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    I hope the tumor is benign...glad Daniel came through without a hitch lauraj_cincinnati! :oD
  • The internist (who is not the surgeon) says that even if the tumor is malignant, the 1-year survival rate for this type of lung tumor is about 65%, so it's more likely than not that the surgery was worth it for both of us. :-)
  • LauraJ
    That is good news. Safe recovery Daniel.
    Hugs, Keta
  • So glad to hear the promising news about Daniel, Lauraj! Continued best wishes to both he and you!
  • I am glad that Daniel is doing good.
  • Daniel spent a good night at the vet. He's still very dopey, but they were able to get him on his feet briefly. Vet says that drainage is not excessive and looks normal. They expect him to be up more tomorrow. They'll offer him some food today.
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  • Daniel is home! He's bandaged up and not particularly comfortable, but at least he has his favorite bed to lie on. He wants to be petted constantly. I may be sleeping with him on the floor tonight.

    Pathology report is not back yet.
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    I think Daniel is saying...I did good right mama? But I need some comfort it still hurts...that was some scary experience I had at the hospital...and thank you for bringing me back home too! feels good to be home! :oD
  • Yay, lauraj, I'm so glad he's home! A pet in pain is so awful because you understand why, but they don't. Hopefully, he will start feeling better soon. A few nights on the floor may be the best thing for now. I've been there and sometimes you just have to do it.
  • Well, I only slept on the floor for two nights then moved to the couch. I have to work tomorrow, so I'm going back to my own bedroom tonight.

    Right now I am having difficulty getting Daniel to eat. I resorted to a syringe tonight--chicken baby food mixed with rice milk. He was not happy about that. He's had trouble keeping things down. He went to the vet yesterday for some hydration. He received an injectable antibiotic so that he doesn't have to have oral antibiotics that were hard on his stomach.

    The tumor turned out to be cancerous, but the surgeon is confident she got the whole thing, and she didn't see any evidence of enlarged lymph nodes or see any other lesions. He will start chemo in a few weeks, after he's healed.
  • Prayers for Daniel
  • Sending positive energy for Daniel's healing and return of appetite. Thank you for the update.
  • Power UP, Daniel.
  • Amen! Power UP Daniel
  • Thanks for the well wishes, everyone. Daniel got his staples out today. His incision healed well. He has some inflammation in his chest and has been given prednisone for that. He also has an anti-nausea med and an appetite stimulant. He was given a cute holiday bandanna by the vet's office. He won't start chemo until he's gotten back some of his strength.
  • image

    We have been getting alot of snow here in western New York - Piper doesn't mind!
  • Lol aww
  • What kind of dog is she?
  • Im gunna say Long Haired Dachshund
  • I'm thinking Australian shepherd, maybe.
  • I'm going go go Collie mix.
  • Yeah, Rachel! Long Haired Doxie! I have a mini! She gets shaved at the groomer and looks a bit like that pic.
  • They have a distinctive sweet face i just fall in love with
  • I think she looks a little to big to be a doxie. I could be wrong though
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