• The Pacific Classic just got interesting. It wasnt looking good for this race , having lost some of the better western horses. A win here would give Beholder all kinds of options for the end of the year, and a chance to finish to an all time end.
    Handicapping the race can wait, I dont even all the entrants, but what gives Mandella the idea she can win at one and a quarter? Certainly not her daddy...maybe her grandsire hennessy? He could, if you believe distance can come from further back. I do.
    Maybe from the strong bottom part of pedigree? It sure looks as if Leslies Lady could give the stamina to finish.
    ...and it seems unlikely that mandella would ask her to do anything he didnt think she could do, the two having been through so much together.

    I am now really looking forward to this race and will watch every previous race by Beholder looking for any clue that she can or cannot do this.How fun.
  • Mandella was a senior at Beaumont High School the year I taught there. hahaha. He was elected as the class's "Biggest Flirt." He was not one of my students, however.
  • I`ll bet he was a big flirt. Did he ride a horse to school? lol
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    She might be looking at another Eclipse if she pulls this off. :)
  • I`ll bet he was a big flirt. Did he ride a horse to school? lol
    No, but his father ran a big horse ranch and he learned his trade as a kid, I guess.
  • Beholder Headlines the TVG Pacific Classic Saturday 8/22:
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    And she is the favorite at 5 to 2.
  • Anybody know the time for this race?
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    It is part of horse betting game, too. Will post time later unless someone beats me to punch. On the 22nd.
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    I am so excited about her. What if she wins, and they consider her for BC Classic? Actually, BC Distaff is logical choice. She might get 3rd Eclipse, in a yet different category, for older mare! Wouldn't this be close to a first? In terms of her age categories?
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    Haha...wishing... And hoping... And dreaming...:) not my first time for using this lyric. :)
  • She's already the first Juvenile Fillies and Distaff winner. If she gets the Pacific Classic, I'd love to see her in the BCC.

    Remember that Rags to Riches got in front of Curlin in the Belmont.
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    Never mind Zenyatta, first female to win BC Classic, along with Distaff.
  • Of course.

    BTW, this may belong on the American Pharoah thread instead, but I didn't realize Bayern is entered in the Pacific Classic. That miiiiight have a little to do with AP not going entering, no? Might not be a remotely sound theory, but I'm going cross-country and not thinking straight ;)
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    Gloria Steinems isnt going to like this. Betty Friedman is going to be beside herself. I dont think hilary clinton`s going to be to pleased. Maybe not even the Queen Mother.

    Paseana...!992 Pacific Classic...
  • I read Jim Murray everyday of my young life and less as his work load diminished with his eye sight and health. As with most great men of his time, his work slowly closed to a crawl after his wife died.
    Like a great classical writer he tried to hide meaning and purpose in his prose, sometimes failing, sometimes with success.
    After all these years, the greatest joy was watching rags, Zen and Rach prove that it could be done.
    I`ll be going to del mar this weekend with Lizzie. Thinking about the day that my daughter was born, and an idea.
  • tincup, you'll like this one - Arabian Queen over the previously undeated Golden Horn in the Juddmonte.

    A sign, maybe?
  • Anybody know the time for this race?
    About 6:10 pm Pacific Time.
  • Thanks, lauraj. I noticed Trackside Live is from Del Mar that day, so I set my DVR to record the whole afternoon, but I'll probably try to watch the big one live a little after 6. Thanks for telling me the exact time.
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    She is being given 117 lbs. vs. boys 124 weight.
  • Gary Stevens discusses Beholder ahead of Saturday's TVG Pacific Classic:
  • Richard Mandella Discusses Beholder in the TVG Pacific Classic:
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    She gets 119 vs. the boys' 124.
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