Favorite Race Horse Calls

here is a forum that you can post videos of races that have your favorite ending calls or statements that the announcers say that make them your favorite I have a few so I will post mine as examples. All you have to do is say why it is your favorite, when the race happened, and what the name of the race is.


  • Here are a few of my favorite race calls
    Name Of Race: Kentucky Derby 132
    Date Of Race: May 6, 2006
    Why: I love the way the Tom Durkin calls how Barbaro comes around the turn as an undeafted 3 year old

    Name Of Race: Preakness Stakes 133
    Date Of Race: May 17, 2008
    Why: I loved the fact that the jockey on Big Brown just looks back and doesn't really have to ask him for much and Big Brown pulls away so easily and it gave me hope for a Triple Crown Winner which sadly didn't happen that year either.

    Name Of Race: Breeders Cup Classic
    Date Of Race: November 6, 2010
    Why: Zenyatta proves to us that no matter what or what kind of trip she has in her races she runs her heart out to the very end. I don't know how many of you but when I watched her I actually thought that she got Blame by a nose not the other way around until I heard him say Blame won it a head but no matter the outcome Zenyatta is still one of the best female race horses I have ever had the opportunity to see in person and she will always be one of those most entertaining race horses to watch race

    Name Of Race: Breeders Cup Classic
    Date Of Race: November 7, 2009
    Why: We all love Zenyatta and she proves to all of us that she is one of the best female race horses in history and just proves that she is even more amazing than we already knew she was
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    Race Name: Breeders Cup Classic.
    Date of Race: November 2001
    Why: The first major sporting event held in New York after 9/11. Tiznow comes back to show Americans whether animals or humans we will fight bakc. Tiznow wins it for america.
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    Race: Race #2 at Hollywood Park
    Date: June 16, 2005
    Why: How many races happen in the middle of an earthquake? :)
  • Race: The 2013 Kentucky Derby
    Date: May 4, 2013
    Why: Shug McGaughey finally gets his first derby win, and the Phipps stable colors shine bright once more with Ruffian fame...and Orb is related to Ruffian through Icecapade in his pedigree. Plus I love the way his name was said "ORRRRB!"
  • Don't have a video of it but Secretariat's Belmont is definitely a favorite. Love it when the announcer said that "Secretariat is moving like a tremendous machine "
  • Here you go:

    Secretariat is widening now--he is moving like a tremendous machine! Secretariat by twelve.. Secretariat by fourteen lengths on the turn!
  • Chick Anderson again--"We'll test these two to the wire!"
  • Tom Durkin: The unconquerable, invincible, unbeatable Cigar!
  • 2009 Woodward Stakes: "Rachel Alexandra raises the rafters here at the spa"

  • 2007 Belmont Stakes: "Battle of the sexes" and "It's a filly in the Belmont."

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    Secretariats Belmont is of course amazing but his Preakness was just awesome too! The move he makes on the first turn gives me goosebumps! "Theres a strong left handed whip by Pincay but Ronnie Turcotte has his whip put away and Secretariat has him put away!"
  • Can't get the video to show up - sorry :(
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    He's going for the lead and it's RIGHT NOW he's looking for it!!!

  • Poor Sham--getting the snot beat out of him, and there's no way he could have caught up.
  • Thank you lauraj! Imagine what Sham could have done had he not been born the same year as Big Red!
    (How did you post the video? Not sure what I was doing wrong!)
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    You can copy the URL in your address bar. Alternatively you can click "share" underneath the video, then copy the URL that appears under all the little social media icons. Then you paste the URL into your post.

    Sham totally got a raw deal.
  • If Sham had been born just one year later he probably would've won the triple crown too. :( Guess it just wasn't meant to be.
  • Breeders' Cup Distaff 1988: Personal Ensign versus Winning Colors
    "Here comes Personal Ensign unleashing a furious run on the outside"
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    Sham and Alydar....both born the wrong year....but Alydar made up for it in the breeding shed.....see him lots more than his rival in my pedigree searches
  • Well, unlike Sham, Alydar did beat Affirmed a few times, including in the Travers. As you point out, Alydar was more successful in the breeding shed. He was the leading sire in North America in 1990.

  • One of Vic Stauffers greatest calls. Only Zenyatta's 2nd race and it's obvious to Vic that she is going to be a superstar.
  • Ok, how do u post a video so it shows up in the comment, like the ones above?
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    Well, unlike Sham, Alydar did beat Affirmed a few times, including in the Travers. As you point out, Alydar was more successful in the breeding shed. He was tthe leading sire in North America in 1990.
    Sham did finish ahead of Sec in the Wood.....
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    @Zen13Fan Find the video on You Tube. Copy the link to the video (the url) by highlighting it and right clicking copy. Then paste it here in the comment box. It will show as a link but you will see the video in your post after you press "Post Comment". Don't know why your link didn't work like that.
  • Race Name: The 2014 Kentucky Derby
    Date: May 3, 2014
    Why: Art Sherman was the winning trainer of California Chrome plus I love the way the track announcer last saying is at the very end of the race as Chrome crosses the finish line "California Chrome shines bright in the Kentucky Derby"

    Race Name: The 2014 Preakness Stakes
    Date: May 17, 2014
    Why: California Chrome wins the second jewel of the triple crown and gives us hope for a triple crown winner

    Race Name: The 2014 Belmont Stakes
    Date:June 7, 2014
    Why: California Chrome tries to become the first Triple Crown since Affirmed but is denied by Tonalist I loved this race just because Chrome still tries to win even with a huge cut on his foot he he shows that he is a fighter and wants to win races
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