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  • I especially loved seeing the before and after pics of Spider. It's so good to see the improvement and healing!
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    Here's Spider making rude noises to go with the radio, I guess. This is about as frisky as the restricted space allows him to be. Cute. At the end he looks out the open space between the windbreak wall and the ceiling. Gasston's paddock is behind that wall and Rowdy's is just beyond. I'm sure he'd love to be out running with Rowdy. But this shows he's feeling pretty perky even though in the daytime he's now getting pain meds that are reduced to half the amount he used to get. He's a character. The song playing on the radio is appropriate, too: "Show them who you are." He's showing us that he's a typical adolescent male. Hilarious.


  • He looks to be pretty healthy. Good job to his caretakers!
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    Updates on Rowdy and Gasston with videos.

    Quoted from Mea Ola's Place facebook page:

    "Rowdy and Gasston got to play in the arena for the first time today! Rowdy was so brave!! https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=838708659505296 "
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    And this one is really cute:

    Quoted from Mea Ola's facebook page:

    "Then, LOL, we decided to walk Gasston and Rowdy out to the other horses. My horse, Romeo, that I have had for 9 years now, has a very funny reaction to Gasston! He has never seen a donkey up close before. And, poor Gasston! he was vigilant about being Rowdy's "guard donkey" the half an hour that they were turned out. The stray rescue dogs were out and he wanted to flatten them...then, we "made" him walk through all of the horses. He wore Chris out! Poor Gasston really was overwhelmed and we put him and Rowdy away shortly after this."

  • I was watching on the MareStare Cams live when Ann harnessed Rowdy and he stood quietly while she did it and then followed right along on the lead, out of his paddock. Such a well-trained colt.
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    Here's an announcement from another worthy horse rescue operation. It may not apply to anyone here, but if you know of anyone with mares due to foal this spring, forward it to them. Thanks;

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Last Chance Corral

    Soon we will be having many rescued orphans in our barn! We know that many of you out there have mares that are due to foal soon. If you are able, please consider milking some of her first milk (colostrum), freezing it, and sending it our way. Some mares produce more than enough, and some of our foals haven't received any, making survival difficult without it. If your mare has extra, we could really use it! Colostrum can be frozen and over-nighted to Last Chance Corral, 5350 US 33 South, Athens OH 45701. THANK YOU! (Please note: We cannot bring outside mares in to nurse our foals, but thanks for any offers!)

    VA here: They also need adoptive homes for the foals, so if you are going to get a foal anyway, consider one of their's.
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    Another Post from Mea Ola's Place: Ann says,

    "One more from yesterday. Rowdy does a beautiful flying lead change, lol. Gasston was fine, just scratched his nose on something." The link takes you to the Mea Ola facebook page; click on the Videos link. It's the first one right now, and has a picture of Rowdy in a field. Also check out the entries about Spider's name sign made by the Bucket of Bolts guy who did the sign for Rowdy. Quite an unusual artist.

    If you can't view facebook, sorry. I don't know any other way to get the video here. It's not a YouTube video, so can't link it that way

    You can join facebook and not establish your own page or anything like that. I joined a year or more ago so that I could read Zenyatta's facebook page; I didn't start posting stuff on a page of my own until about 5 or 6 months ago.

    I posted all the photos I took at Mea Ola's Place when I went up on 23 Dec 2014 on my Timeline. Look on facebook for Virginia Hagler. Maybe you have to friend me if you want to see those pictures. Not sure.

    Paniolo_Gal found a better link, so here it is. Still links to the facebook page, but goes directly to the video:
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    Yes! I could see that flying lead change from Rowdy...nicely done and all by himself too! I also think Spider's new name plate is very cool and unique looking...taking advantage of a subtle hint of a spiderweb motif.

