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  • Yeah, but she says it was a wonderful experience, no matter how exhausting at the time..

  • Update on Spider.

    Dr. Sam examined him today. Here's the report from Ann:

    "Well, Spider has an infected tendon in his right knee, some minimal damage from a previous infection in his left fetlock....and his pelvis is still broken. Treatment for that coming up."

    Amazing. He behaved very well, I think. Here are some pictures, all from Mea Ola's facebook page--taken in the garage. LOL

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    Such a good boy:
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  • Here's an earlier post about Tilly, from Ann. I only quote it here to explain the picture. "Here is our feral mare, Tilly. She has a mild case of colic this morning, so we had to sedate her for treatments. So, we took advantage of the sedation and are doing more work on her feet. Let's pray her colic stays mild and she will be better this afternoon." I think the picture is interesting because it shows the very feral Tilly supposedly allowing her feet to be worked on, but it's because she is sedated. I guess if a horse can sleep standing up, it can also be sedated standing up. Funny.

    Tilly, sedated.
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  • Thanks for these updates on Spider and Tilly. I guess a pedicure while sleeping doesn't hurt both the horse and the farrier! LOL!
    Hope Dr. Sam can do something about Spider's broken hip and his infections.
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    Ann is going to post more about it tomorrow. It's not his hip, which may be a good thing because I think that would be harder to fix; it's his pelvis. I'm guessing it's a non-displaced, or minimally disiplaced, fracture that probably starts to heal and then gets jounced and fractures the newly healing bone. I don't see how it's possible to have a fracture unhealed for 19 or 20 months. But apparently he was injured at birth.
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    Here is this morning's post from Mea Ola's Place about Spider. He has a great deal in common with Rowdy, it seems. It's long, but fascinating. It seems his original owner was one of those special racehorse owners in the Jerry and Ann Moss mold.

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> quoted from Mea Ola's facebook page: (empashis mine) >>>>>

    It is now time to tell Spider's whole story. Any shares will be appreciated, as I know he has many followers already. When I was initially called by the woman boarding him, I asked Dr Sam to go see him with me, because I did not want to get into another "Rowdy".... financially, physically, or emotionally. We were just starting to recover from his ordeal and life was getting back to normal for us and the other rescues.
    Dr Sam went with me to see him a few weeks ago. He suspected he had a broken pelvis, but that it had possibly healed. Basically, he recommended that I walk away. Spider was a train wreck of issues. As hard as that is to understand, I was prepared to do it that day...walk away, that is. Given the fact that we still have feral mares we are trying to gentle, Rowdy to take care of, and a ranch full of others to care for, exercise, groom, turn out...and keep happy and healthy..and pay for ourselves for the most part.....I hope you can understand my initial reaction.
    However, a couple of days later, I got a call from Spider's owner. He told me the story of when Spider was born, at a big Thoroughbred farm in Kentucky. Spider could not stand at birth due to contracted tendons, like Rowdy. They wanted to walk the mare out of the stall and leave Spider to die. This way, the owner could get a free breeding back to Birdstone ($10,000). Spider's owner said, "No way...get a vet out there and get that colt up! I don't play that way!" He spent thousands of dollars to help Spider. Then his health got bad, and he got into financial trouble, so he sent Spider to a friend here in Ca. to board. He started selling off many of his horses.
    While Spider was boarding, 2 different veterinarians and one chiropractor mis-diagnosed what was wrong with Spider. Given that the owner had no more funds to work with, the last option was euthanasia, until the boarder thought of us...because, possibly, Spider could live as a therapy horse.
    The owner's story really touched me. He really loved this colt. I would be willing to bet that anyone would be hard pressed to find another owner in the racehorse business that would have saved Spider at birth, much less go through the lengths he did to give him life....whether he could ever race or not. It was at that point that I decided to try and campaign for him to see if we could raise some funds, as I knew he would need them...and we weren't in a position to do it, financially.
    Then, a supporter told me Spider's half brother's story...Mine that Bird. At that point...I was convinced that we HAD to help Spider...period. It seems beating the odds runs in Birdstone's blood. [The supporter was me--VA_in_CA, so I feel somewhat responsible.]

    I was worried that Dr Sam would be offended that I went against his advice. But, when I told him the story...he got on board too. And yesterday, he said the words that I hoped would come. "This colt is tough. He has lived through so much and overcome so much in his short life(a year and a half)....he can do this!"

    Spider has an infected tendon in his right knee, but we had already started treating it when Spider arrived and it is healing, so Sam believes this will heal well. He will have (and does already have some) arthritis in his left rear fetlock, where it appears he suffered joint ill when he was younger. Our biggest challenge is the pelvis. It is still fractured. It hurts me so bad to know what we have to do. We have to tie him up for 3 weeks. He will not be able to move or lie down. He will not understand this...and that brings tears to my eyes, but it is the only hope we have to give him a chance to heal. He is on maximum pain meds right now and he can't live like that for long. So, I have decided that we will construct something next to Rowdy, right outside our door. He will need A LOT of attention, so as to not become depressed. Since I am out every couple of hours still giving Rowdy formula, I can spend time with Spider, too. Then, he can have Rowdy as a friend near him as well.

