• Is Liam's Map actually going to the Classic, or is he headed to the Dirt Mile?

    Yeah, I really doubt the travel is going to be a big issue. Remember she nearly flipped in the Oaks post-parade and still ran huge.
  • You are impugning my enthusiasm for her--kind of snarky isn't it?
    You have a problem with snarky? Confidence in her ability is one thing, "No doubts" means... blind faith. Like in the Pope. And even He said he was playing both Pharoah and Beholder.

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    Boy oh boy...what a classic it's shaping up to be. We still have a ways to go and the jgc this weekend, but man. Just imagine the rock fight down the stretch with liams map, the pharo and beholder. Yikes...
    If honor code stays in form he'll be the waiting to pounce.
    As far as travel is concerned. Gary feels she can travel just fine and has been the victim of circumstances each time things went sideways. Injuries and sickness.
    Gary has no doubts.
    Except for circumstances... things going sideways. Injuries and sickness.

  • Yes I do have a problem with snarky. Don't like to be targeted.
  • Let us end it here. Not necessary to escalate. If you don't like the way I express myself, ignore my comments. K
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    A poll on the Paulick Report: If Beholder wins the Breeder's Cup Classic, should she be voted HOY?
  • When I checked early today, "no" was way ahead.
  • It looks like the vote is getting closer.
  • 48% percent Beholder to 51% AP.
  • Not a controlled sample, though. :)
  • And it's not an election. The winner won't be decided by "fans." It's one of those unfortunate twists of fate that they are both racing so well in the same year.
  • I think it's a wonderful twist. To find multiple horses training and racing at such a high level. The pharo will get his divisional award and beholder hers. All good and wonderful.

    After the race let the debate rage.
  • IMO, even if AP gets dead last in the BCC, he still deserves HOY. Nothing can take away his Triple Crown victory. But that's just me...
  • IMO, even if AP gets dead last in the BCC, he still deserves HOY. Nothing can take away his Triple Crown victory. But that's just me...
    I agree!

  • He will get it because of TC win. I still voted for B in poll. All good. K They are both fabulous!
  • He will get it because of TC win. I still voted for B in poll. All good. K They are both fabulous!
    They are absolutely both fabulous! It's almost too bad they're racing like this the same year...Beholder would probably nab it if AP wasn't in the picture. But it does add a lot of intensity to the upcoming BCC!
  • Andy Forminio ‏@aform3 · Sep 28 2015
    Zenyatta used the Lady’s Secret as prep for BC Classic in ’09.
    Beholder used same race (now Zenyatta stakes) Saturday to prep for Classic
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    You know, it is good for horseracing if a stellar cast appears for BCC!
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    Paulick report today. All signs point to BCC for Beholder, according to trainer. Hard to do links from phone.
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    I liked Stevens' s description of her intelligence.
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    Beholder's work was described as "breezing" while Pharoah's was "handily".

    I wasn't quite sure of the difference, since they were close in time. A Bloodhorse commentor, Papillion, provided this explantion.

    "breezing is when a horse is working entirely under his or her own motivation. in beholder's case, the label was probably because of her acceleration on the turn that she chose to do herself. breezing times are almost always slower than horses working handily, because the horse is making the decisions not the rider.

    handily is when a horse is receiving urging from the rider. urging in a work is almost never with the whip and rarely by shaking the reigns, if you see reign shaking, it is not an ideal work. if you see the whip, it is a terrible work.

    the rider typically takes a firm hold of the reigns and rubs his knuckles along the horses neck to tell him or her to pick up the speed. the tight hold on the reigns in handily workouts is because when you tell a race horse it's time to run in a workout, you don't want them to take off and run as fast as they might in a race, but at the same time you want to keep them working at fast pace.

    cali clockers rarely use breezing, because cali horses are rarely breezed. cali trainers like very fast horses, so trainers tend to always try for fast workouts. because of this "handily" is not considered a bad thing in a cali workout notation, unlike in the east coast, where they pretty much call everything breezing, unless the rider really has to get after the horse to get them and keep them going.

    hope this helps =)"
  • WORKOUT: Beholder (10/9/15):
  • WORKOUT: Beholder (10/9/15):
    Richard Mandella: Beholder "Couldn't Look Better":
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