place where people poked and prodded me with random things (which I told them not to do, but did anyway.) so... I promptly bit them. A few days later I felt great once more, and was now heading back from that annoying spot to my home. I hate trailers.... But I do often enjoy watching the world go by as I shift from destination to destination; just watching the scenery through my window as I feel the breeze waft in. Sooner than I'd have liked, however, I arrived at my.... Home? Nah.
It was more like my vacation home... With a big, sandy track and cool, damp air coming into my lungs. I remember being at that place for, what was probably the biggest race of my career. People say I lost, but I disagree.
I knew I was going to be in a race... I was certainly training like it. But the race never came! I was training and training but by the time I thought the race would roll around... It didn't. Then I went back to normal training. It was very confusing.
But my heart sank, as I felt myself get sick again.... This time it was worse though. I just felt too sick to eat ANYTHING.... And I felt like I was burning up, like I was on fire or something. I remember being rushed onto a trailer and going to another one of those annoying places.... I think my pets did it in the hopes I would get better again.

I didn't.


  • Feel free to correct me on anything. As I can only drudge up what I remember and what the internet gives me.
  • Of Forum posters that come to mind re Paynter in the time of his difficulties, I think Casey knew him and his connections best. Remarkable horse; remarkable story.
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