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  • Well anyone's guess is as good as ours as to what Piper is! @Rachel she is the one i said we were told was a Plott Hound mix in her rescue papers - not even close i would say! But the consensus is she is a long haired doxie/sheltie mix - she has long legs a long body and is about 30 lbs. We've met one of her brothers and hes got short legs. Would be fun to get her dna tested and see whats really in there :)
  • Thats odd lol. Whatever she is she sure is cute!
  • PlainBays, I was way off, but she is precious! Such a pretty face!
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    deleted @louisecastello, gonna review how to post again. The pic came up every time I clicked it but not sure whats wrong.
  • @marepower, For some reason the photo is not showing for me. Is it working for everyone else?
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    My current old girl. Mama, grandma, almost 9, spayed and still going strong. I think she's quite pretty myself. ;-) Hope you don't mind that I share...........

    photo NAMI20132NDDAYBOSVETERANANDSELECT_zpsc89ca07f.jpg

  • PS: That funky coat is from being's common in setters, but we love our frosted faces that are fixed
  • not at all @sarrine, she is gorgeous. My friend had one of these dogs. Definitely can be high energy.
  • Thanks @marepower ! Yes, they can be high energy, but a great family dog too! :)
  • Oh @sarrine, she is beautiful! I think she looks so good. Share as many photos as you want. Dog pictures never get old to me.
  • @sarinne she is beautiful. At first I thought she was a mix but I am going to say that she is a purebred?
  • thank you everyone. Yes, @CaliforniaChrome1121 she is a purebred Irish setter, just has an icky spay coat. her name is Nami, GCh U-Ch Ambition Black Sands. Here she was at a younger age:

    photo Namiterryall.jpg

    She is the maternal granddam of the puppies in my profile pic. BTW all these pics are my personal property.
  • That's why I thought she was a mix. That's so weird that her cot did that, my cousins female setter's coats never did that or at least from what I can remember they always looked normal. That is kind of interesting.
  • my aunt had a mix 1/2 irish setter and 1/2 black lab. She had the long coat of the setter but she was solid black
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    Well she did some fine winning, even with that icky coat - in that pic she is shown going BOS in Veteran Sweeps and Select Bitch to a five point specialty grand championship major from the veteran class. In non-dog talk, a big deal. To equate to horses......maybe winning a grade three race, or at least a stakes. It was her last show. She is now content to sleep on the couch during the day, and on my bed at night. ;-)
  • I can't even imagine the hours you put in to "prepare" for a show. Grooming the dog and all that. Were they all local shows or did you have to travel?
  • Oh I've been coast to coast for shows from CA to VA........the above show photo is in Greeley, CO. Prep time and grooming time for a show dog depends on age and sex of your dog (in setters). Heavily coated males have to be bathed daily to preserve their feathering (because of the urine). Puppies, just a bath and a brush out. But for the regular dog owner (non show person), just a weekly bath and brushing (like with any coated dog), is all that is really needed. :-)
  • My cousin's friend who use to bird hunt with him had 2 Labrador Retrievers, 2 Golden Retrievers, and then he had these two mixed breeds they were 1/2 Flat Coated Retriever and 1/2 Irish Setter. They were brother and sister and they looked nothing alike. The male was built more like his dad which was a setter and hewas black with a white blotch on his chest, he was also a very large dog. The female was smaller and built more like his mom a Flat Coated Retriever but she had that rich red color like an Irish setter and had white paws. They were very interesting to look at, I haven't seen them for years so I don't even know if they are still around.
  • Nice pics. My family raised Irish Setters. My experience with Setters under thread new dog.
  • Wait - why is her coat icky? I'm not familiar with setters but it looks pretty to me!
  • I showed Afghan Hounds for a number of years(mostly in '70s) about coat prep! My CH was a bitch so the coat cycling thru seasons while doing shows was dicey. But a whole lot of fun was had!
  • When I was a kid, I wished that my hair were the color of an Irish Setter's coat.

    Anyway, @ Sarinne, your girl is lovely. I adore seeing the veterans show. I don't have show dogs myself, but I belong to a local Doberman club and know people that do show. I handle trophies for the club, so I attend a couple of shows a year. The veterans always get a nice ovation, and they deserve it.

    SO, who plans to watch Westminster? It's coming up in 10 days.
  • @lauraj_cincinnati ME!!!!! I have it marked on my calender.
  • Thank you, everyone, for you kind words about Nami!!!! :-) @lauraj_cincinnati -- you are very good to help your local club. Coming up with volunteers for shows sometimes can be like pulling teeth! And I always wanted red hair too! lol I will definitely be watching Westminster this year. It's an interesting judging panel. I'm wondering if we are going to have some politics come into play, and have the usual suspects get put up, or have some judges step up and judge the dogs. We shall see........

    @marepower -- if you look in the first pic, Nami's coat is fuzzy and orangey, it's because she was spayed then, and when setters get altered they get what we call a "spay coat" because of the lack of hormones to support that lovely tight jacket and silky feathering that's that beautiful mahogany we come to expect in an Irish setter. Here's another pic of Nami at around three years old. Can you tell the difference between her then and in the first pic? (oh and BTW, I love your user name. We have a saying in dogs.... "Bitches Rule" LOL)

    photo Nami007.jpg

  • I can see the difference but beautiful anyway
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