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    Fun, Sally_T!
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    Sally, the pics of the race did not show up on my IPad. This is strange as I always get to see your terrific photos after you post them. Just wondering?

    Oops, cancel that!!! All is okay now, and I am seeing the pics of the race. It must have been exciting to watch. Lots of action with loose horses and spills as the race went on. Hope you continue to have an exciting summer, and again thanks so much for the wonderful pictures. Bless you for taking the time to share your pictures, and experiences with us. :-)
  • I was messing around with naming some of them, so I wonder if I'm in there, if there's an issue, or if naming them screwed it up? Try again later today & I'll check back with you.
  • Sally, sorry all is okay now. :-)
  • Some people take the wearing of pink quite seriously on Fabulous Fillies Day!
    Ha--I had that exact same cast on my ankle once after breaking a bone. I let my young daughter choose the color.
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    Thank you! Here's another jockey standing up at the start-(#2) I especially like this photo because #6 (Sun & Moon) won, & I bet on her!
    Fantastic action photos. Those can be so hard to get in focus, great job. Especially like the action shot of Race 5, excellent capture of the jockey standing in the stirrups while the horse under him is all out.
  • Wow! Great photos once again SallyT! I wish I knew how to do fast shutter speed on my simple camera! I only get blurred photos. :oP
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    Thanks, but this is an "old" photo from Weds.!
    I was at Saratoga again today, and started sorting my photos, but I'm just too tired tonight. Maybe tomorrow. I tried out some new vantage points recently. (I was there the past 3 days.) Sunday is my backside photo finish tour (through the museum) with Todd Marks-it's my last hurrah for the summer. (except for the Traver's, of course) I'm thinking about going to see Be Bullish at Old Friends afterwards.
    Wow! Great photos once again SallyT! I wish I knew how to do fast shutter speed on my simple camera! I only get blurred photos. :oP
  • I just wish I knew how to use my camera. It gets me so confused that by the time I figure out which button to push to turn the darn thing on, I've lost the picture because everyone moved. I can't just leave it on, because it turns itself off if not used after awhile. I haven't figured out how to zoom or make videos either and no one will show me with patience enough for me to grasp it. They make me feel so stupid. Makes me hate my friends for their so blatantly acting superior because I can't get it. Sigh.
  • Oooh! I better hustle to put out my new threads for Backside Photos at the tracks & training facilities and My visit to Old Friends so you have a home to input your photos of Be Bullish!

    AUWE! stress! Ai yai yai (spelling?) I know there was a horse named that racing today. Lol!
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    I went on a backside tour of the Oklahoma track yesterday. It was offered through the National Museum of Racing & Hall of Fame, with photographer Tod Marks. It's pretty much the same route I've taken on all my tours-but you never know who or what you'll see! I spotted this colt at Todd Pletcher's bath area, but as yet he's unraced.
    Backsideofthemoon (KY)
    B , C, foaled February 21, 2012
    ( Malibu Moon - Ballado's Thunder, by Saint Ballado)

    Here are a couple of pics.

    Curalina (KY) What a star this classy filly is!!
    So far this summer she's won the Coaching Club American Oaks - Gr. 1, and the Acorn Stakes - Gr. 1. She's 4 for 4 this year. (Last year she raced once in a MSW and placed)
    Trained by Todd Pletcher
    CH , F, foaled May 5, 2012
    ( Curlin - Whatdreamsrmadeof, by Graeme Hall)
    I have a lot of her bath time, but like this one because it looks like she's getting a facial.

    A happy pair heading to the track.

    Cooling down
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    Wow! That was a lot of driving. Is this a track name in your region, or did you drive all the way down to Oklahoma? Sorry for my naive question.

    I love that horse getting a facial application! ❤

    LOL! Save some of your beautiful photos for the Insider's Tour discussion so you I can pass the torch over to you. :oD My visit in this category is relatively short...should be done before the weekend or sooner. :oD
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    The Oklahoma is one of the many tracks at Saratoga. :)
  • Love the somewhat smug expression on the grey's face. Looks like a horse to be reckoned with. lol
  • If anyone wants to play around and find races for "our" horses at Saratoga, the final condition book of the meet is now out.

    There are only maiden races and stakes races for the 2-year-olds, so if RV makes another start at Saratoga, it will be in the GI Spinaway Stakes on September 5 (Woodward Day). It's 7f, a "win and you're in" for the BC Juvenile Fillies. There is a decent selection of races for 3yo+.

    Here's the index:

    ...and the condition book.
  • The Week That Was- Saratoga Edition: 8/18/15:
  • Yall realize Curalina has already won two legs of the Filly version of the Triple Crown; Triple Tiara.

    Shes running in the last leg this weekend; the Alabama. Hope she can do it.
  • You're right! She'd be the first filly to win this version of the NY Triple Tiara. I still wish they had a Triple Tiara where the fillies had to go 12f like the the Belmont, but nobody seems to want to run their fillies that far on dirt in the US. It's also been changed around so much (or just held in NY) that it doesn't feel nearly as prestigious as the Triple Crown. It's a real bummer.
  • Yeah its something that isnt talked about or even mentioned. It should be mentioned considering shes won two legs already and going for the 3rd
  • Yeah I just mentioned it on my Twitter (also @jaefeathered) but we'll see if anyone actually picks it up.
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    @SallyT: It's a small world...I am at a B&B in Napa, Ca.and another guest mentioned he and his wife are from NY and the next thing I find out is that they live 10 min from the Spa. They highly encouraged me to visit Saratoga.
  • Oh it's definitely "The summer place to be" which is what their tagline used to be. (Maybe it still is) Hope you can make it next year!
    @SallyT: It's a small world...I am at a B&B in Napa, Ca.and another guest mentioned he and his wife are from NY and the next thing I find out is that they live 10 min from the Spa. They highly encouraged me to visit Saratoga.
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    Alabama Stakes results;
    (at least "my" girl Curalina made the board!) She's the one getting a facial in the photos posted above.

    1st #5 Embellish the Lace (KY) 3/F L J Castellano 121 A W. Dutrow

    2nd #4 I'm a Chatterbox (KY) 3/F L F Geroux 121 J Larry Jones

    3rd #2 Curalina (KY) 3/F L J R. Velazquez 121 T A. Pletcher
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    I'm back in school, so won't be able to attend any of these events (heavy sigh) but I think it's a good move to give people without tickets the opportunity to see AP. (I've got my ticket-with a seat-for Saturday though!) It's gonna be CRAZY.
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