    We under-estimated for vet bills...yesterday was $755.00. I need to order some medications for him still, and we will have to do a couple of follow-up ultrasounds of his pelvis as we go along. Please keep us in your hearts and prayers. If you have the means, please go to our website to donate if you feel led to. Even the smallest donations are appreciated and add up. We will have to pay for the temporary stall next to Rowdy ourselves...but I cannot bear the thought of him being tied out back where he would be alone most of the day, so we have no choice. If you can do nothing else, please pray for us and share his story! We appreciate that so much.... Ann

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    <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< unquote Mea Ola's page<<<<<

    So apparently the pelvic fracture was more recent than the birth issues. Please keep Spider in your thoughts and prayers. By Ann's account he is very sweet and affectionate, as well as tough. He's had to endure so much in his young life.
  • Tilly is doing well today at Mea Ola's place, receiving small amounts of food every hour, and not needing to be on any meds.
  • Thanks for the update VA! I hope he gets better soon!
  • Well, Ann is all excited because Steve Haskin, who wrote an article in The Horse on Mar 21, 2014, about Mine That Bird, mentioned Spider on his facebook page. Well, on that page he has photos and the 1st 6 are all people who are on the Zenyatta Blog or Forum, so I guess one of them brought it to his attention. That was cool that they did that and even cooler that he mentioned it. Hope this helps with the funding. Ann and Chris fund most of the upkeep for the horses in their care from their own funds, which makes it tough to do as much as they want for them. Isn't it interesting how sharing spreads like the ripples in a lake after you drop a stone into the water?
  • That's awesome that Spider's story is spreading! And (I meant to tell you earlier, but got busy) good for you for convincing Ann to take him in by telling her about Mine That Bird! You're the one who really started all of this in the first place. :) Spider's in such good hands, and I'm so grateful that he's getting the medical attention he needs so much.
  • Also...with VA_in_CA's involvement, she helped with public awareness, enabling the raising of needed donations to get Spider to his new "safe" home. The donation total was stuck at only $300 prior to her involvement. Bravo VA_in_CA! :oD
  • Good job, VA_in_CA!
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    Thanks for the bravos you all. Nothing much to report today. Ann says they have to wait to immobilize Spider until the meds for sedating him come in. Seems they're due on Friday. (They're shipped to a local veterinarian.) I noticed Rowdy stomping his feet, swishing his tail non-stop, and biting himself, so noted that they might have to enclose Spider's pen in bug screen to keep the flies off. Ann's going to get an automatic fly-sprayer. One of the Mea Ola fans said that with the weather cooling here, the flies will soon ALL be in Queensland, where they are arriving every day. LOL In answer to a question, Ann said that, yes, fractured pelvises can heal. That's encouraging. He's got lots of positive support and prayers heading his way.

    The original owner would not tell Ann Spider's actual foaling date--sometime in March--or dam's name. I did find out that Birdstone was bred to 80 mares in 2012 and that 64 live births were reported in 2013 and 58 or 59 foals were listed as available. Don't quite know where to go after that. Spider did not get a lip tatoo, unfortunately.
  • Here is adorable Rowdy, 12 Nov 2014. Still growing.

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    Mea Ola Picture from facebook.
  • Rowdy is sooo darn cute... "OK! Where is my yogurt!"
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    Not to worry. Here it is, thanks to "Auntie Judy." 12Nov14 LOL

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic

    I thought this was the place where they were going to put Spider. Either they haven't built it yet, or it's going to be partially in the garage? Have to wait until the weekend, I guess. The house is behind Judy and there is a window right there. The open door goes into the garage.
  • Oh, I wouldn't be surprised if... Ann has her husband remove the cars from the garage and make the garage Spider's new stall. :oD
  • Okay, here's a new update on Spider: "Spider update: Afetr much thought, we are all (Dr. Sam and Chris and I) re-thinking a sling for Spider. He likes to lie down most of the night. I am worried he will hurt himself tied up or in a small stall without a sling. We will update again by Friday with our final decision."
  • Also another, explaining why they are going to get Spider DNA tested. "...it is because we have many thoroughbred followers supporting him now. You have no idea how much trouble comes with publicity, lol. I have no proof, except the owner's word and the boarder's word who Spider really is. When Steve Haskin shared Spider's story...I knew we had to do it before someone accuses me of making something up to "make money". LOL, that will never happen! But, you would not believe the scrutiny that comes with publicity!"

    On the plus side, we'll find out whom he's related to on his dam's side.--va
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    Yup...if they decide on a sling...the upper beam structure of the garage would make for a good support system for the sling. Just speculating...but the overhead retracting garage door may be an issue. wink.
  • Days end very good in MD.
  • Sorry, KMM? Don't understand your post.
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    I "think" KMM means there's a good horse rescue facility in Maryland named Days End Farm.
  • PG, if you look inside the door in the picture above, it looks like they've already made a sort of side wall with an archway. Can you see it? It's on the side of the garage near the house. I think the overhead door is more to the left. I don't believe they park cars in the garage. Maybe the golf cart in bad weather. And they also have a small tractor. They don't have roofs, so may need to be inside when it rains. There is also a green wire hanging down just to the left of the door into the garage. Maybe for the MS cam. It will be interesting to see how this all gets done.
  • Thanks for the explanation. I forgot you have to supply your own caps on KMM's posts. Okay, with caps as you suggest, it would make sense. I'm glad to hear there are other good rescue operations. There are some that are not, sad to say.
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