    Here's the video link you were mentioning about Rowdy's flying lead change...Maybe you can copy this link and put it into Rowdy's thread (Bringing Up Baby) for timeline continuity as well :oD:

    image Artwork by Bucket of Bolts from Mea Ola Facebook
  • Rowdy and Gasston got turned out again for a short while today. They're expecting very cold and rainy weather there soon, so Ann thinks the horses will be hanging out under their shelters for a couple of days, so she wanted to make sure they all got exercised today.
  • Thanks for finding the better, more direct video link to Rowdy's romp, PG. I'm glad he's getting the chance to get such good exercise. Hard to believe how far he's come since he was so very sick with the joint ill and hock infection. Watching him run so smoothly, I have to remember his funny little runs when he was just a few weeks old. He's wanting to be more and more independent and more and more a horse, not a human. Ann says that even though he's about a year younger than Spider, Rowdy is more mature. I find that very interesting.
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    DeNada...just for future reference...it was easy...just look for the tab that says videos on Mea Ola's facebook-locate the video you want...then copy/paste the video link shown at the very top- "index tab window".
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    Ah. Thanks for the hint. I didn't realize it would be there. I asked that it be put on the MOP facebook page because it was only on the private page originally. I thought it was the best of the 2 showing Rowdy's running. Did you see the video where Romeo got scared when he saw Gasston. It was funny. Apparently Gasston had spent quite a lot of his free time in the arena chasing down the dogs who were in the arena and getting too close to Rowdy for Gasston's comfort. What a sweet donkey.
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    I think Gasston is the "KEY" to Rowdy being so well behaved and mature for his age. I still remember how unruly/bratty Rowdy was before Gasston arrived. Gasston seems to have instilled "wisdom" and "gratitude" on Rowdy. You can tell Rowdy is very appreciative of everyone's show of love and he in turn responds by giving his version of a horsey "HUG"...I Love You Too!

    Yes, I saw that funny video of Romeo being acting like a terrified whimp...OMG...What is THAT approaching me!!!
  • I LOVE Spider's name plate. What a sweet guy to make those for them!
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    Spider and Rowdy both had exciting days: they got to meet each other! This time Spider wasn't clacking. He knows the rules; it's the youngest and littlest who has to clack. I think Rowdy accidentally bit Spider, but it didn't seem to ruffle Spider. Tomorrow, being a Thoroughbred, Spider will officially turn 2.
  • Good report about Spider. He had his first follow up visit from Dr. Sam today. This included X-rays and ultrasounds. He has had bone growth in the pelvis and he is much improved. Dr. Sam also gave him shockwave therapy, which is appropriate because Ann was shocked a few nights ago when the neighbors across the street told them how much they appreciated what Mea Ola's Place is doing for the horses and gave a donation, which Ann discovered upon arriving home was $500. So she used that money for the shockwave therapy. That stimulates more bone growth.

    Spider needs to stay confined for a few more weeks and then will be rechecked. The prognosis is that he will be ride-able. That is sooo much more than Dr. Sam was expecting or even hoping for. Ann says she didn't want to jump up and down when she heard the news because Sam had told her to walk away when he first saw Spider back in October. So glad Ann listened to her heart instead.

