My first college horse show!

I was on Captain a Connemara pony. This is the first time I rode him( crazy, but that is the way the shows are designed.) This is an IHSA show (


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    Congratulations. I remember how fun it was to work with the Arabians at Cal Poly. I never showed them, only rode for lessons and worked with the yearlings and mares.
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    Congratulations EriNC!

    LOL! It was interesting watching you and the other horse and riders climbing vertically and trotting down vertically in the video. I think your mom needs a bit of a refresher course on how to hold the video cam or phone when shooting. But we were able to view it somehow. :oD

    How tall was Captain, since he is a Connemara?

    He's a pretty pony...looked like a buckskin...couldn't see clearly if he had a dorsal stripe running down his top line which would have made him a dun. Can you tell us EriNC?
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    I remember seeing an International Show Jumping Event where riders like Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum and Beezie Madden had to switch horses and try to jump the round clear with someone else's horse. They were able to use their own saddles however. I can't recall which event that was. I think Beezie did good on that round. was an Alltech FEI Show Jumping "change-horse" final four event. Beezie received a bronze.
  • He is a buckskin. Im not sure how tall he is, but in a picture I have my head clears his neck. I am 5 feet 6 inches tall I am guessing he is about 15 hands, while not technically a pony, it is an accepted height for the breed.
  • I loved riding Intercollegiate! A different horse every show with only a short warm-up together really tests your riding skills! What college do you ride for?
  • I ride for The University of North Carolina at Greensboro.
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    Congratulations, EriNC. How I envy you having equestriean events as a sport at your college. The only somewhat esoteric athletic event we had at my college was fencing, which I took up. I was on the varsity fencing team: foils. Great fun and very swashbuckling, of course. hahaha

    When were you at Cal Poly, Especially_Horses? My son went there in the early 90s. He never got into the horses, unfortunately. He was a Computer Information Systems Major. Very nerdy.
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    So I had my Second collegiate horse show today, and I got 3rd out of 6 in my class! There is no video because my mom refuses to come to anymore of my shows. I drew Kiwi an Appaloosa pony from my home barn. I seem to draw ponies more than horses. I wonder why? I now have 9 out of 36 required points to move to the next division.
  • That's great! How much fun are you having! A lot of colleges will put a height and weight limit on ponies - I bet your name gets thrown in cause your just right for them! Despite the fact the I am 5'7' I used to draw them too, they were a blast to ride!
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