Happy Birthday to my Zenny!

My name is Scott, and today (July 19) my daughter Zenny is turning 3 years old!

Yes, I named my human daughter Zenny after Zenyatta.

We were big fans of Zenyatta (of course), and finally took our first trip to see her for the Breeders' Cup in 2010. My wife wasn't acting herself, and was tired most of the trip. We later found out that she was pregnant.

On April 1, 2011 we had the ultrasound that told us we were having a girl. When I told my wife that April 1 was Zenyatta's birthday, we both agreed that it was fate that we would have to name our daughter Zenny.

What better name could there be for a girl? We want her to be smart, strong and beautiful. We want her to not be afraid to "take on the boys" (and beat them!), we want her to never give up, no matter how far behind she may be. And eventually, we want her to be a great mother (although not with as many fathers as Zenyatta has been with).

People we meet, and our family, love her name, even if they think the backstory is a little strange. My wife ran into Mike Smith at Arlington, and he even thought our name choice was a little crazy.

Zenny loves going to the racetrack with us, and loves watching the races on TV. She's already been to the Kentucky Derby. Her favorite track announcer is Tom Durkin (annnnnnnd they're off). And lately she's been running around the house yelling "ils son partis" (Evangeline Downs). She's pretty big for her age just like her namesake, so I don't think being a jockey is in her future.

I would love to get the opportunity to take her to meet Zenyatta, but I think we are going to wait maybe 2 years to try so it could be something she could hopefully remember.

So Happy Birthday to my Zenny. There is only one Zenyatta, and there is only one Zenny!


  • Happy birthday, Zenny! Well done to you and your wife for thinking out of the box on names. lol at Mike Smith thinking it was a little crazy.

    Maybe if Zenny never meets Zenyatta she will be able to meet Coz, Zi or 14Z. Zenyatta puts a huge part of herself in her babies, so it would be the next best thing. :-)
  • JanDJanD Member
    Wishing Zenny a very Happy Birthday!
  • Happy Birthday Zenny. How you got your name will always provide you an "ice breaker" for a topic of conversation. :)
  • Happy Birthday Zenny! I love your name!
  • RachelRachel Member
    Wow, this is awesome. Happy Birthday!
  • VA_in_CAVA_in_CA Member
    edited July 2014
    Happy Birthday to the human Zenny. I also named my SealPoint Siamese Cat after Zenyatta and call her Zenny. But that's okay. I'm sure none of the Zennies mind sharing.

    Thanks for sharing your story with us, Scott.
  • Happy Birthday, Zenny!!!
  • Happy birthday to Zenny!!!! just a heads up I have a new forum called Real Life Pets check it out
  • Happy Birthday Zenny! What a beautiful name you have.
  • Wishing you a very Happy Birthday, Zenny!
  • and many moooore... (that's me singing)
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