Real Life Pets



  • I adopted an orphan kitten on my 17th birthday. She lived to be 18, and was a indoor kitty. I miss her so much. Bailey was kind of a "therapy cat" for my grandmother when she was dying of cancer and they would curl up and sleep together. Precious memories. I hope you make some with Cookie. Bailey put up with my dogs, but I don't think I'll ever have another cat again, it's just easier. So I'll come here for my kitty fix. :heart:
  • I asked for an orange cat for Christmas when I was three. She died when I was 21. I was devastated. I have had dogs or cats or dogs and cats since. Most of my cats lived to 16 or above. Right now my year old pup is enough of a handful. He loves cats, though, and I wouldn't rule out getting a cat when Fynn settles down. Right now he is in love with the neighbor cat.
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