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    I guess not, being in the sub-tropics as you are. We do have winter in SoCal, but it's very subtle here and hard for people dependent on obvious clues like fallen leaves to realize. We can always tell it's winter in any case by all the license plates from Canada and the northern US states. These "snowbirds" are the well-to-do retired northerners who come south for the winter. Many of them have permanently parked mobile homes, or condominiums here; others bring their RVs with them and spend the winter in some nice campground in SoCal or Arizona.

    I'm in SoCal, but my elevation is around 3,000 to 3,500 feet. Not sure of the exact number. Here we actually get snow several times during the winter. It depends on the cloud cover on the very cold days and nights. We didn't get any last winter because of the drought.
  • VA_in_CA, I hope your drought comes to an end soon. Perhaps with this being an
    El Niño year things will change for the best. Here in Florida, we will have more rain and cooler weather than usual this winter. More than usual rain for Florida means great Fall colors this December. I will hope and perhaps a rain dance will bring you some relief from the drought in the Southwest. The entire country is concerned for you folks in California.
  • Yeah, if we run out of water, and if we have to leave CA, where is the rest of the country going to put the 33 million of us? LOL I really wish they would stop building new 400-home housing tracts and golf courses. Really upsetting to see the wasted water going to golf courses.
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    The final countdown to the Saratoga Meet 2015 is on; only one week to go!
    I’ve been very busy with home improvements, which ended (for the most part) on Thursday. I’d only managed one trip (so far) to Saratoga to watch trainings back in May. So I headed over this morning, but got a late start, and didn’t arrive until 6:00 am (after the sun was up). I met several interesting people, one of whom told me that he had heard Coz was coming in on Monday. No idea what time he would arrive, but I might head over anyway, because you never know…..
    I have a ton of photos to sort through, but there’s a good chance I’ll have one of Untapable, as she was out at 6:30 this a.m. There were many young grays out today too, so if anybody knows of popular gray sires (other than the obvious, Tapit) please let me know!

    I actually have something extra special to look forward to, if it all works out; When I was down in DE visiting my Dad last month. I went out to lunch with friends of my Mother. I have met them all before, and one of the neighbors always likes to talk about Saratoga with me. She had mentioned last year that her friends were involved with New York racing & had given her a great tour (jockey’s room, announcers booth etc.) at Saratoga a few years back. Long story short, she called her friend and connected me with her. (Her husband is the head Jockey Club Steward for NYRA) and she’s going to give me a private tour this summer! I’m so psyched!
    I have another “backside tour” at the Oklahoma track this coming week (through the racing museum) and definitely want to get out to Old Friends to see Be Bullish. I’ll be heading over as often as I can. Let the summer begin!!!
  • Sally, your special tour sounds fantastic, and I am so glad you will be going back to Saratoga this summer. Can't wait for pics and updates on all your summer adventures. Hope you have lots of fun and stay in touch!
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    It is an amazing historical racecourse. Go to Barbara Livingston's website to see photos from years past. She is out in the dawn and fog, with the rising sun, and the images are breathtaking.
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    It is an amazing historical racecourse. Go to Barbara Livingston's website to see photos from years past. She is out in the dawn and fog, with the rising sun, and the images are breathtaking.
    Hi KMM, I admire BL very much, and occasionally see her at the early morning trainings. She is always there on race day, as she lives very close by. I have a photo of her on Fabulous Fillies day, wearing pink flamingo pants! Since I don't think you were active on the forum last year, here is a link to one of my public albums

    Here's the Travers

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    I have been active since 2013. Just did not post often.
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    Thanks for the links SallyT.
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    Nice album pics.:)
  • Sally, how do you get the pictures on the right end to show up? The black rectangle that says Image shack takes up a large part of the left side, which forces the three pictures in each row to be too far to the right. There is no arrow or grey bar to move the images to the left. Does one have to log in?
  • I tried logging in with facebook but they wanted money. Is that right? I don't have any money. Sigh.
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    @VA_in_CA... view it from a computer, you shouldn't have to pay....I don't know about facebook however.
    On the computer, it should just open up to ImageShack "public photos" of the travers if you click on the 2nd link that SallyT provided...there should be 43 photos! Here it is again:

    The Travers:
    ▲It depends how long it takes your computer to load the photos.
    You will see a bold/wide black band on the left...then a grey screen on the rest of the right side of the screen. If you computer is slow today, give it some time and it should load all the photos in small format (thumbnails) that SallyT posted.