    Their goal was to get Spider to the point where he wouldn't be in constant pain and could get by on minimal pain meds. Well, he is now taking pain meds at night at 1/4 of the dose he was taking when he arrived at Mea Ola's Place and none at all in the daytime, which is quite amazing. In that small stall he manages to get in some daily dancing, prancing, bucking, and kicking out behind. Ann is anxious for Spider to be cleared for exercise so he can be gelded soon because he bit her on the abdomen last week and left a terrible bruise. It was a love bite. She'll be glad to get him settled down and over that kind of behavior.
  • Gasston was very worried while Rowdy was being gelded in the big area that is normally Gasston's place. Gasston was in Rowdy's paddock and knew something was up with his friend because of all the people in there with him and Rowdy lying on a tarp on the ground.
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    Gotta love that loyal buddy Gasston. Makes me want to have a donkey friend too! He's been such a great teacher and guardian of Rowdy! I can't wait for Spider to get his lessons on "manners" from Mama (Mea Ola) too!
  • My friend in Yuma adopted a BLM burro jenny. She loves her donkey, too. The donkey's name is Sugaburro.
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    I believe I've heard that donkeys also make good guardians for sheep, goat, etc. herds. They really take care and protect their adopted family with their lives especially against predatory animals like feral dogs, coyote, and wolves.
  • Most of the ranchers around here that have goats, use burros/donkeys or llamas as guards.
  • Some ranchers here in Florida are also using burros as guard and alert herd companions.
  • Old Friends Opening Satellite Facility at Kentucky Downs
    Edited press release January 18 2015
    On the same day Old Friends took home a special Eclipse award, the organization, located in Georgetown, Ky., and Kentucky Downs in Franklin, Ky., have announced a partnership that will create an Old Friends satellite facility at the historic racecourse.
    The horse exhibit, "Old Friends at Kentucky Downs," is expected to launch in May 2015 and will be open to the public for the summer season. It will showcase 10 retired racehorses via public tours coordinated by the Simpson County Tourism Commission. In addition, an adjoining Visitor's Center and an Old Friends gift shop will be housed in a newly renovated structure on the Downs stable area.
    The joint venture is expected to help raise awareness of retired racehorses and the need for Thoroughbred aftercare, to increase tourism and to promote local attractions in Simpson County.
    Old Friends farm in Georgetown conducts tours daily and attracts nearly 20,000 visitors a year. The farm is home to over 100 of the organizations 150 retirees, and star attractions include Silver Charm, Hall of Fame Champion and winner of the 1997 Kentucky Derby, Game on Dude, three-time winner of the Santa Anita Handicap, Breeders' Cup Champions Gulch and Amazombie and Sarava, winner of the 2002 Belmont Stakes.
    "This is going to be great for these retired athletes," said Michael Blowen, Old Friends founder and president. "This exhibit will offer the fans a way to maintain emotional ties to the horses and it will also offer a way to celebrate the history of horse racing in their community."
    "It's an honor to work with Michael Blowen and Old Friends," said Corey Johnsen, Kentucky Downs president. "Michael's unbridled enthusiasm for this important cause is contagious, and he has set the tone for responsible racehorse retirement.
    "The situation at Kentucky Downs is a 'win-win' situation. We can provide a good home for these wonderful athletes while Old Friends provides the expertise. Ultimately, Kentucky Downs and Simpson County get a great tourist attraction that highlights the state's signature horse industry."
    - See more at: http://www.americasbestracing.net/en/the-latest/aftercare/2015/1/18/old-friends-opening-satellite-facility-at-kentucky-downs/#sthash.U51Wqdiq.dpuf

  • New Vocations: 450 Horses Served in 2014
    By The Blood-Horse Staff January 22, 2015
    New Vocations Racehorse Adoption Program said Jan. 22 that it served over 450 retired racehorses and screened 1,111 potential recipients through their application process in 2014.
    Of the 450 horses, 80% were successfully retrained and adopted while the remaining 20% are still being rehabilitated or trained.
    New Vocations focuses on rehabilitating, retraining and re-homing both Thoroughbreds and Standardbreds at the end of their racing careers. According to New Vocations, the program has 95 horses in its care at any given time, divided among eight facilities in Kentucky, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.
    In 2014, half of the horses required up to 10 months of rehabilitation, while the other half were able to go directly into vocational training.
    "Most horses retire from racing due to an injury," said New Vocations program director Anna Ford. "However, we have seen that the majority of the injuries can be rehabilitated and the horse become sound for a second career. Our emphasis on rehabilitation has been a costly endeavor, but nowhere near the expense to retire a horse for life. Rehab can run as much as $5,000 a horse, but if we find that horse a home, it is worth it. There are plenty of individuals willing to take a retired racehorse, but it must be healthy and sound, which is why we are directing more resources to rehabilitation."
    During New Vocations 23 years of operations, 5,000 horses have been adopted through the program.
    In 2014, New Vocations received 1,111 applications from individuals interested in adopting, up from 831 in 2013 and 714 in 2012.
    "The homes are out there for retired racehorses," Ford said. "The more funding we are able to raise, the more horses we can rehabilitate, retrain, and re-home. We are totally dependent on donations and deeply grateful to all that have joined our efforts to provide these horses with a quality life and career after racing."
    In 2015, the program will announce several new partnerships to enhance and increase its outreach. New Vocations is accredited by the Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance. More information is available at www.NewVocations.org.
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