    Once all the photos load...just click on the small image and an enlarged photo should open up and just click on the forward/backward arrows to see the other enlarged photos or click on the ones you are interest in seeing...but, perhaps a bit of a wait if your computer is slow. idk.
  • Oh, I didn't get small images, just rows of 3 large pictures that were too big to all fit on my actually rather wide screen. I could try clicking on them individually and see what happens. They loaded instantly.
  • Okay, clicked on the first picture, it appeared by itself with one of those white arrows and after that all I had to do was click on that arrow to advance to the next picture. Thanks, PG.

    Great pictures, Sally. I recognized a lot of those horse names from the Breeders Cup races. I forgot; who won the Travers?
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    Just wondering @VA_in_CA...if on the computer...Perhaps you have your view on the monitor (screen) at max enlargement?...that's why you are seeing super extra large images?

    You might hold down your ctrl button on your keyboard and while holding down ctrl, use the "wheel" on your mouse to spin it downwards to bring it back to "normal" viewing size. I have a large screen myself and sometimes, when editing a draft to post, I need to reduce the size of the forum posting window on the screen to cut/copy/paste my corrections in my posting draft...I sometimes forget and realize I need to bring it back up to normal size so I can read the text better later. :oD
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    1 V. E. Day
    2 Wicked Strong
    3 Tonalist
    Great pictures, Sally. I recognized a lot of those horse names from the Breeders Cup races. I forgot; who won the Travers?
  • Thanks, Sally. Those were good pictures you had of them. It must be exciting taking pictures of celebrities like those.

    PG, you could be right. I'll check it out tomorrow when I'm not half asleep. lol.
  • Sally, you pics are so historic! You captured moments in racing history with horses that were the best of the 2014 racing scene. The photos are real treasures, and I really enjoyed them. Thanks for the link.
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    Thanks ladies! There are so many "celebrity" horses to watch for-hoping to get to the races a lot for photographs (and maybe a wee bit of betting!)
  • Sounds like fun Sally! :-)
  • The opening day of the Spa is just a couple days away, and with it comes the Grade 3 Schuylerville Stakes for 2-year-old fillies. This year's field is deep, and I've written a race analysis and pedigree piece for it, with selections as well. Who do you like to win and why?
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    Thank you bschless, for linking to your piece. I really appreciate your breakdown of the entries! Not sure if I’ll be there on opening day-but there’s a good chance, so I took a closer look.

    I’m NOT a handicapper in any form, just a fan who bets small. (I’m often more concerned with the photo opportunities than the winners.)
    I also struggle with who I want to win, versus who I think will win. At this point, I would go with Positively Royal, Moment Is Right & Off the Tracks. If the afternoon showers arrive, another factor enters the equation.......

    I thought Positively Royal’s effort was quite convincing in her win, she’s with Pletcher, and I would like to see (there’s that “want to win” bias) a Bernardini filly make an early mark.
    I like Moment Is Right because she showed speed, heart and endurance when she battled to hang on to her win, (even though it was a small field) in the Astoria. I like Medaglia d’Oro as a sire.
    I’m picking Off the Tracks due to her focus, splitting horses her first time out like a veteran. And (major bias) how can you not love her pedigree. (Curling-Harve de Grace)

    This race has a great line up, and looks to be a thriller!
  • They are just babies. Hope they all finish safely.
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    I picked race for my choice in Horse Betting thread. Maybe you can cross post your article bschless.
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